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Phoebe Sumter gets new CEO

Brandi Lunneborg to direct 76-bed hospital in Americus

Lunneborg most recently served as vice president of operations for Mercy Hospital, a 271-bed tertiary care facility in Coon Rapids, Minn.

Navigators aid consumers in need

Face-to-face help provided for consumers

Consumers in Georgia and three other states who were helped by navigators for the 2014 insurance exchanges tended to be people of color who were not financially secure, a recently released report says.

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Winning football coach holds Albany book signing

Albany coach with terminal cancer writes inspirational book

A winning football coach is diagnosed with terminal cancer and writes a popular book.

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Dougherty County Commission updated on Ebola virus

Public health, hospital officials talk about history of, preparedness to battle deadly virus

Local health officials talk to the Dougherty County Commission about the deadly Ebola virus.

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Football concussions: Amid the fear, UGA research brings some hope

UGA research team checking overlooked group of athletes

Headlines about concussions and their effects on professional and college football players are inescapable. The issue is changing the way people talk about the game.

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Albany Area officials prepared in event of Ebola case

Task force in place at Albany hospital to ensure patients and staff are safe from Ebola

Ensuring Georgia medical providers, hospitals and the general public are prepared for the possibility of Ebola infection in the state, no matter how remote, is a top priority of Gov. Nathan Deal’s administration, state public health officials have said.

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Albany family turns to Internet in adoption effort

Infertility, costs of using adoption agency persuade couple to seek adoption of a baby through websites and social media

The Albany couple, who have been married for seven years, have been trying to conceive for five years, but have been unable to due to unexplained infertility. About 18 months ago, after their last in-vitro fertilization procedure — using their one remaining embryo — resulted in miscarriage after eight weeks, they began to evaluate themselves as well as the other options available to them.

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MARY GANZEL: Obesity places burdens on health, finance

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Obesity-related diseases and health problems account for 61 percent of U.S. healthcare costs

If obesity rates keep growing, costs associated with obesity will become too large for federal healthcare systems to cover. A reduction in obesity rates across the country would save the government tens of billions of dollars that could be spent on other government programs.

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Albany group holds annual Cancer STOMP carnival | PHOTO GALLERY

Carnival raises awareness and funds for Cancer Coalition of South Georgia

Those who participated in the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s second Cancer STOMP carnival were working to put an end cancer in the region.

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Camilla woman making it through breast cancer battle

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On Jan. 29, Sherry Dennis, of Camilla, had a biopsy on what was initially thought to be fatty tissue, immediately following a breast reduction, which found cancer in her right breast that was 4.8 centimeters — indicating she had to undergo chemotherapy. On July 24, she underwent a double mastectomy. She began radiation on Sept. 11, and is expected to end that course of treatment on Oct. 28.

Health data thefts a continuing problem

State agency says personal data of patients were not compromised

The computer was stolen from the vehicle of an employee of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities who was attending a Clayton County conference in August. The laptop contained health information on 3,397 individuals, mostly in the Columbus region, who receive services from the agency.

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Is Georgia doing enough on Ebola?

State senator questions response

The state’s public health agency says it has boosted its outreach efforts to Georgia health workers and hospitals on dealing with the potential of Ebola infection here.

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SHAILAJA SAPPATI: What you need to know about breast cancer

GUEST COMMENTARY: Early detection and effective treatment offer the best defense against breast cancer mortality

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which brings with it a lot of media attention and public interest in the subject. Many inspiring stories will be told about people who conquered the disease! Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending so it is very important that we raise awareness about the disease and realize that it is present year round!

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Snakes 101: Four species of venomous snakes native to Southwest Georgia

Presentation focuses on how to avoid, treat snakebites

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s community outreach program sponsors a snakebite presentation at the Flint RiverQuarium.

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MICHELE MOULTON: 'Ideal' body type is not necessarily 'picture perfect'

HEALTH & FITNESS: Most have to understand they are not athletes and models who get paid to stay in shape

We are often brainwashed into believing that those perfect bodies that we see in the media never eat a morsel of fat, never miss a workout and feel wonderful about themselves all day, every day. I call baloney on that. They have “fat days” just like everyone else. We’re all human.