Paula Deen, Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen


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Oprah comments on Paula Deen scandal

Oprah Winfrey has finally weighed in on the Paula Deen N-word scandal, and the media mogul knows that Deen is not alone.

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Initial steps taken on Deen museum

A local committee is considering several possible site locations for a museum to honor a hometown celebrity.

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Paula Deen butter campaign spreads across the Internet

Paula Deen fans are looking to stick it to the companies who have severed ties with the embattled celebrity chef. Or perhaps they’re trying to butter them up.

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Paula Deen hires new legal team for discrimination suit

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has hired new lawyers from an internationally known firm to defend her in a well publicized employment discrimination lawsuit, according to court filings.

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Comic to detail Deen’s rise, fall

Celebrity chef Paula Deen, who lost book deals, contracts and her television cooking show on The Food Network after she admitted using a racial slur, is set to be a comic book star of female empowerment, a publisher said on Wednesday.

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Actions against Deen based on finances, not morals

Letter to the editor

The controversy over Paula Deen is one that should cause us to consider one another for what we are — now — not what we were many years ago. I do not know Paula Deen and, to the best of my knowledge, have never used any of the items that I understand she sells.

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Plans for Paula Deen museum move ahead

Controversy from her past use of a racial epithet has not hampered ongoing museum efforts.

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Man charged with attempting to extort Paula Deen

A New York man, formerly from Savannah, is accused of attempting to extort money from Paula Deen.

A New York man is accused of attempting to extort money from the embattled celebrity chef.

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Paula Deen's ex-husband: Former employee motivated by greed

Jimmy Deen, of Albany, tells The Albany Herald the national media has begun to hound him and his family.

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Paula Deen denies she is a racist

Albany native and celebrity chef Paula Deen is dropped by Walmart after controversy surrounding a past racial slur.

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Fallout continues for Paula Deen

Smithfield Foods has dropped its association with the Albany native.

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Telling the truth may be Deen’s undoing

Opinion Column

While an Albany group’s plans to build a Paula Deen Museum are no doubt low priority for the celebrity chef today as she goes into damage-control mode to try and keep her considerable empire from crumbling around her, the museum idea that generated so much excitement in this community has taken a damaging, if not mortal, hit.

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Food Network calls it quits with Deen after racial slur admission

Amidst a racial slur controversy, The Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires this month.

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Deen explains use of racial epithet in her deposition

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is being sued.

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Paula Deen's new line of butter, a little fat to finish the recipe

Paula Deen finally got her face on some butter, y'all!