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MICHAEL GERSON: Coronating a wounded queen?

OPINION: Hillary Clinton has approval ratings similar to those of Donald Trump

A vacuous, gaffe-prone, xenophobic, conspiracy-minded reality television star whose nomination, by most accounts, would destroy the GOP has about the same approval ratings in Colorado and Iowa as the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Notes of landscape interest

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

Now is the time for rooting plant materials from cuttings, taking soil samples and having them analyzed for improved soil and plant health, and developing plans for your fall landscape needs.

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RONDA RICH: Orphaned later in life

THE DIXIE DIVA: No one, regardless of how old we are, likes to be an orphan

I don’t like being an orphan. These days, particularly, I yearn for their counsel and commonsensical insights into a world that is spinning quickly into something that I cannot recognize or understand. I need Daddy, who was my rudder, and Mama who was my anchor.

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LORAN SMITH: Margraten keeps memory of WWII servicemen alive

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Even if we don't, the Dutch remember

When it comes to the history of World War II, any curious advocate of the war’s enduring history comes away more humbled than when he arrived.

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CAL THOMAS: Earth to Kepler-452b

OPINION: NASA discovery could be the answer to all of our problems

The first step in boldly going where no one has gone before is to re-name the planet. Kepler-452b won’t do. How about Krypton?

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Our young voters are missing

OPINION: Why is a generation that considers itself socially conscious leaving democracy behind?

One common narrative is that in 2008, young people got overly psyched about the potential for Hope and Change. Then, when they inevitably became disillusioned by hopeless and changeless Washington, disgusted millennials checked out of America’s political system.

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TOM PURCELL: How to rack up the debt

OPINION: Despite record income, federal government is not doing well financially

U.S. government debt is at its highest percentage of gross domestic product since World War II.

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ERIC HOGAN: Iran deal one of insanity

GUEST COLUMN: This deal will put more pressure on Israel to consider unilateral action

The world had no need to rush and could have patiently waited for Iran’s collapsing economy to force them to give up on the bomb.

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Squawk of the Day - July 28, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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RICHARD S. MONSON: Farm Credit System hitting centennial mark

GUEST COLUMN: President Wilson signed law authorizing organization in 1916

Perhaps more remarkable than our longevity is the fact that, over the course of a century, Farm Credit has largely operated under the radar in the world of privately owned financial institutions.

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Thumbs Up! July 27, 2015

EDITORIAL: Good news to start the week

Thumbs Up! is a weekly editorial focusing on the positive news from Albany and Southwest Georgia.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Times changing for aging GOP voters

OPINION: For now, Donald Trump is the man to beat on the Republican side of the presidential race

Trump’s appeal won’t last. But the prejudices that are animating so many GOP primary voters are more enduring. And that’s where party leaders need to start their work.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany Police Chief Michael Persley passes first big test

OPINION: Rookie chief stands firm in face of commission interrogation

New Albany Police Department Chief Michael Persley earns respect in his first public challenge on the job.

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BARRY LEVINE: One quick quiz before school starts

OLD ROCKER: Check your knowledge of No. hits in the 1050s

The Isley Brothers recorded their second single, “Shout,” on July 29, 1959. The song did not achieve great chart success, but would sell more than 1 million copies and became a rock classic.

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EDITORIAL: Marketing order for pecans a smart move

Pecan growers and industry members will learn about the proposed FMO this week

Pecans have fallen behind other tree nuts without a federal marketing order to increase funding for marketing and researching the crop. Growers will have a chance soon to vote on whether to adopt an FMO like the ones that have benefited milk, almonds, beef and pistachios.


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