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KEVIN SPROUL: New legislation makes more changes to Georgia law

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Governor's signature will make the bills law

The following are a few of the bills that were passed and adopted by the Senate and House of Representatives and await the Governor’s signature before being enacted into law or vetoed.

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LAURA WILLIAMS: ATC culinary delights a treat to enjoy

It felt just like the Iron Chef — minus the degrading judges’ critiques that could make grown men cry.

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Albany Tech students prepare creative cuisine (Video)

Individuals can reserve a spot at the table for meals that are unique to Albany

The Albany Technical College Culinary Arts School is now sharing its tasty creations with the public every Thursday.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Reason and logic play second fiddle in the South

FAITH: Southern phyche says conversion is heart rather than head

What role does rationality play in the embrace of religion?

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RONDA RICH: When you see a wreck, aim for the center

THE DIXIE DIVA: Swerving will not let you avoid the problem

NASCAR drivers are great sources of wisdom when it comes to risk taking, generosity, dream chasing, kindness and loyalty.

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LORAN SMITH: Maybe Lewis has forgiven me by now

FEATURES COLUMN: Getting legendary columnist Lewis Grizzard his first newspaper job became a funny story later

We often make heaven out to be what we want it to be. I’m no different. I can see my old teammate Charlie Harris and Lewis Grizzard, who died 20 years ago, in conversation on a cloud about the forthcoming football season.

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T. GAMBLE: Naked reality leads to close shaves

OPINION: Reality shows include subtle hints that the reality is not real

One can watch the show “Naked and Afraid” to learn how human beings react to extreme conditions, how they adapt and work together, blah blah blah. Or, one can watch it for the reason I do — because it has naked people on it.

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MANDY FLYNN: Lord, I'm afraid to look

FEATURES COLUMN: Kids grow up and starting make their own decisions so fast

At some point, our children start making their own rules for living, including some we may not agree with.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Take care of your body after exercising

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Remember to take proper precautions when exercising

One of the most important components of a fitness program that is as important, but often gets less attention, is recovery.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back, March 23, 2014

HISTORY: Cleaning house in days gone by.

The chores of the housewife are not what they used to be.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Crimea called the cradle of Russian Christianity

FAITH COLUMN: Putin aligns takeover of Crimea with religious sentiments

We Western Christians often oversimplify events that are in reality far more complex than we grasp.

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T. GAMBLE: Study examines sticky food quandary

OPINION: The only certain thing is not death or taxes, it is studying what often is the obvious

British study doesn’t instill a need to amend the 5-second rule for dropped food.

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LORAN SMITH: Good times were had out on the Chattahoochee

The Chattahoochee and its environs will always be alluring.

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RONDA RICH: With humility comes ... pride

THE DIXIE DIVA: As a rule, in the South you are either proud or humble

What I have come to learn, though it has taken a few decades, is that humility, while noble, can be as destructive as pride.

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J.J. EDGE: Spring is time to make a splash ... safely

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Safety is critical when recreational activities include water

As the weather warms up, Southwest Georgians will be cooling down with water activities.