Mandy Flynn


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MANDY FLYNN: Maybe these boots weren't made for walking after all

FEATURES COLUMN: The three little words that are hardest to say to a spouse are, 'I was wrong'

Sometimes when it comes to stubbornness, you just have to grit your teeth and toe the line.

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MANDY FLYNN: Internet shopping lays a goose egg

FEATURE COLUMN: The internet is convenient for shopping, but short on creating memories

Saturday-before-Easter trips to the shoe store a prized memory.

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MANDY FLYNN: You have arrived eventually

FEATURES COLUMN: even GPS devices can be directionally challenged

GPS devices lacking in essentials such as best pot for a potty break and where to pull over when you see blue lights flashing.

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MANDY FLYNN: Purses! Foiled again!

FEATURES COLUMN: Got my purse, now where are those darn reading glasses?

A woman’s purse is a general store in a bag when a family is on a long road trip.

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MANDY FLYNN: Lord, I'm afraid to look

FEATURES COLUMN: Kids grow up and starting make their own decisions so fast

At some point, our children start making their own rules for living, including some we may not agree with.

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MANDY FLYNN: A life well lived

FEATURES COLUMN: Though her time was too short, Meredith Stapleton lived it to the fullest

Meredith Stapleton proved a person can do some amazing things, even in a short period of time.

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MANDY FLYNN: Squirrel drops in for an unwelcome visit

FEATURES COLUMN: Faced with an intrusive rodent and its icy stare, the only choice is to run

Nothing is more startling than to be awakened from a nap by a squirrel that’s staring you down.

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MANDY FLYNN: I’ll have grits and a tiara

FEATURES COLUMN: I’d like to live in Downton Abbey for a day

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has nothing on the World War I era aristocracy of Greta Britain.

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MANDY FLYNN: Baby, it’s cold inside

FEATURES COLUMN: Guerrilla tactics heat up battle of the thermostat

Never draw an open battle line in the battle of the thermostat until you know which side the polar bears will take.

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MANDY FLYNN: Keep your mental batteries charged

FEATURES COLUMN: Stupid questions sometimes sneak up on you

Sometimes you have to think before you open your mouth.

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MANDY FLYNN: On Target for glamour

FEATURES COLUMN: Red carpet style worth missing a little sleep to see

Nothing goes better with a Golden Globe and a red carpet that your basic orange.

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MANDY FLYNN: I'll take personal quirks for $200, Alex

FEATURES COLUMN: What is, 'Personal information that makes you cringe?'

For smart people, contestants on “Jeopardy!” say some awkward things about themselves.

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MANDY FLYNN: Bad days all in the mind

According to Peter J. Bentley, a PhD who is a so-called expert on the science of bad days, a bad day only exists if we allow it to. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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MANDY FLYNN: Thinking out of the box about cornbread

FEATURES COLUMN: A Christmas sign leads to a New Years resolution

A dog and cold pucks of frozen dough lead to a new resolve to master the art of lace bread.

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MANDY FLYNN: The comfort of Christmas glows warmly

FEATURES COLUMN: The lights on tree are reminders of Christmases past

The coming of Christmas brings with it a special peace.