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MICHAEL LOMAX: A journey 'Into the Woods'

FILM COMMENTARY: Happy endings are not always what they seem

The big screen treatment of children’s fairy tales includes grown-up consequences for the characters.

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RONDA RICH: Southerners love nicknames

THE DIXIE DIVA: Nicknames are a show of affection

For some reason, Southerners, more than any other region, love nicknames. It’s really a show of affection when we care enough to bestow a nickname rather than call a person by his Christian name.

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MANDY FLYNN: The squirrel, my enemy

FEATURES COLUMN: The squirrel is my nemesis, and he knows it

I’m not one to wish death on anything (except maybe snakes and lizards and roaches … definitely roaches.) But there is this squirrel, this one incredibly horrible squirrel, that I wish would die of old age or be captured in the dark of night by undercover operatives seeking to do whatever secret undercover operatives would do to a squirrel.

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BARRY LEVINE: Four more who should be in the Hall of Fame

OLD ROCKER: Rydell, Francis, Mathis and Houston overlooked by Hall of Fame

This column explains why Connie Francis, Whitney Houston, Johnny Mathis and Bobby Rydell deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Stand up for overcoming 'sitting disease'

HEALTH & FITNESS: For good health, spend less time in the chair

Most of us realize we need to be more active, but there is evidence that we need to spend less time sitting down also. A recent report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined 47 studies showing that “heavy sitters” were in poorer health, regardless of how much exercise they did.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at January 1940 news

HISTORY: In January 1940, a five-room apartment could be rented for $30 per month.

From sugar sacks to socks, business was brisk in Albany.

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HAL BRADY: Terrorists cannot be allowed to hold our freedoms hostage

FAITH: Americans cannot be so fearful that cherished freedoms go by the wayside

As I have listened to all this terrorism business, I have begun to think seriously about life in the United States — about how easy it would be to listen to all these reports and become so fearful and paranoid that we would be afraid to go anywhere or do anything. We could, in fact, become hostages in our own land.

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Join the Friday JAM

Friday JAM wants to hear from the fans

As the Herald’s Friday JAM continues to grow its audience, we’re hoping to change the beat a little bit and we need your help to hit the right notes.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Georgia Constitution already ensures religious freedom

FAITH: Rep. Sam Teasley missing the mark with proposed 'religious freedom' legislation

Let state workers be good Baptists, Methodists, Hindus, Rastafarians, Wiccans, Vegans, Scientologists or any of the other 10,000 recognized religions except while clocked in on the state dollar.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Think twice, clip once

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: January is moving quickly, but take time to plan

We have had some cold weather this season but it’s not over yet. Evaluate your goals and objectives for things do around the house and determine when you need to start various projects. It’s best to develop your plans in mind and on paper before you actually begin any activity.

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LORAN SMITH: Books, booze and blaze cure what ails you

FEATURE COLUMN: Sinus infections just have to be worn off

Nothing cures what ails you like reading some good books by a warm winter fire. And a bottle of scotch helps, too.

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MICHAEL LOMAX: 'American Sniper' stays in the cross hairs

FILM COMMENTARY: 'American Sniper' stays true to its intent as a psychological portrait of sniper Chris Kyle

Raised to be a sheep dog, the protector of the flock, Chris Kyle left behind a life of rodeo to provide sniper cover for Marines during the Iraq War. But the hazards of his obligation would ravage him over time,

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DR. STEVE KITCHEN: Tough flu season is not over yet

OPINION: Proper hand hygiene and staying home when sick are key to containing the spread of flu

Flu season is far from over. It’s extremely important to understand the illness and continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

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MARY GANZEL: Be part of the movement in 2015

HEALTH AND FITNESS: get your body in motion is critical to good health

This time of year, we often find ourselves making New Year resolutions that involve physical activity. So let’s talk about physical activity movement.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at quotes from MLK.

HISTORY: MLK shared his heart with all who would listen.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” - Martin Luther King Jr.