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Going, going, gone

It's been rumored for weeks that the Thrashers were leaving Georgia for greener pastures in Canada, and Tuesday it happened as Atlanta became the only city to ever lose two NHL teams in the modern era of the league.

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Harvick wins when Earnhardt runs out of gas

In a finish nearly as crazy as the Indy 500's improbable ending, Dale Earnhardt Jr. runs out of gas in the final turn of Sunday night's Coca-Cola 600, allowing Kevin Harvick to win the Sprint Cup Series race at Charlotte.

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Challenger League providing baseball for kids with special needs

Leesburg mom forms a baseball league for her son and other kids with disabilities

Only enough kids to form two teams signed up within the one-week deadline, but, according to Sapp, they had to turn others away due to the fact that the sign-up deadline had passed.

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LORAN SMITH: Life was better back then

FEATURES COLUMN: The pre-smart phone days were simpler

There are some things about the past I can do without — picking cotton, no air conditioning, no indoor plumbing, and 50 minute sermons — but there is something to be said about the times my generation enjoyed.

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LORAN SMITH: It's even harder to lose a teammate

Bobby Towns was a good friend and teammate

Bobby Towns was a model citizen, quiet and contributing behind the scenes.

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BOB KORNEGAY: What kind of hunter are you?

OUTDOORS: There is more to it than just being a hunter

Between the squeezing of the trigger and the “grip-and-grin” post-hunt photos, will you consciously honor the furred or feathered life you take by giving thought to its nobility and place in the great scheme of things? Or will you play no role other than gloating “victor,” for whom the kill means all and the contest and quest have little or no meaning?

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BOB KORNEGAY: My companion, Mr. Whiskers

OUTDOORS: Catfish, like Kornegays, are simple souls

Neither catfish nor catfishermen make fun of my cheap tackle, my warped, leaky boat, or the fact it is not logical that I smell like I do and am still alive. I am, on the contrary, a hero in their unique realm

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BOB KORNEGAY: Gearin' up and gettin' ready

OUTDOORS: The North Georgia mountains are callin' me

I’m ready for cold mountain streams. I’m ready for high-country hiking trails. I’m ready for nesting warblers in Sosebee Cove and common ravens soaring above the summit of Brasstown Bald. I’m ready for feisty trout at the end of my fishing line. I’m ready for a week-long respite from oppressive heat and humidity.

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BOB KORNEGAY: Making the best of it

OUTDOORS: Sometimes fishing trips don't quite work out like you planned

Sometimes an unfair trade’s the best you’re going to get, so you may as well make the best of it.

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BOB KORNEGAY: Just couldn't pass the drumsticks

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Nothing like a long drive for some good intellectual repartee

Coming upon a horde of loose chickens that escaped from an overturned tractor-trailer rig brings a new wrinkle to a Sunday morning drive.

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BOB KORNEGAY: Why didn't I ask why first?

OUTDOORS COLUMN: For three decades, questions about the great outdoors have gone unanswered

There are some things an outdoors guy just ought to have the right to ask questions about.

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OUTDOORS COLUMN: The way I see it, things are looking up

As Herald Outdoors Columnist Bob Kornegay waits out duck season, he reflects on why last season was as successful as they come.

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OUTDOORS COLUMN: Nothing better than the ol’ back porch

Herald Outdoors Columnist breaks down why he misses the days sitting around and gazing off a rustic old back porch.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Doesn’t get much better than Muirfield

Herald Guest Columnist Loran Smith, who is across the pond in Scotland all week covering the British Open, looks back at the rich history of the legendary Muirfield course.

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OUTDOORS COLUMN: Take it all in — you won’t be sorry

Herald Outdoors Columnist Bob Kornegay encourages those outdoors to take in a nature scene that you might not think will wow you --- but will.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Do you know the Joe Tereshinski story?

The Bulldogs lost a legend recently when Polish immigrant and former UGA great Joe Tereshinski -- whose son also played in Athens --- passed away, leaving behind an amazing story of how his family found its way to America.

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OUTDOORS COLUMN: ‘Pretty’ isn’t always that important

Herald Outdoors Columnist Bob Kornegay explains why some of the greatest things about the outdoors aren't always the most attractive.