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BARRY LEVINE: Change title to 'Let's Get Physicals'

OLD ROCKER: Alter songs to make lyrics suitable to older generation

Now that I have had a birthday cake with 70 candles — that’s right, 70 — on it, the time has come to rename some of my favorite rock songs to make them more suitable to somebody in my age bracket.

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Bright Side of the Day - May 17, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to find out about the Bright Side of life.

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Squawk of the Day - May 17, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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MICHAEL GERSON: Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs

OPINION: The scientific consensus is that genetically modified organisms are safe to consume

The National Academy of Sciences, the American Medical Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the World Health Organization have concluded that GMOs are safe to eat. This scientific consensus is at least as strong as the one on human-caused climate change.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Trade fight gets personal

OPINION: Trade deal splits president and Democratic lawmakers

For months the Democrats’ fight over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal relied on abstract scaremongering. Then populists began turning to contorted procedural objections. Now, apparently, President Obama is not just undemocratic; he’s a bigot, too.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking back at May 1906

HISTORY: In May 1906, Albany was home to a new steam laundry service

In 1906, the Albany Daily Herald was the official organ of the City of Albany, Baker County, Dougherty County and the Railroad Commission of Georgia for the Second Congressional District.

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MANDY FLYNN: A little note says it all

FEATURES COLUMN: A little reminder that mama loves you

It started in preschool, before you could even read. The little something extra. I’d put stickers on the inside of the lid so as soon as you opened your lunch box you would know I was thinking about you.

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MARY GANZEL: Get up and get moving this summer

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Sitting disease sounds silly but has serious health risks

Sedentary living has been shown by researchers to play a significant role in many of the most troublesome health issues of our time, from obesity and heart disease to diabetes to depression.

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JARI HAGOOD: Albany's oak canopies are majestic

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany residents should appreciate this unique asset

I was thrilled this past weekend upon taking a tour of “Old Beautiful Albany” (2nd-7th avenues west of Jefferson, basically) to see the beautiful oak tree canopies on many streets in the area and for many blocks.

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JUDY WEISS: T. Gamble rambles into climate bramble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate change is real and effects may be devastating

The question is not whether climate change is happening. The question is how badly it will impact people’s lives.

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WALT SPECHT: Keeping voters in the dark

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What special deals and benefits are officials and their relatives getting?

I often wonder what politicians don’t want the voters to know. With enough research, it probably could be found out, but which voters put in that kind of research?

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STEVE & COKIE ROBERTS: The 'fear caucus' is wrong

OPINION: The politics of trade are muddled

The fascinating thing about the GOP’s Fear Caucus is that they are the first ones to proclaim the glories of “American Exceptionalism” and denounce Democrats like President Obama for insufficient pride in their country’s virtues. These scaredy-cats routinely brand liberals as part of a “Hate America First” crowd.

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DICK YARBROUGH: A thank you to Georgia's school teachers

OPINION: Congratulations on surviving another year in the classroo

As you take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy a brief respite before you start the process all over again, I hope you will reflect on the good you do; the impact you have on young people; your ability to make a difference. Yours isn’t a job. It is a calling.

Baltimore’s problems not rooted in racist police

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced a Justice Department investigation to determine whether the Baltimore Police Department’s practices are unconstitutional and violate civil rights; in short, whether or not the police force there is racist.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Hero of one age, villain of another

FAITH COLUMNIST: The debate over the meaning of history will never end

One age’s heroes are another era’s goats; villains become sainted and vice versa, frustrating some and inspiring others.


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