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RONDA RICH: Old money, old South

THE DIXIE DIVA: Dry weather and red clay are formidable foes

I think of Rowan Oak when I look at my yard and remember what Faulkner told his wife, Estelle, when she told him that she would like to restore the gardens and make a pretty place of it. I can imagine him now, tilting his head down to look up at her when he spoke sternly: “Only new money would ruin a garden like that.”

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JULIE WELLS: Creamed spinach a heart-healthy, flavorful dish

THE RECIPE BOX: Just because you did not like it as a kid, it doesnt mean you cant find ways to like spinach

Adding cream cheese to spinach helps cut some of the bitter taste of out the spinach and makes for a great side dish.

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BARRY LEVINE: Some musical stars got their start on the screen

THE OLD ROCKER: Ricky Nelson had biggest advantage of any teen TV actor turned singer

Nelson, 16, introduced his first record, a cover of the Fats Domino hit “I’m Walkin’,“ on the TV show on April 10, 1957. The song quickly climbed to No. 4 on the charts. The flip side, “A Teenager’s Romance,” reached No. 2.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at September singers Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly and Otis Redding | POLL

HISTORY: Stellar but brief were the lives of three music legends.

A look back at September-born musicians, all gone by the age of 30 or younger.

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MANDY FLYNN: Heading straight into trouble

FEATURES COLUMN: Sometimes there's nothing 'butt' trouble a-'head'

Poor guy. The only thing I heard before his mama scooped him up and put him in the backseat of the car was, “I better not hear those words come out of your mouth again, sir. Just wait until we get home.”

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MICHELE MOULTON: Get ready, get set, do some pull-ups

HEALTH & FITNESS: Many avoid pull-ups for a single reason — they’re hard

A great thing about pull-ups is you can do them almost anywhere. All you need is a bar or a tree branch that can support your weight and off you go.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: I understand the problem facing Pope Francis

FAITH: Baptists are plentiful and fervent

Every time I knocked on the door of a new resident the Baptists had long since arrived and the newcomers were already talking about immersion.

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HAL BRADY: Changing the world

FAITH: Kindness is love in action

Our fractured, violent, mistrusting world is literally begging for kind neighbors, for people willing to show some compassion.

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LORAN SMITH: Cecelia Seiler was the ultimate host

FEATURES COLUMN: The Ugas, if they could talk, would sing Cecelias praises

There is no Hall of Fame for “mothers of mascots,” but if there were, Cecelia would have been a charter member.

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RONDA RICH: 'Justified' in the South

THE DIXIE DIVA: 'Justified' captures the Appalachian South

Here’s what “Justified” does best: It gets the Appalachian South right without reducing us to mockery or ridicule.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Mum’s the word for fall

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Chrysanthemums add more splashes of color to the autumn season

Our modern cultivated chrysanthemums exhibit a greater display of color than those found in nature. Their flowers can be seen in several forms including daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. The chrysanthemums have many hybrids and multitudes of cultivars developed for horticultural purposes.

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MANDY FLYNN: No danger in my Cloud

FEATURE COLUMN: Hacking my cloud photos would only hack off the hacker

I am 100 percent certain that I have a better chance of teaching my dog to drive my car while reciting Shakespeare and knitting a sweater than I do explaining what “The Cloud” is and does. I have absolutely no idea, and I am not ashamed.

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BARRY LEVINE: British Invasion dominated music in the '60s

THE OLD ROCKER: Elite British musicians had staying power

When The Beatles came to America 50 years ago in 1964, there were 22 No. 1 hits during that year, nine of which were done by British Invaders. Six were by The Beatles and one each by Peter & Gordon, The Animals and Manfred Mann. They controlled the No. 1 slot for 25 weeks.

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Move right on into the fall

HEALTH FITNESS: As the weather gets cooler, fun outdoor activities are ahead

Many of the festivals and events in Albany and Southwest Georgia in the coming months include components such as 5K races, fun runs and walks that fit into a healthy lifestyle.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Delete key can be your best friend

FAITH: Our words count more than we acknowledge

For almost 40 years I written and spoken billions of words. Have they been careful? Have they been truthful? Have they been grace filled? Have they reflected the love, mercy, justice and judgment of God? I shall be called to account for all of them.