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EDDIE SEAGLE: Think twice, clip once

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: January is moving quickly, but take time to plan

We have had some cold weather this season but it’s not over yet. Evaluate your goals and objectives for things do around the house and determine when you need to start various projects. It’s best to develop your plans in mind and on paper before you actually begin any activity.

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Midway Street home January 2015 Yard of the Month

The residence of Felisha and Ricky Williams earns first recognition of year in metro Albany

While only having been in their home since last August, the Williamses have outstanding landscaping that has earned them the January Yard of the Month designation from the Daffodil Garden Club.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Time to start thinking about spring

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: January is the door to a new growing season

While kicking back by the fire in the evening for a good book, a movie, or surfing the web, take the time to plan and schedule your springtime landscape and construction activities.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: January a month for landscape planning

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Spring activities on landscaping need some planning

Give some thought to how you plan to make design changes in your landscape and place these thoughts on paper. It is easier to erase on paper than undergoing several re-plant exercises on site to find the right location for your choices.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Adopt or give a plant to celebrate the new year

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Plants and environment are good subjects of new year resolutions

A whole new type of resolution that you should consider involves nature and the environment by considering the adoption of a plant or the gift of a plant which requires responsibility and further demonstrates your concern for the environment.

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December 2014 Metro Albany Yard of the Month

The Johnston residence at 3512 W. Surrey Road is selected top yard

The Daffodil Garden Club selects the home of Ray and Martha Johnston for its Demcember honor.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Poinsettias take center stage at Christmas

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: The showy colored parts of poinsettias are actually modified leaves

Of the many home and office arrangements, the poinsettias take center stage at Christmas. These brightly colored plants are a definite indication that the Christmas season has arrived and are very much a part of our Christmas decor.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Christmas lights add to holiday cheer

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: The Christmas season is already upon us and rejoicing is in the air

Christmas lights help spread the holiday spirit within each of us. However, with these lights come much responsibility to ensure the safety of the home, workplace and community throughout this season.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Holiday cacti add color to celebrations

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A cactus commonly referred to as Christmas cactus is actually a Thanksgiving cactus

Three varieties of leaf cacti bloom at the time of significant holidays and holy days: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Holiday decorations can be dangerous for pets

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Decorating is a great tradition, but make sure pets do not get hurt

Many of the decorations and trappings of the holidays can be problems for pets if they ingest them.

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Forest Glen Drive residence Yard of the Month for November | PHOTO GALLERY

Home of Robert Miller is cited for its beauty by the Daffodil Garden Club

After buying the home at 1205 Forest Glen Drive in Albany a dozen years ago, Robert Miller first gutted and renovated the residence, then turned his attention to the landscaping.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Mulches are the final touches

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Mulch gives landscapes curb appeal and unique character

Organic mulches are effective, but mineral and synthetic (inorganic) mulches can also make good mulching choices.

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THE NOVEMBER GARDENER: Clamoring for citrus

RON WOLFE: Yes, you can grow citrus in the Albany area

This question is frequently asked and the answer is yes, you can grow citrus here. There are some precautions one must consider before planting a citrus tree in the ground.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Mulches offer environmental benefits and curb appeal

GEORGAI CLIPPNGS: Mulches are a very popular commodity in our contemporary landscapes and urban communities

Many different natural and synthetic mulches are available today which provide curb appeal, reduction of soil water losses, suppression of weeds, and protection against temperature extremes.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: November a good month to 'play' in the yard

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: It's a good time to complete effective landscape plantings

The weather outside is comfortable, yet cool enough to encourage plants to transition well into their new landscape homes. Check the soil for necessary preparation and proper drainage and make the necessary adjustments before installing any new plant materials.