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T. GAMBLE: Weathering the SEC prediction season

OPINION: Determining winners and losers entails mulling records both on field and at the police station

Auburn is ready for another run at a national title … or the SEC cellar.

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T. GAMBLE: World Cup provides a good time for napping

OPINION: Soccer fans get excessively excited over boring stuff

According to recent reports, the United States may be finally joining the world in its soccer craze.

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T. GAMBLE: I keep hitting the wrong beach

OPINION: Golf continues to mar otherwise pleasant strolls

Clubs that drive the ball further only make me go deeper in the woods in search of my golf balls.

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T. GAMBLE: Now that is something to celebrate

OPINION: Reard Day is Aug. 4, and bring your wedding ring

For those who say the French have done nothing to celebrate, take a look at what happened on July 5, 1946.

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T. GAMBLE: Change just hinders my progress

OPINION: Why is it that when you get comfortable with something, someone improves it?

The designers of these new-fangled cars have me swigging Geritol at all hours of the day.

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T. GAMBLE: It's new preacher time for Methodist churches

Methodists swap out ministers regularly, unlike Baptists where a pastor is often there for life

We got our new preacher Sunday and, I must admit, I was favorably impressed. I, of course, have to say this or he’ll put me on the pastor parishioner’s committee.

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T. GAMBLE: Disaster strikes at the movie house

OPINION: There is nothing like a giant lizard movie and pricey popcorn on a Sunday afternoon

The disaster at the concession stand is usually worse than anything the hero of a disaster movie has to deal with.

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T. GAMBLE: Hurricane laces up and leaves port

OPINION: There is nothing like peer pressure to advance your basic skills

Football camp is another stage in growing up.

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T. GAMBLE: It was a 'special' moment at the beach

OPINION: When ice cream harkens, what's a little scratched paint?

An expedition to obtain some ice cream cones becomes an expensive and somewhat embarrassing endeavor.

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T. GAMBLE: Matchmaking rules for pro athletes, entertainers

OPINION: You can guess a star's occupation by the woman whos with him

After watching far too much sports, truisms on affairs of the heart emerge.

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T. GAMBLE: Red wine not healthy? I need a drink

OPINION: A study by Johns Hopkins knocks out last two fun health foods

The sad results of a recent study indicates resveratrol, the so-called healthy ingredient in red wine and chocolate, doesn’t actually improve health.

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T. GAMBLE: Think I’ll stick with handshake, fist bumping

Mark McCormack, sociologist at Durham University in Britain just completed a study about heterosexual males and how they interact.

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T. GAMBLE: Some Pig is hogging the sofa

OPINION: Its a classical situation, music-wise at least

Banned to the outdoors, Some Pig formerly known as Valentino has stormed back inside, laying claim to the sunroom sofa.

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T. GAMBLE: You never know when you'll need a jacket

OPINION: A mother's concern over a child being cold disregards such trivialities as the actual temperature

One constant of motherhood is an inate concern that, regardless of how hot it is, a cold front could suddenly rush in and find her child jacketless.

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T. GAMBLE: Rights break out right and left

OPINION: The explosion of rights in the U.S. could lead to a lot of rich, single Americans

If you snooze through history class, you may think your rights are restricted those actually found in the U.S. Constitution and its amendments.