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Gas pump prices continue summer drop

Albany motorists enjoying lowest average price among Georgia’s eight metro areas

A double-digit drop in pump prices on the local, state and national levels has motorists experiencing retail gas prices below what they were paying this time last year.

Georgia jobless rate for June 7.4% | VIDEO

Season jobs losses and an increased labor force cause a two-tenths of a percent rise from May

Year-to-year, Georgia has shaved a percentage point off its June jobless rate, which was at 8.4% in June 2013.

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Albany Area Education Notebook - July 6, 2014

News on high school and college students from metro Albany and Southwest Georgia

education Notebook has updates on graduations, scholarships, honors and achievements of students from metro Albany and Southwest Georgia. Information may be submitted to news@albanyherald.com.

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The Flood of 1994: July 6 - Flood 'the worst ever'

By July 6, officials had a better idea of the disaster that was coming to Albany

The death toll rises in Sumter County, where 13 people are known dead from the storm, and Albany prepares for a flood of historic proportions by ordering 14,000 citizens to evacuate their homes.

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Sasser turns into 'junk-tiquing' destination | PHOTO GALLERY

Antique and craft stores like Alice and Jay draws shoppers from across the state

Thanks to the growing popularity of anchor retailers, downtown Sasser is seeing a retail resurgence as a mecca for antique and craft hunters from across Georgia and beyond.

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The Flood of 1994: July 5 - Trouble on the horizon

By the end of the day July 5, 1994, officials knew record flood water would hit Albany

The first warning that many in south Georgia had in 1994 that the remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto would soon make that first tropical storm of the year a name in infamy came as the area found most of its Independence Day holiday activities, including Albany’s annual fireworks show, scuttled because of the downpour.

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Albany and Southwest Georgia celebrate America

Fireworks shows are planned on Independence Day in Albany, Camilla, Bainbridge, Cordele and Thomasville

For those looking to celebrate Independence Day with others, Albany and other Southwest Georgia venues have events going, including evening fireworks.

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North Carolina researchers take crack at hypoallergenic peanut

Researchers at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University have recently developed a process that reduces allergens in peanuts by 98 percent.

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Impact of Flood of 1994 endures two decades later

Southwest Georgia may never fully recover from Flint River flooding in 1994

Two decades after it happened, the Flood of ‘94 is still impacting residents of Albany and Southwest Georgia.

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Heading for higher ground: Two stories

Harry Prisant lost his home on Lover's Lane Road while Ed Duffy had sold and and moved out of his Creekside Drive house a day before the water rose.

Duffy, Prisant recall the great flood of 1994

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The Flood of 1994, a day-by-day account

The unprecedent high waters of the Flint River made the route from East Albany to downtown a 100-mile trip

By July 11, 1994, there were 33 shelters in Dougherty County. At least 20 were full to capacity, including Albany High School with a census of 700.

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Where are they all now?

What happened to those we heard about?

Some have passed on, others moved on and some are still right here.

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Rebuilding of Newton from Flood of 1994 had downtown go to higher ground

While the downtown business area had already started moving west, the Great Flood speeded the transition

Aside from the extent of the flood damage, probably the biggest difference in Newton is the downtown area, which was forced to relocate after a 500-year flood hit Southwest Georgia in July 1994.

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Broad Avenue Bridge project progressing on schedule

The replacement span is above the 500-year flood level that split Albany in two 20 years ago

While Memorial Bridge had sentimental value for being the first re-connection between east and west Albany during the Flood of ‘94, it was demolished last year after inspectors determined it was unsafe for motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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Great Flood disinterred 438 caskets from Albany cemeteries

Forensics experts identified all but 95 bodies washed up during flood

One of the greatest horrors of the Flood of ‘94 was the disinterment of 438 caskets in Albany riverside cemeteries.