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BARRY LEVINE: Barry's success as easy as 1-2-3

THE OLD ROCKER: Philadelphia's Barry switched from successful athlete to singer

The combination of singing and writing and performing helped Len Barry increase his 1966 income to a whopping $3 million.

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MANDY FLYNN: I don't see the humor

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Family get-togethers always bring out the stories

I love family stories. I could sit around the kitchen table and listen to them over and over again. Except maybe a few of them. The embarrassing ones. The ones that Never. Go. Away.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at Christmas music

HISTORY: The popular song "Jingle Bells" got its start in Savannah

Music is such a large part of Christams, but how well do you know the songs so often played this time of year?

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Use the right words on health and fitness issues

HEALTH & FITNESS: Saying the wrong thing can demotivate

Whatever your opinion of fat shaming is, the research is very clear that stigma and discrimination against overweight people causes major psychological harm and makes the problem worse.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Be responsible during the holidays

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

With Thanksgiving only a day away, many of us express special thanks for the many blessings we have received and will receive. This is also the time of the year that everyone starts planning for Christmas decorations in our homes and communities.

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LORAN SMITH: Close call on national bird

FEATURES COLUMNIST: The Thanksgiving holidays are always a sentimental and sobering time

At Thanksgiving, I often think about the image Ben Franklin had of the turkey. It has long been reported that Franklin preferred the turkey over the eagle as our national bird.

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BARRY LEVINE: One-hit wonders who reach the top are rare

Patty Page's brother is among those achieving the feat

Here are five of the early No. 1 one-hit wonders whose careers were for the birds.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking back at quotes regarding thankfulness | QUIK QUIZ

HISTORY: Vivien Leigh once said, 'Dear Lord, I'm so grateful I'm still loved.'

As Thanksgiving nears, stop and give thanks for what you have.

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MANDY FLYNN: My heart is full

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: As a child, Thanksgiving Day was magical

Times change and each holiday is different. None less special than the last, just in different ways. We are thankful for them all. But as I always do, I will take the time to remember a different day, of how it used to be.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Don't put resolutions off until the new year

HEALTH & FITNESS: The holidays can be a time of procrastination on health

The best way to beat the odds is to start now, before the new year. Find success by following a better strategy.

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Potatoes! Potatoes! Potatoes!

HEALTH & FITNESS: Healthier recipes for the holiday staple

I, along with my family, love potatoes in any and all forms, but for this week and for this time of the year, we tend to think about mashed potatoes, so I wanted to give you some quick (and healthy) ways to prepare this holiday staple.

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MANDY FLYNN: Don't sniff at my profundity

OPINION: Wisdom comes a sniffle at a time

I prefer to believe I am an amateur wise person but, sigh, I probably am not. Someone somewhere at some time has probably already waxed poetic about how we take breathing through our nose for granted.

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MARY BRASWELL: In 1962, the starting salary for RNs at Phoebe was $295 per month | QUIK QUIZ

HISTORY: A look at November news from Albany and Southwest Georgia across the years.

In 1949, the speed limit for ambulances in Albany was 40 mph.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Mulches come in many different forms

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

Plans are being made for our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And our landscape beds await as refreshing mulches are on their way.

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RONDA RICH: For the people

THE DIXIE DIVA: We all have favorite people and favorite places

I love people who have colorful personalities with strong opinions wrapped in courtly charm.