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MANDY FLYNN: Random musing ... how refined!

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Contemplations without aim or reason

Random musings. Musing – a contemplation. Random – without definite aim or reason. Why, I have those all the time.

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MANDY FLYNN: Hearing is believing

FEATURES COLUMNIST: You should hear what youre ignoring

The sign on the door read “Free Hearing Tests Today.” A free hearing test wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I thought, so I pulled a buggy from the corral outside the entrance and pushed inside

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MANDY FLYNN: A penny for your thoughts

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Sings are there, if we take time to look

I was walking to my car when something small and dark caught my eye. A dull something, but still enough to glimmer and catch my attention. And as I got closer I saw what it was, lying on the pavement a few feet from my driver’s side door. A penny.

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MANDY FLYNN: Memories of missing feet the cure for baby fever

FEATURES COLUMNIST: The real world dispels notions of another baby

I wanted a baby to cuddle and smell and love on … but I didn’t want to have a baby. Not at my age or my energy level. If I were to be pregnant at this day and time, it would make for some pretty good reality television, I have no doubt.

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MANDY FLYNN: Headline writer catches eyes by mistake

LIFESTYLE COLUMNIST: Some headlines that would not fly, even in Missippi

The hardest part of newspaper work isn’t interviewing, writing or even designing pages. It’s writing good headlines on deadline. But sometimes the bad ones are hilarious, except to those who wrote them.

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MANDY FLYNN: A whole 'nother country

FEATURES COLUMNIST: It will be a long 27 days

With a son traveling overseas following his studies in England, it’s going to be a long 27 days.

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MANDY FLYNN: Trivia knowledge is nothing to sneeze at

FEATURES COLUMN: Trivia can be danergous in the brain of the blurty

Every once in a while you come across a bit of information so fascinating that you cannot wait to share it with anyone and everyone you see. Unfortunately, I’m rather blurty.

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MANDY FLYNN: Well, that's just fabulous ... really fabulously fabulous

FEATURES COLUMN: I saw myself in a sitcom, sort of

It was an intervention, an impromptu one, and as it unfolded on the popular syndicated comedy show I was watching a revelation came to me. That was me… sort of.

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MANDY FLYNN: Miscontruing a fuzzy word

FEATURES COLUMN: Lint indeed can be annoying

I must say I never fully appreciated the byproduct of my towels, t-shirts, and pajamas until it was brought to my attention that dryer lint can actually be quite useful.

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MANDY FLYNN: If only that horse could talk

FEATURES COLUMN: Some horses you can't lead anywhere, it turns out

If that horse could talk, he would thank me. I was going to save him from potentially running out into the highway and getting hit by a passing car.

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MANDY FLYNN: It happens to all of us

FEATURES COLUMN: Lost puppy tugs at the heart strings and the tear ducts

As if I’m not already freakish enough crying all the time, now I’m going to have a goatee, too, at least according to a former friend.

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MANDY FLYNN: The squirrel, my enemy

FEATURES COLUMN: The squirrel is my nemesis, and he knows it

I’m not one to wish death on anything (except maybe snakes and lizards and roaches … definitely roaches.) But there is this squirrel, this one incredibly horrible squirrel, that I wish would die of old age or be captured in the dark of night by undercover operatives seeking to do whatever secret undercover operatives would do to a squirrel.

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MANDY FLYNN: Interpreting dreams can be confusing

FEATURES COLUMN: Mom says food issues led to troubling dreams

My mother used to say that we must have eaten something that didn’t agree with us whenever we had weird dreams.

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MANDY FLYNN: Smarten up on New Year's resolutions

FEATURES COLUMN: A 2014 pledge to learn to make cornbread goes unfulfilled

My renunciation of learning to make cornbread is regretful. Which brings me to this year’s resolution — I am going to attempt to be smarter. Thus, the reason using the word renunciation. It’s a pretty big word for me. I learned it just this morning.

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MANDY FLYNN: Shelving the elf

FEATURES COLUMN: Our elf has left

There has been conversation circulating at work about Elf on the Shelf, the little fellow who visits the homes of young children between Thanksgiving and Christmas and reports back to Santa Claus on the status of their nautiness and niceness.