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T. GAMBLE: Naked at the creek with a Solo cup

OPINION: There must a be truckloads of red plastic cups heading south these days

Country music eventually gets back to its roots, but it goes by way of four-wheel driving, naked creek splashing and going through an unending supply of a certain plastic cup first.

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T. GAMBLE: Will new watch be the Apple of my eye?

OPINION: It appears Apple watch is set to take over the world

Until hearing about the Apple watch, I was under the impression that watches were about to go the way of the slide rule and the telephone booth.

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T. GAMBLE: Planet Fitness has a place for everyone

OPINION: Magic week may be in demand

I recently read where a woman working out at Planet Fitness complained to management about a man changing clothes in the women’s locker room and appearing to enjoy the view as he did so.

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T. GAMBLE: A quick note before I go to the doctor ...

OPINION: This is important stuff, more or less

Without a barrage of overtures to sell you stuff you didn’t know you needed and had gotten along quite well without, how would you make it through life?

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T. GAMBLE: Oscar selections are a Wales of a mess

OPINION: The outrage of bad Oscar awardings goes back nearly 40 years

I see where the Academy Awards have once again awarded best actor and best picture to some film, and to some folks, I’ve never heard of.

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T. GAMBLE: You just can't ignore a loudmouth hundred-dollar bill

OPINION: Cash has a way of slipping out of your wallet

Rather than fear banks with money, worry about self-control with cash. Especially hundred-dollar bills.

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T. GAMBLE: Noah's ark park takes water in tax-break fight

OPINION: Kentucky tax officials nix tax breaks over requirement park employees believe ark was real

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but if you tell me you are opening a Noah’s ark theme park, naming it Ark Encounter, and your company is Answers in Genesis, I imagine I’d at least have an inkling your employees planned to talk about Noah’s ark and it is doubtful they intend to say it is all a farce.

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T. GAMBLE: Bruce Jenner giving 'going through The Change' a whole new meaning

OPINION: The age of menopause may not be the best time to switch to a woman

Reports say Bruce Jenner, the 65-year-old former Olympic gold medalist, is undergoing a sex change. Hopefully he won’t follow stepdaughter Kim’s predilection for exposing her derriere.

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T. GAMBLE: Electronic gizmos have taken over the world

People don’t go to events these days to enjoy the event. They go to send pictures of themselves at events you chose not to attend.

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T. GAMBLE: What could possibly go wrong?

OPINION: Men might move faster than women, but they mature more slowly

Guys are just smart enough to get themselves in trouble, sometimes at breakneck speed.

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T. GAMBLE: College football is over, nowtime for depression

OPINION: Mascots of the two championship teams are less than imposing

If Auburn slips much further I fear next year we will play in the Dollar General Bowl, followed by the Dollar Tree Bowl.

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T. GAMBLE: This year, I resolve to not ...

OPINION: Resolutions are made to be broken

There are many things not to be done in 2015.

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T. GAMBLE: An auto corrected Christmas wish

OPINION: Is ho-ho-ho on the way out-out-out?

The politically correct crowd is most likely only a year or two away from auto correcting our Christmas traditions.

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T. GAMBLE: A 'Squatchy' accomplishment in 2014

OPINION: Dumb TV at least makes you feel smarter than what you are watching

Spending too much time in front of the TV leaves you short in the accomplishment department.

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T. GAMBLE: Promise of man being eaten by snake a crushing disappointment

OPINION: Rabid Discovery Channel viewers express anger when snake-eats-man episode does not deliver

Viewers expressed outrage that the lead-up indicated the man would be swallowed, but, instead, he was only almost crushed to death. Until this event, I did not realize Discovery Channel viewers were such a violent lot.