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Independence Day one for remembering

Opinion Column

On Dec. 4, 1800, merely a few weeks after moving into the building in the Capitol, Congress — being ever so thankful unto a benevolent God who had faithfully stood by them, coming to their rescue time and time again when they needed it the most — decided that the building would additionally serve as a church.

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The cross brought new light to a dark world

Guest commentary

Once, a long time ago, some few centuries before even Christ was born, the cross was a greatly dreaded instrument of torture and death, which was conceived and moreover quite extensively used by the Romans to instill fear in the hapless peoples of their vassal nations what ringed the Mediterranean sea, as well as many others that were situated in the near vicinity thereof.

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Embody the spirit of the holiday season

Letter to the editor

The days of winter are upon us and are often melancholy ones for icy winds from the northern extremities, bearing somber, dark-colored clouds filled with moisture sweeps down across the land, rather dramatically change our moods and the manner in which we go about living our lives.

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Washington's lessons helped give nation birth

America, America ... ‘tis a strange and wondrous name, having the distinctive quality of attracting attention as well as a certain mystique (an aura of heightened value), that appeals to the senses.

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Memorial Day not merely a holiday

Monday is Memorial Day and for many, sadly, it will be but another holiday, a day in which to relax from whatever toil their particular job requires.

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Gingrich has right stuff for America

From day one, when they gathered in Iowa to begin running for the right of becoming the Republican nominee in the upcoming election for the office of the presidency, it should have been obvious to most everyone that the most qualified of all the candidates was without a doubt Newt Gingrich since his remarkable attributes were either available (well known), or quite obvious — continuously on display.

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9/11 program stirs patriotic feelings

It was appropriately entitled “Keys to Patriotism” and it was an evening to remember. In fact, a veritable unforgettable one that will long be remembered even unto a lifetime for practically everyone in attendance and the reason was a truly simple one: God was there and many felt of his presence since the audience was duly moved in such a manner that can only be achieved when the spirit within recognizes the magnificence in others who’ve been especially blessed by the master himself.

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Too few know why it's a special day

Today we, once again, will celebrate our independence, the foremost annual event which should be of profound importance to every American for it is a holiday redolent of that which made America great that which bravely announced to all the world that the former English colonies in America were now a nascent republic.


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