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BARRY LEVINE: Songs send loving words to valentines

THE OLD ROCKER: Songs send loving words to valentines

Valentine’s Day is a time when love songs leap to the forefront.

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MANDY FLYNN: I’ll have grits and a tiara

FEATURES COLUMN: I’d like to live in Downton Abbey for a day

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has nothing on the World War I era aristocracy of Greta Britain.

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MARY BRASWELL: A look at things associated with the color red

From apples to stop signs, red is the color of many things.

The color red represents the heart, bloody battle fields and warnings.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Church struggles with temptation to use power

FAITH COLUMN: Prayer was focal point of angry debate

The church will always struggle with the temptation to use power to define the parameters of holiness and reach consensus on the nature of God. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, all sinners.

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T. GAMBLE: FAA has no compassion for the thirsty

OPINION: Drones could be the answer to safely quenching your thirst

FAA drones on for 74 pages about how flying beer in by remote control is against the rules.

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LORAN SMITH: Getting caught up on being stricken

FEATURES COLUMN: As with measles, mumps have made something of a comeback lately

One of the reasons for the resurgence of measles is that there are an increasing number of Americans who fail to get vaccinations.

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RONDA RICH: The power of hard labor

TH DIXIE DIVA: Every kid should spend part of the summer doing some old fashioned hard work

When battling writer’s block, making an assault on Hell’s Hill a source of inspiration.

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Another celebration day is just around the corner

HEALTH AND FITNESS: You can celebrate Valentines Day without overindulging

Adding a little color and creativity to food and drink makes Valentine’s Day more fun for kids.

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MANDY FLYNN: Baby, it’s cold inside

FEATURES COLUMN: Guerrilla tactics heat up battle of the thermostat

Never draw an open battle line in the battle of the thermostat until you know which side the polar bears will take.

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MARY BRASWELL: A look at the biggest football game of the year

From food to fans, here is a hodgepodge of information about the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVIII will be broadcast in 30 different languages.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Some old school still good in new year

HEALTH & FITNESS: Science does not change, but our knowledge of it does

As we age, our ability to move about is one of the more important quality of life issues that we face.

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MANDY FLYNN: Keep your mental batteries charged

FEATURES COLUMN: Stupid questions sometimes sneak up on you

Sometimes you have to think before you open your mouth.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Egyptian Coptic Christians endorse new constitution

FAITH COLUMN: The public stance on the constitution has made many Copts uncomfortable

Coptic Christians comprise about 10 percent of the Egyptian population and have endured ostracism and violence over the centuries.

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LORAN SMITH: Good conversation can teach a lot about life

FEATURES COLUMN: Good conversation can be good for the soul

Good conversation can be good for the soul.

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RONDA RICH: Southern manners are contagious

FEATURES COLUMN: Southern manners tend to rub off on others

There are many things I love about the South. But here’s what I love just a little bit better than all the rest: We believe mightily in courtesy and manners.