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T. GAMBLE: A large order of no-fault fries, please

OPINION: It's not my fault I cant push away from the buffet, boss

The highest court in Europe has ruled that gross obesity is now to be considered a disability.

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T. GAMBLE: Still looking down the lonely driveway

OPINION: Her rational mind knows to look each day is folly, but the heart is not rational

Each day she peered down at that country two-laned road. Each day, just like the last, she imagined she’d see him round the curve, slow down, and turn into the drive. And, each day now for over 4,000 days, he did no such thing. … It would not be the way this story ends. She’d already heard the ending.

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T. GAMBLE: Swimming against the tide of climate change

OPINION: The ocean is rising at a quick snails pace

Next time you are at the beach, look at the high-tide mark and then move it forward toward your beach house, hotel, etc., 7 inches. That is where it will be in another 110 years.

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T. GAMBLE: Postal workers picks unusual delivery method

OPINION: Pilot may have future in Congress

I might go to jail protesting because my kid is in jail, or the government took my land, or unfair taxes, or discrimination against gay, transsexual, Scientology, single mothers, but it will be over more than campaign finance reform laws.

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T. GAMBLE: Working up a sweat over non-exercising

OPINION: Conserving heartbeats with the 28 Percent

The Wall Street Journal reports the “Physical Activity Council,” whatever that is, says 28 percent of Americans reported they did not participate in a single physical activity last year. And we are not talking about strenuous activity, as stretching was one of the activities that would qualify as physical activity over the last year.

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T. GAMBLE: Easter Bunny is enjoying prosperous times

OPINION: Easter Bunny gifts have been greatly upgraded in recent years

The concept of the Easter Bunny may be hard to believe, but not as difficult as thinking the Atlanta Falcons might one day win the Super Bowl.

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T. GAMBLE: Airlines should ground safety spiel

OPINION: The last thing you need on a plane is a reminder of the things that can go wrong

There should be federal law that if you do not know how to buckle your seat belt, you are placed on the TSA no-fly list. I do not need a smiling flight attendant to demonstrate this useless contraption.

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T. GAMBLE: Naked at the creek with a Solo cup

OPINION: There must a be truckloads of red plastic cups heading south these days

Country music eventually gets back to its roots, but it goes by way of four-wheel driving, naked creek splashing and going through an unending supply of a certain plastic cup first.

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T. GAMBLE: Will new watch be the Apple of my eye?

OPINION: It appears Apple watch is set to take over the world

Until hearing about the Apple watch, I was under the impression that watches were about to go the way of the slide rule and the telephone booth.

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T. GAMBLE: Planet Fitness has a place for everyone

OPINION: Magic week may be in demand

I recently read where a woman working out at Planet Fitness complained to management about a man changing clothes in the women’s locker room and appearing to enjoy the view as he did so.

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T. GAMBLE: A quick note before I go to the doctor ...

OPINION: This is important stuff, more or less

Without a barrage of overtures to sell you stuff you didn’t know you needed and had gotten along quite well without, how would you make it through life?

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T. GAMBLE: Oscar selections are a Wales of a mess

OPINION: The outrage of bad Oscar awardings goes back nearly 40 years

I see where the Academy Awards have once again awarded best actor and best picture to some film, and to some folks, I’ve never heard of.

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T. GAMBLE: You just can't ignore a loudmouth hundred-dollar bill

OPINION: Cash has a way of slipping out of your wallet

Rather than fear banks with money, worry about self-control with cash. Especially hundred-dollar bills.

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T. GAMBLE: Noah's ark park takes water in tax-break fight

OPINION: Kentucky tax officials nix tax breaks over requirement park employees believe ark was real

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but if you tell me you are opening a Noah’s ark theme park, naming it Ark Encounter, and your company is Answers in Genesis, I imagine I’d at least have an inkling your employees planned to talk about Noah’s ark and it is doubtful they intend to say it is all a farce.

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T. GAMBLE: Bruce Jenner giving 'going through The Change' a whole new meaning

OPINION: The age of menopause may not be the best time to switch to a woman

Reports say Bruce Jenner, the 65-year-old former Olympic gold medalist, is undergoing a sex change. Hopefully he won’t follow stepdaughter Kim’s predilection for exposing her derriere.