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Mandy Flynn


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MANDY FLYNN: I don't see the humor

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Family get-togethers always bring out the stories

I love family stories. I could sit around the kitchen table and listen to them over and over again. Except maybe a few of them. The embarrassing ones. The ones that Never. Go. Away.

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MANDY FLYNN: My heart is full

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: As a child, Thanksgiving Day was magical

Times change and each holiday is different. None less special than the last, just in different ways. We are thankful for them all. But as I always do, I will take the time to remember a different day, of how it used to be.

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MANDY FLYNN: Don't sniff at my profundity

OPINION: Wisdom comes a sniffle at a time

I prefer to believe I am an amateur wise person but, sigh, I probably am not. Someone somewhere at some time has probably already waxed poetic about how we take breathing through our nose for granted.

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MANDY FLYNN: Always drink upstream

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: A word to the wise ...

“Always drink upstream from the herd,” he said. Hmmm. Does everybody know what that means?

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MANDY FLYNN: Boiling over peanut disrespect

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Judging people is something I try hard not to do. Sometimes, I fail.

I present to you the case of the woman the other day who said boiled peanuts are disgusting. But she didn’t stop there.

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MANDY FLYNN: Worming through my fears

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: I figure there could be several reasons for my curiosity with worms

Maybe my fascination with worms is genetic. My daddy’s cousin had one of, if not the, largest worm farms in the country right there outside of Plains.

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MANDY FLYNN: Things no one tells you

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Some things you have to learn on your own

Her voice was a little raised and demeanor kind of miffed when a young, newly married woman I’d never met before revealed to me that no one told her marriage would be hard. Surely she was joking, I thought. No. No, she wasn’t.

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MANDY FLYNN: Time for a Change

OPINION: The bed's too small for all of us

God bless him he just doesn’t understand how tough it is to share the bed.

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MANDY FLYNN: Energy used being polite isn't wasted

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Just a simple hand up all it takes

Some people prefer to go through life never acknowledging another human being they come in contact with, especially if they don’t know them. They better watch out. Eventually, somebody’s gonna tell somebody that they heard somebody say that you were rude. And you don’t want that.

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MANDY FLYNN: From the mouths of babes

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Saying what you think takes childlike candor

Kids say the darndest — and the most honest — things.

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MANDY FLYNN: A (BBQ) saucy thought

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: Many of us take good BBQ sauce for granted

Daddy Sewell’s BBQ Sauce is a hot commodity in our family, and one that has been passed down generations after being smuggled across state lines from Alabama.

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MANDY FLYNN: Doggone it, don't judge me

LIFESTYLE COLUMNIST: Facebook protocol on anniversaries, dog days is confusing

Would it be inconsiderate and a little weird to share my undying love for my dogs in such a public way when, just two days earlier, it had been my 24th wedding anniversary and, well, I hadn’t posted anything?

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MANDY FLYNN: Siri-ously, you are not helping

LIFESTYLE COLUMNIST: A snarky phone is a poor travel companion

I’ve always heard and read one of the best things to do if you’re upset and depressed is to reach out to a friend.

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MANDY FLYNN: In the blink of an eye

FEATURES COLUMN: Time passes more quickly than you realize

They tell you not to blink because time goes by so quickly, you don’t want to miss a thing.

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MANDY FLYNN: Oh, those heavenly aromas

FEATURES COLUMNIST: What does heaven smell like?

From Fruit Loops to corn dogs to leather, everyone has a different idea of that heaven will smell like.