Mandy Flynn


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MANDY FLYNN: Sealed with a kiss

FEATURES COLUMN: The institution of marriage has been an interesting ride through the centuries

Kissing at the end of a marriage ceremony wasn’t inspired by romance, but by Roman contract law.

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MANDY FLYNN: Sockless in Athens

FEATURES COLUMN: That a wrap on that package

A care package to college includes boxed sets of footwear essentials.

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MANDY FLYNN: 2015 once seemed so far away

FEATURES COLUMN: Here we are at the start of her senior year, and I am sad

When your daughter reaches her senior year of high school, you don’t want to miss one minute of it.

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MANDY FLYNN: Stories are waiting to be told

FEATURES COLUMN: Great stories are out there if you take time to listen

Taking time to listen is the key to learning new things and hearing wonderful stories that you otherwise would miss.

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MANDY FLYNN: Great ideas take flight

FEATURES COLUMN: Some ideas are pure gold

Want the remote? Take the test first.

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MANDY FLYNN: Memories etched with a scar

FEATURES COLUMN: With old fashioned inner tubes, father knows best

Scars can be reminders of adventures of our youth.

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MANDY FLYNN: Tuning out others runs in the family

Researchers say that middle-aged couples are very good at tuning out their spouses in order to hear a stranger talk.

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MANDY FLYNN: Some lessons in life always stick to you

FEATURES COLUMN: Failing to heed warnings can place you in a sticky situation

Rule No. 1 for kids: If someone says not to touch something, you just have to touch it.

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MANDY FLYNN: Vacations are not what they used to be

FEATURES COLUMN: Childhood vacations always smelled like pecan logs

When I think of summertime and going on vacation, I think of my little avocado green hard shell suitcase with the two button locks on the outside that would pinch if you weren’t being careful

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MANDY FLYNN: A letter to a thief

FEATURES COLUMN: An auto break-in is a lesson for a teenage driver

One area thief who breaks into cars now has a healthy supply of sunscreen.

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MANDY FLYNN: Happy birthday, baby girl

FEATURES COLUMN: Seventeen years sure can fly by

I remember thinking about so many things I would try my best to teach you.

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MANDY FLYNN: Always up for a convo with myself

FEATURES COLUMN: Talking to yourself is OK, as long as you dont answer

One advantage of talking to yourself is the assurance that at least one person is listening to what you have to say.

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MANDY FLYNN: Sniffing out a good one

FEATURES COLUMN: A quick whiff and a solid thump can determine a good, ripe cantaloupe

For some quality produce-picking tips, catch a rerun of “The Golden Girls.”

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MANDY FLYNN: What happened to hospitality?

FEATURES COLUMN: People just aren't as friendly as they used to be

Is it my imagination, or are people just not as friendly as they used to be?

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MANDY FLYNN: A mother’s greatest prayer is to give good roots to children

If our children have something strong to hold on to – decency and honor, goodness of spirit - no matter what direction nature directs, they will always come back to their beginning.