Ronda Rich


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RONDA RICH: Wisdom is lost with parents

DIXIE DIVA: We learn much more than we’ll ever realize from our parents.

There are few who cannot say truthfully that they miss their parents after death has laid claim to those loved ones.

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RONDA RICH: Simple meals have the best flavor

DIXIE DIVA: Childhood memories are a powerful thing

What I can’t figure is why we return so longingly to the foods of our childhood and our homeland.

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RONDA RICH: Success reflects support around us

DIXIE DIVA: Everybody needs somebody sometimes

We all need someone to tell us our dream isn’t crazy and that we have what it takes.

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RONDA RICH: Digging a hole leads to rotten apples

A man reaps what he sows - or what he doesn’t sow.

That apple tree. Oh my goodness. Something told me it wouldn’t turn out well.

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RONDA RICH: Pieces of life's puzzle

THE DIXIE DIVA: Life is a puzzle with pieces that click into place

You never know where fame will find you. Sometimes it’s even at a homecoming service at a church.

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RONDA RICH: Drama only as big as you make it

THE DIXIE DIVA: What seems important at the time often isn't

Many of the things that are breaking our backs today won’t be remembered on down the road.

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RONDA RICH: Comfort is nice, but memories are great

Like Mama, I prefer that things make common sense.

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RONDA RICH: Mama decides to tell all

My worst fears are about to be realized: Mama has announced her intentions to write a book.

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RONDA RICH: Making some bad decisions

We all make bad decisions in our lifetime in one way or the other.

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RONDA RICH: Loyalty a valuable virtue

When I think back on the days of my youth, it would be hard to pick a lesson learned that was more important than another.

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RONDA RICH: A Southern conversion

THE DIXIE DIVA: Low-fat buttermilk has no place in a Southern home

Always choose a Southern doctor, preferably an overweight one, over a fussy California physician.

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RONDA RICH: Mind what the wolly boogers tell you

THE DIXIE DIVA: Paying attention to small signs can help you prepare for big events

Nature has inside information it will share if you only know where to look.

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RONDA RICH: When you see a wreck, aim for the center

THE DIXIE DIVA: Swerving will not let you avoid the problem

NASCAR drivers are great sources of wisdom when it comes to risk taking, generosity, dream chasing, kindness and loyalty.

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RONDA RICH: With humility comes ... pride

THE DIXIE DIVA: As a rule, in the South you are either proud or humble

What I have come to learn, though it has taken a few decades, is that humility, while noble, can be as destructive as pride.

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RONDA RICH: Living in black and white

THE DIXIE DIVA: Stories of moutain religion harken to another time

Some stories, including old-time religion and and the days of moonshine toting ridge-runners, are best told in black and white.