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Georgia Department of Human Services, faith community hold public hearing | VIDEO

Recent hearing addresses how faith community can help vulnerable children, families

Coordinators said it was part of the statewide effort to get ministers on board, by igniting faith and a sense of personal responsibility, to help the most vulnerable children in Georgia — including those who are fatherless, in poverty, have a parent who is incarcerated or are abused or neglected — through faith community meetings and town hall meetings with the goal of going into partnership agreements and provoking action.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: The lamps could go out again at any time

FAITH: Few things have changed in the political realm since the period leading up to World War I

The negotiating table, whether it be in Iran, Ukraine, Israel, North Korea or Afghanistan, is still populated with leaders pontificating nobly while scheming desperately.

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FRIDAY JAM: Siblings hope to make positive Impact through music studio | PHOTO GALLERY

Roslyn Chatmon, Cornelius Drake open Impact Music Studio on Stuart Avenue

A musical brother and sister offer their talents and technical expertise to aspiring musicians.

Religion Bulletin - Aug. 1, 2014

Carter not teaching Sunday School in Plains

Former President Jimmy Carter is not scheduled to teach Sunday School this Sunday at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains. Carter’s next appearance is planned at 10 a.m. on Aug. 17.

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Sherwood Christian Academy breaks ground on school expansion, merger project | VIDEO

Work is under way to expand SCA's upper campus to accomodate merger with the church's elementary school

Sherwood Academy expansion under way

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Kendrick Brothers wrap principal photography on their new movie

Title, release date to be announced on new Kendrick Brothers film

The Kendricks’ fifth film is their first project independent of Sherwood Pictures, the movie ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, where the brothers are associate pastors.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Kindness, gentleness on endangered list

FAITH: Few political candidates endorse kindness strategy

Our daily behavior produces monumental, long term results. The choice is between whether by our behavior we want to build a better world or a more hostile place.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: When traveling, find a place to worship

FAITH: Occasional change can help us appreciate different aspects of the Trinity.

Overlook that you’ll be in a congregation of strangers. In Christ all are brothers and sisters. Just go. You’ll be glad you did.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Freedoms of America should be appreciated

FAITH: News this week shows importance of the Bill of Rights

As long as the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the Constitution) has been ratified, we’ve argued over their meaning. This week, in our nation and in Georgia, we’ve seen new chapters written for what it means to be a person of faith (and a gun owner).

Albany Area Religion Bulletin - July 4, 2014

Church events scheduled for the coming week in Albany and Southwest Georgia.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: National Cathedral service similar to back home in some ways

FAITH: The Washington cathedral is where many presidents start their time in office

The Cathedral, a congregation in the Episcopal Church USA, is an anomaly of sorts: the United States has no national church and separates politics and faith, yet most Americans recognize the important role of religion in both private and public life.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Minister offers summer reading picks

FAITH: Books on men of the cloth are numerous

One book I have not read is South Georgia native and United Methodist pastor G. Lee Ramsey’s “Preachers and Misfits, Prophets and Thieves: The Minister in Southern Fiction.” It’s on my list and I wish I had written it.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Oliver Goldsmith's poem may provide some answers

FAITH: "The Deserted Village" should be required reading for all

One only has to read a few lines of Goldsmith to envision the empty storefronts of most small south Georgia towns: the boarded and shuttered dress shops, drug stores and movie theaters; the rotting farm houses; semi-collapsed barns, and rusting implements. This demonic process is still working its curse and few can resist the onslaught.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Moving Day brings unique challenges for Methodist ministers

FAITH: One pastor moves in, another moves out on the same day

‘Moving day’ for South Georgia United Methodists is next Wednesday.

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Albany-based Carpenter's Kitchen cooks on site for disaster victims

Albany volunteers convert a semitrailer into a mobile disaster kitchen

Roy Downs and a group of Albany volunteers bring the kitchen to hungry folks who need it.

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