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T. GAMBLE: Global warming made me do it

OPINION: Nothing bad happens that can’t be explained away by climate change

If my planned movie about a south Georgian family coping with a family member’s pursuit of a sex-change operation fails, it won’t be because of a bad script, lousy acting, botched directing or poor cinematography.

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T. GAMBLE: Here's a High Life to a long life

OPINION: Three beers and a shot every day? I'll drink to that

Agnes Scott, 110, attributes her long life to three beers and a shot of whisky every day. Finally, a longevity plan I can buy into.

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T. GAMBLE: These days, we're playing it too safe

OPINION: America is wimping out on personal responsibility

It is difficult to even breathe now without some warning, or safety device, being thrust upon us.

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T. GAMBLE: Some pig's hogging all the ice cream

OPINION: Pot-bellied pig struggles with dog days and ramps

Some Pig lived his first year in my backyard with access to the sun porch when too hot or too cold. But, alas, the good times came to an end, precipitated mainly by the fact he weighs about 250 pounds. Whoever first coined the phrase “greedy as a pig” sure knew what he was talking about.

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T. GAMBLE: Let's vote Pluto a promotion

OPINION: Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet a few years ago

After the closer inspection of Pluto by a U.S. spacecraft Wednesday, perhaps scientists will vote to reclassify it as a planet.

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T. GAMBLE: Fancy food? Just pass me the chicken

Just look at the Food Network or 10,000 other food shows on television these days. They show how to cook everything from a snake to a grasshopper.

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T. GAMBLE: Baking up some controversy

OPINION: Walmart nixes cakes with Confederate battle flags

Businesses and people seem to have diffrerent sets of rules as to what is offensive, depending on what the popular notion is at the time.

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T. GAMBLE: South Koreans need Duggarish birthrate boost

OPINION: Low birthrate has population in deep downward spiral

Averaging 1.187 babies per woman, South Korea could become a population of the past in seven or eight centuries.

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T. GAMBLE: America the melting pot is really melting

OPINION: I think I am, therefore I am

Forget switching genders, now you can switch race and ethnicity with just a thought.

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T. GAMBLE: When the time is right to hop away

OPINION: Jim the Toad had been with us for almost two years

For some time, I impressed upon the Hurricane the need to set Jim free. You know, let him live in the wild the way God intended for a toad to live. Not to mention I was darn tired of going to the feed store every three days so that Jim the toad could make the Guinness Book of World’s Records as the fattest reptile ever.

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T. GAMBLE: The times, they could be ending

OPINION: The current situation creates longing for the good old days of Kim Kardashian

The Bible says in the end times what once was right will now be wrong and what once was wrong will now be right. Which brings up topics including Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and the Duggars family scandal.

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T. GAMBLE: A large order of no-fault fries, please

OPINION: It's not my fault I cant push away from the buffet, boss

The highest court in Europe has ruled that gross obesity is now to be considered a disability.

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T. GAMBLE: Still looking down the lonely driveway

OPINION: Her rational mind knows to look each day is folly, but the heart is not rational

Each day she peered down at that country two-laned road. Each day, just like the last, she imagined she’d see him round the curve, slow down, and turn into the drive. And, each day now for over 4,000 days, he did no such thing. … It would not be the way this story ends. She’d already heard the ending.

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T. GAMBLE: Swimming against the tide of climate change

OPINION: The ocean is rising at a quick snails pace

Next time you are at the beach, look at the high-tide mark and then move it forward toward your beach house, hotel, etc., 7 inches. That is where it will be in another 110 years.

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T. GAMBLE: Postal workers picks unusual delivery method

OPINION: Pilot may have future in Congress

I might go to jail protesting because my kid is in jail, or the government took my land, or unfair taxes, or discrimination against gay, transsexual, Scientology, single mothers, but it will be over more than campaign finance reform laws.