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T. GAMBLE: Never go whole hog at an auction

OPINION: Adult beverages and opportunities to bid on boar hogs don not mix

Nothing says Valentine’s day like an 800-pound hog that’s named Valentine.

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T. GAMBLE: FAA has no compassion for the thirsty

OPINION: Drones could be the answer to safely quenching your thirst

FAA drones on for 74 pages about how flying beer in by remote control is against the rules.

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T. GAMBLE: There's 'snow' way we'd take a snow day

OPINION: In my day, we didn't close school for any reason

The losses of real recess, merry-go-rounds and algebra will take their toll on the latest generation.

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T. GAMBLE: Ladies, please coordinate those directions

OPINION: Coping with California traffic is hard, especially with conflicting navigators

Dependence on electronic driving guidance is something that needs recalculating.

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T. GAMBLE: Drawing on a new body of art

OPINION: Art tours of the future may include preserved tattoos

An Amsterdam entrepreneur rocks the art world with his plans to preserve his tattoo after he dies.

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T. GAMBLE: Views of Phil Robertson hardly a surprise

OPINION: Strong religious faith is a cornerstone of the Duck Dynasty family

We live in an age where everyone except bald-headed men wait to be offended.

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T. GAMBLE: School plays are reminders of missed chances for stardom

FEATURES COLUMN: Memories are good, but nothing to experience again

A missed fall on stage stymies the career of a would-be thespian.

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T. GAMBLE: Segway not the best idea of Christmas present

OPINION: As an Auburn fan, his wishes have already been fulfilled

So, how do I again explain that Santa may not bring the Segway? After all, I already got my Santa Claus when Auburn qualified for the national title game in the luckiest football season in the history of college football.

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T. GAMBLE: We can soar like war eagles

OPINION: The Iron Bowl just might move to Pasadena in January for a sequel

Don’t discount the value of a little girl and her prayer rug on Auburn Saturdays.

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T. GAMBLE: Santa questions throw me a curve

FEATURES COLUMN: When the holiday questions get ticklish, think baseball

Santa is just one of the many imponderables of life.

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T. GAMBLE: Auburn's miracle catch dries up the tears

FEATURES COLUMN: Desperation throw rescues Auburn from implosion against Georgia

Tears of agony turned to joy and a little girl’s faith is bolstered as Auburn avoids a heartbreaking loss.

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T. GAMBLE: Bigfoot may need some big fins

OPINION: When searching for Bigfoot, drop by a diving store

Revelation from Terrell County witness indicates so-called experts are looking for Bigfoot in the wrong places.

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T. GAMBLE: T's Guide to Sure Election Victory

OPINION: The secret to a successful political campaign comes in a few easy steps

Great politicians are connected, while beholden to no one, and are the ultimate inside outsiders, as they stand on tradition to effect change.

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T. GAMBLE: I curse the one who first thought Halloween was a good idea

FEATURES COLUMN: I'm shocked PETA has not yet protested school carnivals, slaughter houses for goldfish

Nothing is quite so adorable as seeing a five-year-old girl dressed like Lady Gaga, who, in case you are not aware, dresses like a Las Vegas hooker, only more revealing.

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GAMBLE: Sideline TV reporters fumble the questions

Features column

As a young boy, I often read about the Roman Empire and was especially enthralled by the stories of gladiators fighting to the death in the arena or helpless victims being fed to the lions. Where are their descendants today? Well, about 90,000-plus were attending the Alabama/Georgia State football game last week.