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Furman Bisher


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FURMAN BISHER: It's Ryan (the Beef Merchant) vs. LaRussa (the Attorney)

Herald Guest Columnist Furman Bisher takes a closer look at Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa facing off against the Rangers' president Nolan Ryan in this year's World Series.

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Remember when the Braves gave away the farm?

With the Braves still reeling from their monumental collapse at the end of the season, Herald Guest Columnist Furman Bisher remembers a trade with the Rangers that ransacked the Braves farm system.

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Don't be so quick to blame Fredi for Braves' late collapse

Herald Guest Columnist Furman Bisher takes a closer look at why the Braves faltered at the end of the season, but most of all why it isn't first-year manager Fredi Gonzalez's fault.

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Thanks to Uggla, Braves not out of NL East race yet

Herald Guest Columnist Furman Bisher changes his tune on resurgent Braves slugger Dan Uggla after ripping him earlier in the season for being overpaid and ineffective.

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Furman Bisher gives his take on MLB teams making deals just before the trade deadline.

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FURMAN BISHER: Careful there, doling out those farmhands

Longtime dean of Georgia sportswriters Furman Bisher says the Braves are getting rid of their farm talent way too quickly for his liking.

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Will the defendant please rise?

Herald Guest Columnist Furman Bisher dissects Georgia Tech's recent seemingly harsh punishment by the NCAA.

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From 'Roll Tide' to 'Roll Toomers'

Longtime dean of Georgia sportswriters, Furman Bisher, relives a memorable trip he took to Auburn in 1957 with AP sports editor Ted Smits to The Plains to deliver the Tigers' last national title they won before winning a second Monday night against Oregon.

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Even the hate has lost its sting

While some Georgia and Georgia Tech fans may not agree considering how big a rivalry Saturday's game is every year, Furman Bisher writes this week that the game between the two struggling teams has lost its luster --- at least this season, anyway.

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What a weekend

Furman Bisher gives his thoughts about a wild weekend -- and Monday -- in the world of sports.