Mandy Flynn


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MANDY FLYNN: Oh, those heavenly aromas

FEATURES COLUMNIST: What does heaven smell like?

From Fruit Loops to corn dogs to leather, everyone has a different idea of that heaven will smell like.

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MANDY FLYNN: You can't miss what you don't know

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Insomnia leads you to the strangest places

For millenia, residents of an isolated island have held the world at bay.

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MANDY FLYNN: Fellow grocery people, unite!

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Some things I just dont apologize for

To the person who felt so strongly about my driving that you rolled down your window and made an obscene gesture at me on Interstate 16 … I don’t apologize.

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MANDY FLYNN: Uh, That was the coffee talking

FEATURES COLUMN: Mrs. Olson would be proud

It’s a wonder I didn’t drink coffee earlier in life, considering I remember coffee being around our house since the beginning of time.

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MANDY FLYNN: Time to travel

FEATURES COLUMNIST: An online ad about time travelling got me thinking

If you had the choice, would you travel back in time or get a look at the future?

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MANDY FLYNN: Enough plastic to flip your lid over

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Why are lids not all the same size?

There should be a presidential order requiring that all plastic storage lids for kitchens be the same size.

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MANDY FLYNN: In a stew over beans

FEATURES COLUMNIST: fancy should never be used to describe baked beans

Pineapple in baked beans should be against the law. It happened, at an everybody-bring-something dinner a few years back. Fancy baked beans, they called them. “Fancy” and “baked beans” should not be used in the same sentence. It’s not natural.

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MANDY FLYNN: A doggone ugly cry

FEATURES COLUMNIST: TV crying just not the real thing

The tears have been flowing around here. And it ain’t been pretty. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

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MANDY FLYNN: A little note says it all

FEATURES COLUMN: A little reminder that mama loves you

It started in preschool, before you could even read. The little something extra. I’d put stickers on the inside of the lid so as soon as you opened your lunch box you would know I was thinking about you.

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MANDY FLYNN: Random musing ... how refined!

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Contemplations without aim or reason

Random musings. Musing – a contemplation. Random – without definite aim or reason. Why, I have those all the time.

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MANDY FLYNN: Hearing is believing

FEATURES COLUMNIST: You should hear what youre ignoring

The sign on the door read “Free Hearing Tests Today.” A free hearing test wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I thought, so I pulled a buggy from the corral outside the entrance and pushed inside

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MANDY FLYNN: A penny for your thoughts

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Sings are there, if we take time to look

I was walking to my car when something small and dark caught my eye. A dull something, but still enough to glimmer and catch my attention. And as I got closer I saw what it was, lying on the pavement a few feet from my driver’s side door. A penny.

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MANDY FLYNN: Memories of missing feet the cure for baby fever

FEATURES COLUMNIST: The real world dispels notions of another baby

I wanted a baby to cuddle and smell and love on … but I didn’t want to have a baby. Not at my age or my energy level. If I were to be pregnant at this day and time, it would make for some pretty good reality television, I have no doubt.

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MANDY FLYNN: Headline writer catches eyes by mistake

LIFESTYLE COLUMNIST: Some headlines that would not fly, even in Missippi

The hardest part of newspaper work isn’t interviewing, writing or even designing pages. It’s writing good headlines on deadline. But sometimes the bad ones are hilarious, except to those who wrote them.

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MANDY FLYNN: A whole 'nother country

FEATURES COLUMNIST: It will be a long 27 days

With a son traveling overseas following his studies in England, it’s going to be a long 27 days.