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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Bake up some fun, healthy snacks

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Kids can help create healthier alternatives to goldfish and animal crackers.

Eating healthier also can be fun for children if you allow them to help create their snacks.

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MANDY FLYNN: A life well lived

FEATURES COLUMN: Though her time was too short, Meredith Stapleton lived it to the fullest

Meredith Stapleton proved a person can do some amazing things, even in a short period of time.

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T. GAMBLE: Illuminating the loss of another freedom

OPINION: What dim bulb had the bright idea to kill the incandescent light bulb?

America is purportedly the land of freedom, if you don’t count the freedom to read by adequate light.

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BARRY LEVINE: Sinatra a classic for all time

Who was the greatest entertainer of the past 100 years?

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MANDY FLYNN: Squirrel drops in for an unwelcome visit

FEATURES COLUMN: Faced with an intrusive rodent and its icy stare, the only choice is to run

Nothing is more startling than to be awakened from a nap by a squirrel that’s staring you down.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back Feb. 23, 2014

HISTORY: See what was making the news in Albany and Southwest Georgia this week in years gone by.

From meatless days to Will Rogers to the Sassy Fox, there is plenty of news from the past.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Forget setbacks, and stick to your goals

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Remember those resolutions, even if you occasionally break them

Two months have almost passed in this New Year, and you started 2014 strong with your resolution to get back in shape, and were doing great.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Why is government trying to dictate church policy?

FAITH: Legislation on guns in churches not state’s responsibility

I hate the idea of guns in church. But because I hate even more the idea of government in church I’ve changed my mind on this one.

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T. GAMBLE: Take care when swimming with the fishies

OPINION: Manatees, it turns out, are a lot like buddies back home — slow, fat and docile

While manatees seem relatively benign, giant man-sized fish that look hungry are nothing to play with.

LORAN SMITH: Sarah Anne was one of UGA’s biggest fans

FEATURES COLUMN: Sarah Anne could have written the Golden Rule

When Sarah Anne Floyd, 95, passed away, the entire community of Thomasville mourned.

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RONDA RICH: Folk heroes always make good stories

THE DIXIE DIVA: Historical fact or legend? It’s all fascinating.

Their histories, accurate and complete, are lost to time and buried with them and those who knew them.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Stricklin era begins for Georgia baseball

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about first-year Georgia baseball coach Scott Stricklin, who calls coaching the Bulldogs his “dream job.”

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T. GAMBLE: Never go whole hog at an auction

OPINION: Adult beverages and opportunities to bid on boar hogs don not mix

Nothing says Valentine’s day like an 800-pound hog that’s named Valentine.

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RONDA RICH: Crazy and proud of it

THE DIXIE DIVA: Who wants to be boringly completely normal?

Maw-Maw was smart as a whip, but she also had her peculiarities.

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LORAN SMITH: A good bird dog is a prized possession

FEATURE COLUMN: Before there was widespread use of firearms in hunting, there were bird dogs

There’s nothing like a quail hunt for realizing the outdoors opportunities that are in Georgia.