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RONDA RICH: The American Dream lives on

THE DIXIE DIVA: America, as a land of opportunity, is at her best when the chips are down

When I’m accused of having lost touch with hard-working Americans who have faced misfortune, it’s a stab to the heart because I have long been one of those Americans.

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RONDA RICH: Old money, old South

THE DIXIE DIVA: Dry weather and red clay are formidable foes

I think of Rowan Oak when I look at my yard and remember what Faulkner told his wife, Estelle, when she told him that she would like to restore the gardens and make a pretty place of it. I can imagine him now, tilting his head down to look up at her when he spoke sternly: “Only new money would ruin a garden like that.”

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RONDA RICH: 'Justified' in the South

THE DIXIE DIVA: 'Justified' captures the Appalachian South

Here’s what “Justified” does best: It gets the Appalachian South right without reducing us to mockery or ridicule.

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RONDA RICH: Never toss out perfectly good food

THE DIXIE DIVA: I toss nothing until it completely withers

Pragmatism and caution prevents you from throwing out things that are reusable.

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RONDA RICH: She's out of control

THE DIXIE DIVA: A little advice gives a friend her just desserts

People who think they’re out of control have enough discipline to correct the problem. It’s the ones who don’t see that they have a problem who have a problem.

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RONDA RICH: P.R. work comes too late

THE DIXIE DIVA: When you are gone, folks remember what you did, not what is written about you

Will I be remembered dramatically different by people than the good things heralded in my “good-bye world” death notice?

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RONDA RICH: Cooking up a late-night project

THE DIXIE DIVA: Filing away recipes cut from publications can take a while

There’s a fine line between saving something and hoarding.

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RONDA RICH: Grant Tinker belongs to many

THE DIXIE DIVA: Grant Tinker helped numerous people get their first jobs

While Grant Tinker has been an influence on television, his greatest influence was allowing his sons to make it in the entertainment business on their own merits.

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RONDA RICH: What I love about my South

THE DIXIE DIVA: Things so simple can remind us of things so meaningful

Tink says often how he loves this South of mine – a place of hospitality, neighborliness, hard work and prayers.

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RONDA RICH: The world view on ‘being cool’

DIXIE DIVA: Good decisions pay off over a lifetime

She took nothing that wasn’t hers but she didn’t give up anything, either. Kinda cool, don’t you think?

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RONDA RICH: Living through Southern Living

DIXIE DIVA: Southern Living creates a change that has won me over

Like most Southerners, I have an aversion to change which is why our traditions have such strangle hold. We never let go.

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RONDA RICH: History is better than fiction

DIXIE DIVA: Real life always provides the best stories

It’s a funny thing about history. It can be so doggone fascinating, much more so than anything that the human mind can imagine.

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RONDA RICH: Wisdom is lost with parents

DIXIE DIVA: We learn much more than we’ll ever realize from our parents.

There are few who cannot say truthfully that they miss their parents after death has laid claim to those loved ones.

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RONDA RICH: Simple meals have the best flavor

DIXIE DIVA: Childhood memories are a powerful thing

What I can’t figure is why we return so longingly to the foods of our childhood and our homeland.

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RONDA RICH: Success reflects support around us

DIXIE DIVA: Everybody needs somebody sometimes

We all need someone to tell us our dream isn’t crazy and that we have what it takes.