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Volunteers pave way for another gardening season

Church gather for Make a Difference event

The volunteers worked on various chores connected with the “Food for a Thousand” vegetable garden at St. Patrick’s, a mission garden where the food is grown exclusively for distribution to people in need through food pantries such as Neighbors in Need and The Lord’s Pantry.

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HAL BRADY: Looking beneath the surface

FAITH: Real friends share important characteristics

We all meet others who take one look at us, make a snap judgment and file us into a category so they won't have to deal with us as persons. They treat us as something less than we are, and if we are in constant association with them, we become less.

Religion Bulletin Oct. 24, 2014

Churches planning fall festivals

Former President Jimmy Carter is not scheduled to teach Sunday School this Sunday at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains. Carter’s next scheduled appearance at the church is at 10 a.m. on Nov. 2.

Make a Difference event set Saturday

Focus this year on garden project at church

The effort for 2014 will focus on the “Food for a Thousand” garden project at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church at 4800 Old Dawson Road. St. Patrick’s is partnering with Trinity Lutheran Church and Lutheran Church of Our Savior (LCOS) of Albany.

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HAL BRADY: Handling criticism

FAITH: Harsh criticism comes from three undernourished areas of a person's life

Criticism is often blind to a person's or program's potential.

Albany Area Religion Bulletin Oct. 3, 2014

Mt. Zion Baptist hosting appearance by Jimmy Carter

Lighthouse Ministries, located at 2320 S. Liberty Expressway, will host its 14th Annual Fall Festival Saturday beginning at 8 a.m.

Albany Area Religion Bulletin - Sept. 26, 2014

Jimmy Carter to teach Sunday at Plains church

First Southern Methodist Church will celebrate its 50th anniversary homecoming on Sunday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. until noon.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: How pastor handles self most important

FAITH: Most important task for church leader

The life and health of a congregation, not to mention the life of the pastor/rabbi, is directly related to the pastor’s ability to relate to self.

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HAL BRADY: Everyone needs a bleacher person on their side

FAITH: Encourage from another person can make a world of difference

Quite often, a word of encouragement is the difference between giving up or moving ahead, failure or accomplishment, despair or hope.

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Albany Jewish congregation marks beginning of High Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah is celebration of Jewish New Year

The local Jewish congregation will celebrate the start of their religion’s High Holy Days tonight with Rosh Hashanah observances.

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Larry Price receives evangelism award

Albany businessman given Harry Denman Evangelism Award

Larry Price is the former president of Albany Winnelson Co.

Religion Bulletin - Sept. 19, 2014

President Carter not teaching this Sunday in Plains

First Baptist Church of Doerun is hosting a gospel sing at 6 p.m. Sunday featuring the Kingsmen at 6 p.m.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Children need our love, protection

FAITH: How many children are hungry in Albany, Ga.?

Love children. Hug children. Laugh with children. Play with children. Protect children. Teach children. Defend children. Pray for and with children.

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Thousands of pink and blue crosses in Dougherty County protest abortion

Volunteers of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church spend a year making crosses painted pink and blue to protest the 4,000 abortions conducted daily in the United States. Church officials say the display is not intended to attack or belittle any woman who has had an abortion.

Albany Area Religion Bulletin -- Sept. 12, 2014

Crisp County church hosting all-day singing convention

The Gospel of Matthew will be presented at 6 p.m. on Sunday 14 at St. Paul Episcopal Church, 212 N. Jefferson St., Albany, by Michael Reardon and Patrick Lane.

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