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MANDY FLYNN: Sockless in Athens

FEATURES COLUMN: That a wrap on that package

A care package to college includes boxed sets of footwear essentials.

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BARRY LEVINE: Video jukebox site the best for music from the 40s to the 90s

THE OLD ROCKER: Retired federal employee generates site with more than 3,500 songs

Christmas came five months early this year for the Old Rocker, thanks to an email from Don Picciotto, of Lee County, a lunch-buddy who forwarded absolutely the best site for music that I have ever used.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back, Aug. 17, 2014

From the jail to city government to schools, all the news could be found in the Daily Herald.

The condition of the jail was of great interest to anyone unfortunate enough to visit the place.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Two examples of Christian witness inspiring

FAITH: Decisions that seem foolhardy to outsiders are the stuff of Christian witness

Christians are not the only courageous people, but my faith background leads me to recognize two examples of people who have risked themselves for others.

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RONDA RICH: Cooking up a late-night project

THE DIXIE DIVA: Filing away recipes cut from publications can take a while

There’s a fine line between saving something and hoarding.

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MANDY FLYNN: 2015 once seemed so far away

FEATURES COLUMN: Here we are at the start of her senior year, and I am sad

When your daughter reaches her senior year of high school, you don’t want to miss one minute of it.

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BARRY LEVINE: Boseman brilliant in portrayal of the Godfather of Soul

MOVIE REVIEW: Film jumps between significant incidents in James Brown's life

Dan Aykroyd gave a strong performance portraying Brown’s manager/adviser Ben Bart. Aykroyd and the real-life Brown appeared in two films together.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back, Aug. 10, 2014

HISTORY: A collection of local news tidbits from early to mid-August across different years.

It was August of 1927 when excavation work began for a new basketball arena with lockers and showers, as well as seating for 500, at Albany High School.

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RONDA RICH: Grant Tinker belongs to many

THE DIXIE DIVA: Grant Tinker helped numerous people get their first jobs

While Grant Tinker has been an influence on television, his greatest influence was allowing his sons to make it in the entertainment business on their own merits.

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LORAN SMITH: What if the Babe had stayed in Boston?

FEATURES COLUMN: Radio linked fans to the big leagues

Before the Braves left Milwaukee, which was as eager to embrace them when they arrived from Boston as Atlanta would be 13 years later, Southerners, with a bent for baseball, had to adopt a big league team.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Controlling your digital footprint

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Nearly nine out of 10 Americans are active online

There are many nefarious characters out there that spend their time trying to hack on-line accounts to obtain personal information that they can then misuse or sell.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: The river birch displays showy bark

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: River birch is native to the South

The river birch’s habitat is a lower, wet environment, but it also will grow in higher elevations and is a favorite ornamental plant.

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BARRY LEVINE: Rockers play ‘The Name Game’

OLD ROCKER: Shirley Ellis has a hit with name game song

Rock stars played games with their names long before “The Name Game” reached the charts. It was not uncommon for performers to change their names for a variety of reasons.

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MANDY FLYNN: Stories are waiting to be told

FEATURES COLUMN: Great stories are out there if you take time to listen

Taking time to listen is the key to learning new things and hearing wonderful stories that you otherwise would miss.

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Lunchbox goodies make the grade at school

HEALTH & FITNESS: Lunch can bring taste of home to school

If your kids don’t like the choices in the school cafeteria, there are fun, homemade options to try.