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We each can be an ointment for wounds

Sometimes I wish I knew exactly what to say that someone needed to hear. Each week I pray for that. If only one person might find something I’ve shared useful to their lives and relevant to their experiences, then I am most grateful.

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Year's end time to look ahead

My hope for you is that as this year comes to a close, you are able to look optimistically ahead to the new opportunities that await you.

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Break barriers down so as to open your mind

I recently read the Zen of Listening by Rebecca Shafir and in the book there were a number of exercises designed to move one towards becoming a more mindful listener.

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Delay does not mean a denial

As I was thinking about what to share with you this week, I was inspired by a phrase in a song I heard: “Your delay is not a denial.”

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Pulling in fear pushes others away

Do you ever find yourself checking up behind your significant other, constantly questioning her/his whereabouts, or insisting that she/he spend all of their free time with you?

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It's never too early to improve

It is almost that time again. You know, time for making resolutions to start some things and/or to stop others.

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Don’t be fooled by false labeling

What lies have you believed?

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Grief is an individual feeling, no two are alike

Take it one day at a time.

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Senseless violence impacts community

Murders, rapes, beatings.

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Personal ‘overdrafts’ come at a high cost

If when you go to withdraw money from your bank account and receive an “insufficient funds” message, the immediate presumption is that you have not done a good job of managing your account.

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Happiness can’t be dependent on others

If you’ve followed my writing for any length of time, then you might know that I love to use quotes by early writers and philosophers.

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When opportunity knocks, look through peephole first

We have all heard that when opportunity knocks, we have to be ready to seize the moment. Well, assuming that the opportunity is a lawful and logical one, this might be true. However, to be ready does not mean that we should not consider carefully the terms, conditions, and long-term implications that a given opportunity might carry with it.

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Forgoing battle is a choice

“Let go of the rope.” A colleague and I used this metaphor in our work with a client and I wanted to share a version of this with you.

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Take aim at the real problem

I was cleaning out some things from my fridge one day and I realized that I had forgotten about some leftovers stored in a Tupperware bowl.

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Experiences and imperfections help to create who we are

LaTonya Dunn talks about building ones image with imperfections and experience.

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Go ahead and take a break

I think that sometimes in life, it is difficult for some of us to be OK with taking a break. We don't want to feel as though we are being lazy, we concern ourselves with others' expectations of us, and many times we are just plain too hard on ourselves.


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