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T. GAMBLE: OK, preacher, here comes the wave

OPINION: Applause at church services still can be uncomfortable

We’re still stuck between modern times, where it is OK to applaud church activity, and old-time doctrine, where clapping in church was considered giving the person praise and not God.

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T. GAMBLE: Pass the cup, the end is near

OPINION: The dreaded red solo cup prophecy comes to a head at the Miss America pageant

Every generation has those who predict the end of the world is near. Finally, a sign that cannot be denied has appeared — on national TV, to boot.

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T. GAMBLE: Do you want cheese on your cheeseburger?

OPINION: Fast-food workers demanding $15 an hour takes the cake

This new movement may actually be much better than Obama’s health care plan in that I will finally be able to quit eating fast food because I will not be able to afford it.

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T. GAMBLE: SEC ready for big 'weak'-end

OPINION: Its a big snooze in the Southland on Saturday

Weak opponents make for some weak games.

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T. GAMBLE: What's in stork for the devout?

OPINION: Nineteen kids gives a whole new meaning to being devout

Jill Dillard, who’s mother, Michelle Duggar, has 19 children, looks to be off to a fast, productive start in her own marriage.

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T. GAMBLE: Incentives make voting a win all around

OPINION: With the cash lottery proposed in L.A., everybody wins

The chance for a lottery payout could be just the thing to get voters back to the polls.

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T. GAMBLE: Some accepted truisms not all that true

OPINION: There is at least one sensible reason for jumping off a high object

Many of the things we have accepted as great truths turn out to be bogus.

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T. GAMBLE: An uncensored time was had by all

OPINION: Glowing nuptial reports brush over real life

According to newspaper accounts, the average newlywed just hit the romance jackpot and nothing but clear sailing, fortune and fun await the glowing couple.

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T. GAMBLE: Everyone's caught in the (Inter)net

OPINION: Some 'great inventions' could be done without

There’s no pathway back to the simpler good ol’ days.

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T. GAMBLE: Weathering the SEC prediction season

OPINION: Determining winners and losers entails mulling records both on field and at the police station

Auburn is ready for another run at a national title … or the SEC cellar.

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T. GAMBLE: World Cup provides a good time for napping

OPINION: Soccer fans get excessively excited over boring stuff

According to recent reports, the United States may be finally joining the world in its soccer craze.

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T. GAMBLE: I keep hitting the wrong beach

OPINION: Golf continues to mar otherwise pleasant strolls

Clubs that drive the ball further only make me go deeper in the woods in search of my golf balls.

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T. GAMBLE: Now that is something to celebrate

OPINION: Reard Day is Aug. 4, and bring your wedding ring

For those who say the French have done nothing to celebrate, take a look at what happened on July 5, 1946.

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T. GAMBLE: Change just hinders my progress

OPINION: Why is it that when you get comfortable with something, someone improves it?

The designers of these new-fangled cars have me swigging Geritol at all hours of the day.

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T. GAMBLE: It's new preacher time for Methodist churches

Methodists swap out ministers regularly, unlike Baptists where a pastor is often there for life

We got our new preacher Sunday and, I must admit, I was favorably impressed. I, of course, have to say this or he’ll put me on the pastor parishioner’s committee.