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CREEDE HINSHAW: Between disquiet and gratitude

FAITH: The older I get, the longer the list of what I am thankful for

Social scientists have devised various experiments to prove that giving thanks and counting blessings is good for the body and soul.

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HAL BRADY: Where we as a people stand

FAITH: We stand together in sharing pain

There comes a time in life when the thing we do and the word we speak matters little, but the place we stand matters much. Relating to the recent Grand Jury decision and the people’s response in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the nation, I write this article concerning the place we stand in a tragedy.

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RONDA RICH: Special friendship something to be thankful for

THE DIXIE DIVA: Great traditions are not planned, they are born

It started accidentally. Some good ideas and memorable moments are like that. They aren’t planned. They’re born, bringing with them an ability to nudge a way naturally into our lives and become a tradition.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1942

HISTORY: Holiday shopping in 1942

Regardless of the depths of one’s pockets, the rationing of items made for a different holiday shopping experience in 1942.

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BARRY LEVINE: Westerns were king in the late 1950s

THE OLD ROCKER: Going back to those days of yore when cowboys ruled the airwaves

Hopealong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger were pioneers for Westerns that dominated America’s airwaves in the late 1950s and into the ’60s.

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RONDA RICH: A rumor gets a life of its own

THE DIXIE DIVA: Nothing moves as fast as a rumor

A planned memorial service for a guy gets plenty memorable.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Thankful for the benefits of fitness

HEALTH & FITNESS: An active life can reduce chances of some chronic health problems

One of the best prescriptions for avoiding chronic diseases as an active, fit lifestyle.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at Novembers gone by, Nov. 23, 2014

HISTORY: See what was happening in and around Albany in Novembers past.

Voters overwhelmingly supported a bond issue that allowed for the building of Albany Junior College.

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BARRY LEVINE: Running afowl of band name choices

THE OLD ROCKER: Bird names plentiful in music history

The most successful of the bird groups was the Eagles, who formed in 1971 in Los Angeles.

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MANDY FLYNN: You can't dress up stuffing

FEATURES COLUMN: There's no such thing as a box of dressing

Just the other day, I wondered if the young girl (who asked how many boxes of dressing she needed) had ever tasted real dressing, and I actually felt sorry for those who have never had the pleasure.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Do Sunday drivers still exist?

FAITH: What might Sabbath observance look like in your life?

I have discovered in my older age and in my retirement that for the first time in my adult life all days are potentially just about the same, which makes it even more imperative that I become intentional in observing the Sabbath, a practice I find deeply satisfying even in my imperfect practice of it.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Mulches are the final touches

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Mulch gives landscapes curb appeal and unique character

Organic mulches are effective, but mineral and synthetic (inorganic) mulches can also make good mulching choices.

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RONDA RICH: Teachers also can learn at Bible School

THE DIXIE DIVA: Volunteering for VBS can be a learning experience

In the kitchen and dining room, we saw women who unselfishly put aside their own work and prepared food all day for 200 children.

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LORAN SMITH: South Dakota trip already on my 2015 calendar

FEATURES COLUMN: There is nothing like hunting pheasant in South Dakota

For years, I have been hunting pheasant with a friend, Homer Harding, who is as hearty as the pheasant. He is still hunting at age 89.

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MANDY FLYNN: It's grateful people who are happy

FEATURES COLUMN: Photograph puts things into perspective

I still remember how those five words made me feel that day, sitting in that den on that brown sofa holding that photo in my hands. Sad.