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Case of FTC opposition to Phoebe North purchase pulled from administrative proceedings until March

Case involving FTC, Phoebe Putney Health System and Hospital Authority may be going back to settlement

An order, issued Jan. 28, withdrew the matter from adjudication because there is the possibility of a settlement. The order stays proceedings until 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 27 pending a determination by the FTC with respect to the consent proposal.

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Dougherty County Commission approves Regional Commission grant request

State, federal funding used for rural transportation program

The Dougherty County Commission gives the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission authorization to seek transportation funding.

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Albany seeking more use of Civic Center

Venue costs city $1.2 million a year to operate, brings in $227,000 in revenue

Despite calls by some to tear down the Albany Civic Center, city officials are working hard to bring more events to the venue.

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Georgia House Bill 170 could have major impact on city, county budgets

Proposed new fuel tax legislation has city, county governments looking for options

Georgia House proposes changes to fuel taxes that has local governments scrambling for answers

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Thronateeska Center Director Tommy Gregors left off ADICA board

Albany City Commission suggests Gregors, who voluntarily manages the RiverQuairum, may have conflict of interest

The Albany City Commission, breaking tradition, fails to reappoint a member in good standing to a citizen board. Commissioners questioned whether Tommy Gregors, who asked to be reappionted, had a conflict of interest because he serves in a volunteer managerial capacity at the Flint RiverQuairum, which has ties to the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority on which Gregors served the past two years.

Water, Gas & Light Commission no longer exists

Water, Gas & Light Comission to be renamed Albany Utility Board

Albany city commissioners approve a charter change that will allow its Utility Board to extend services beyond Albany and Dougherty County lines.

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Lee County starting 90-day assessment of its Grand Island Golf Club

The Lee County-owned golf course is seen by some as an asset and by others as a taxpayer drain

While Grand Island’s future is cloudy, what is clear is that it owes the Lee County Commission $272,972 for payroll and health insurance costs that it is unable to meet.

Lee County backs away from insurance captive plan

Mathis leads effort to revert to more traditional approach

After initially agreeing to participate in a self-insurance captive recommended by its broker, J. Smith Lanier & Co., the Commission backed out of that plan primarily due to concerns by new Commissionr Billy Mathis.

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Capitol Votes -- Jan. 16-22, 2015

Here is how Georgia’s congressional delegation voted during the period of Jan. 16-22.

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Founding Fathers got started as Sons of Liberty

The cable TV network History opens a three-night, six-hour miniseries on the SOns of Liberty who launched the American Revolution.

Albany city officials vote to take on costs of some traffic calming devices

Albany neighborhoods currently pay costs of speed humps used to slow traffic

Albany city officials will consider taking on the costs of traffic calming devices if they have citywide impact.

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Westover Extension at Albany Mall design phase set to begin

Albany City Commission approves roundabout design for proposed project

Plans for a traffic project that is expected to lessen congestion near the Albany Mall are unveiled before the Albany City Commission.

Albany Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson decides against early retirement

The assistant city manager had been considering retirement incentives

After saying last week he was strongly considering retirement, Albany Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson changes his mind.

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City of Albany preparing for end of MEAG credits

Millions of dollars in utility returns will stop pouring in in December 2018

Albany city officials are looking for ways to prepare for an end to millions of dollars in yearly utility credits.

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Albany Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson, Fire Chief James Carswell consider retirement

Long-time city of Albany employees together have more than 80 years of service

Phil Roberson and James Carswell, two of the city of Albany’s top employees, will leave large shoes to fill in retirement.

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