Ronda Rich


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RONDA RICH: When time melts away

THE DIXIE DIVA: Memories bind us together later in life

Southerners are always buoyed by a sense of place and the stories that unfold there. For us – the pretty redhead girl and me – it was summer Sunday afternoons.

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RONDA RICH: You gotta be careful

THE DIXIE DIVA: Be careful what you ask for - - especially if it's powered

Having great power tools comes with great responsibility.

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RONDA RICH COLUMN: Ghosts in the ashes

DIXIE DIVA: Fire can't destory memories

One of Daddy’s self-penned mantras danced in my head as I looked around. “Kid, never worry over that which money and hard work can replace.”

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RONDA RICH: Steady like a chainsaw

THE DIXIE DIVA: Ouch, right in the frugal bone

To be honest, I was more than a mite worried. I was plenty worried. My husband, raised not in the South or in the country, wanted a chainsaw. The one farm accessory that has brought down many a man. From an early age, I was taught respect for that chewing, sawing, respect-for-no-man power tool.

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RONDA RICH: Miss Elinor's thank you

THE DIXIE DIVA: Miss Elinor might be a hundred, but she sure has got the lingo down

Well, Miss Elinor, here’s what I have to say to you and I want to say it publicly through the dozens of newspapers across the Southeast that carry this column, including your beloved Brunswick News: I can tell by the time that you have taken to encourage someone in a world that is not always kind that your South is one of gentility and warmth.

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RONDA RICH: Everything works out if you'll let it

THE DIXIE DIVA: Learning to cope is the gift of enduring many trials

If I could go back in time and give the younger me one piece of advice, it would be this: “Minimize the drama. Step over a disappointment and move onward to a new opportunity.”

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RONDA RICH: The American Dream lives on

THE DIXIE DIVA: America, as a land of opportunity, is at her best when the chips are down

When I’m accused of having lost touch with hard-working Americans who have faced misfortune, it’s a stab to the heart because I have long been one of those Americans.

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RONDA RICH: Old money, old South

THE DIXIE DIVA: Dry weather and red clay are formidable foes

I think of Rowan Oak when I look at my yard and remember what Faulkner told his wife, Estelle, when she told him that she would like to restore the gardens and make a pretty place of it. I can imagine him now, tilting his head down to look up at her when he spoke sternly: “Only new money would ruin a garden like that.”

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RONDA RICH: 'Justified' in the South

THE DIXIE DIVA: 'Justified' captures the Appalachian South

Here’s what “Justified” does best: It gets the Appalachian South right without reducing us to mockery or ridicule.

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RONDA RICH: Never toss out perfectly good food

THE DIXIE DIVA: I toss nothing until it completely withers

Pragmatism and caution prevents you from throwing out things that are reusable.

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RONDA RICH: She's out of control

THE DIXIE DIVA: A little advice gives a friend her just desserts

People who think they’re out of control have enough discipline to correct the problem. It’s the ones who don’t see that they have a problem who have a problem.

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RONDA RICH: P.R. work comes too late

THE DIXIE DIVA: When you are gone, folks remember what you did, not what is written about you

Will I be remembered dramatically different by people than the good things heralded in my “good-bye world” death notice?

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RONDA RICH: Cooking up a late-night project

THE DIXIE DIVA: Filing away recipes cut from publications can take a while

There’s a fine line between saving something and hoarding.

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RONDA RICH: Grant Tinker belongs to many

THE DIXIE DIVA: Grant Tinker helped numerous people get their first jobs

While Grant Tinker has been an influence on television, his greatest influence was allowing his sons to make it in the entertainment business on their own merits.

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RONDA RICH: What I love about my South

THE DIXIE DIVA: Things so simple can remind us of things so meaningful

Tink says often how he loves this South of mine – a place of hospitality, neighborliness, hard work and prayers.