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Judge Weaver released on $10K bail

Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver posts $10,000 bail in connection with his arrest on a felony domestic assault charge.

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Squawk of the Day - Dec. 1, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Why Donald Trump may look like a savior

OPINION: Politically, most Americans see their side as losing

Whether young or old, male or female, white or black, highly educated or unschooled, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, we tend to believe we’re losers, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Down the stretch they come in Iowa

OPINION: Ted Cruz could be in for a win in the Iowa caucuses

By most accounts, the Republican candidates are competing for control of three “lanes”: Hard-Core Evangelicals (HCE), who think the GOP’s main problem is a lack of fighting spirit; Practically Minded Evangelicals (PME), who are socially conservative but value electability; and Terry Branstad Republicans (TBR), who, following in the footsteps of a popular and effective governor, want the largest tent possible consistent with their convictions (and feel the HCEs are going off the deep end).

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CHARLES WESTBROOK: Changes will determine community support for Albany State, Darton merger

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Maintaining racially divisive title for combined ASU would hinder diversity

Letting the people in this community hear about what changes will be made, and removing the racially divisive titles, will be a start in making improvements.

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JOHN BRYANT: Politicians adept at covering themselves

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CYA has always been a common defense

I worked most of my life in the construction trade and CYA was common on hardhats. “Cover your behind” was a universal language meaning to lie as a last resort. Sometimes, one would have to rat out someone else. Ratting someone meant telling your version.

Albany Almanac - Dec. 1, 2015

Temperatures, rainfall, and sun and moon information for the Albany area

Temperatures, rainfall, and sun and moon information for the Albany area.

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Jail time given in Albany vehicular homicide case

Demetria Harris sentenced to 15 years, with five to serve in prison

A Dougherty County trial jury found Harris guilty of vehicular homicide in the first degree in October following the June 2013 death of 31-year-old Natosha McCray.

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Dr. Tanjula Petty to be new Vice President of Academic Affairs at Albany Technical College

New Albany Tech VP of Academic Affairs Tanjula Petty starts Dec. 1

Officials at Albany Technical College announced Monday that the school is set to welcome Dr. Tanjula Petty as its new Vice President of Academic Affairs on December 1.

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Arrests made in Albany weekend drug busts | PHOTOS

Arrests were made on South Harding Street on Sunday, and on Gillionville Road on Saturday

Shonteriea Barrance, 25, Lashonda Lewis, 27, and Charles Walters, 45, were the individuals arrested in connection to the South Harding Street incident. The items recovered were approximately 5 pounds of marijuana, thousands in cash and a handgun, officials said.

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Thanksgiving gas prices cheapest in seven years

Average cost of a gallon of gas could drop below $2 before Christmas

Oversupply appears to be continuing to push average gas prices down in the United States despite tensions between Russia and Turkey. An upcoming OPEC meeting, however, could have an impact on prices in the new year.

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Dougherty County Environmental Health seeks fee increases

Environmental Health officials say a proposed fee increase would be first since 2004

Fees would go up for wells, septic tanks permits, and construction plan reviews for restaurants and body-art businesses.

Albany and Dougherty County Police/Fire/EMS reports - Nov. 28-30, 2015

Weekend public safety roundup for Albany and Dougherty County

The Albany Police Department responded to at least 47 incidents on Saturday and Sunday, available reports show.

Albany police respond to Eager Avenue armed robbery

Cash taken from woman outside residence late Saturday

The victim arrived home from work at Red Wok when three men in black clothing with masks were hiding on the west side of the residence.

Fourteen die in Georgia crashes over Thanksgiving holiday period

No fatalties reported in metro Albany counties

Fourteen people died on Georgia roadways over the 102-hour Thanksgiving holiday period, the state Department of Public Safety reported Monday. Six of those occurred in Southeast Georgia and the Thomasville area.

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Latoya Cutts brings career of experience to downtown manager post

Albany official: Downtown development simple matter of 'live, work, play'

Latoya Cutts brings a career of experience to her position as Albany’s downtown manager.