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RONDA RICH: A story in a name

THE DIXIE DIVA: No one in the South is known by name alone

In the South, everyone has a story. Every name is followed by a few sentences or paragraphs. No one is known by name alone.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: The robot and your job

OPINION: The Great Robot Freakout of 2015 has begun

In a new survey by CNBC, Americans were asked how concerned they were, if at all, that their jobs could be replaced by technology in the next five years. The level of automation angst was astonishing: About one in eight workers indicated worry about being displaced. Among those earning less than $30,000, it was a whopping one in four.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Rand Paul's grand deception

OPINION: Every word Rand Paul says on foreign policy must pass through a balancing test

Rand Paul has beat a tactical retreat from the front lines of libertarian foreign policy. Having previously proposed slashing defense spending, he now awkwardly embraces increases. Having tracked closely with Obama’s position on Iran, he now prefers negotiation from “a position of strength.”

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Squawk of the Day - April 14, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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WILL DURST: Simple solutions to complicated problems

OPINION: A little common sense the best antidote for modern-day problems

What America really needs right now are some simple common-sense solutions. And we here at Durstco are honored to offer up a couple of modest proposals.

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JAMES W. KING: April is Confederate History and Heritage Month

GUEST COLUMN: The South and the Confederate States of America have been harshly discriminated against

Biased Northern historians have unfairly caused Southern and Confederate history and its heroes, monuments, memorials and flags to be regulated to a role of less importance than deserved in American history, and to be viewed in a negative perspective by much of the American public.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Quick reaction to shooting by policeman a sign of hope

OPINION: There is so much more work to do

In this latest episode of inexplicably brutal police conduct, the video footage is raw and unblinking. This time, a police officer in the South Carolina city of North Charleston shoots an apparently unarmed black man as he flees, striking him several times in the back. The scene provokes bewilderment, disgust and, of course, anger.

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STEVE & COKIE ROBERTS: What women won in the Civil War

OPINION: Civil War victory came at a horrible cost to the nation

The United States emerged as a more cohesive country, with a unifying railroad underway that would soon connect the east coast to the west. And it was a country where the role of women had changed for the better.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Don't underestimate the power of one person

OPINION: Change comes when people are willing to take risks

If enough individuals are willing to work to bring about change in their community, change will come.

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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The Iran deal: What we’ve given up

OPINION: The inspection promises are a farce

Iran’s entire nuclear infrastructure is kept intact, just frozen or repurposed for the length of the deal (about a decade).

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BARRY LEVINE: Davy Crockett bagged big bucks in the 1950s

THE OLD ROCKER: Four artists had Top 10 hits with same song

Bill Hayes’ Davy Crockett song was the biggest hit of 1955.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Opening Day tradition a special time

OPINION: A kid, a hotdog and a baseball game are about as good as it gets

Baseball’s the kind of special game that let’s you turn back the clock to some favorite memories while you’re making new ones.

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MANDY FLYNN: Hearing is believing

FEATURES COLUMNIST: You should hear what youre ignoring

The sign on the door read “Free Hearing Tests Today.” A free hearing test wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I thought, so I pulled a buggy from the corral outside the entrance and pushed inside

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DICK YARBROUGH: It's my misfortune to miss Fortune again

OPINION: Curses! Snubbed again!

Fortune Magazine has announced its list of the World’s Greatest Leaders for 2015 and would you believe that I got snubbed again this year?

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CAL THOMAS: Carly Fiorina, a woman of accomplishment

OPINION: Hillary Clinton may not become the first woman U.S. president

Carly Fiorina, for HP CEO, says that, unlike a male candidate, she could better take on Hillary Clinton: “No matter what that man says, she will play the gender card or the war on women card. She won’t be able to do that with me.”


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