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DICK YARBROUGH: Dalton State College major player in area’s economic rebound

OPINION: The Dalton area is not out of the woods yet, but it is getting there

Remember the story of “The Little Engine That Could?” That could well describe the city of Dalton, a town of some 34,000 nestled in the corner of Northwest Georgia not far from the Tennessee line.

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DICK YARBROUGH: Trying to determine the real ‘outsider’ in U.S. Senate race

OPINION: No one wants to be seen as a political insider in Georgia's U.S. Senate contest

The U.S. Senate race this November between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue will be one of the more unusual campaigns we have witnessed in Georgia. Neither has held public office and both are anxious to portray themselves as the ultimate “outsider.”

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YARBROUGH: If I don’t make it to heaven, Athens will suffice

As you no doubt know, Athens is home to my alma mater, the University of Georgia, the oldest state-chartered university in all the land.

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YARBROUGH: Talking politics and watching out for the spinach

The media pros attribute some of this lackluster political performance to the fact that the primaries have been moved up to May this year and that has thrown a lot of people off their game. My theory is that you are weary of hearing political promises you know the candidates won’t keep. They know it and we know it.

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YARBROUGH: Sen. Chip Rogers’ dream job at GPB goes poof

The scene: The office of Teya Ryan, president of Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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YARBROUGH: Proposed Sea Island development awash with controversy

Pierre Howard says he intends to see that the court of public opinion — that is you and me and all people who care about our state’s natural resources — is fully engaged in the deliberations. That is as it should be. Remember, this is not just about Sea Island. This is your land, too.

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YARBROUGH: A reminder of what Easter is really about

Easter is about celebrating the One who gives us hope that something better awaits us when this life is done. A miraculous day. A joyous day. That is what Easter is really about. I wish we would all remember that.

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YARBROUGH: Child abuse and neglect needs to be state's priority

Even if legislation had passed, the investigation of child abuse claims would still be left in the hands of DFCS and with the public lacking sufficient information on child deaths in Georgia.

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YARBROUGH: Legislature takes aim at passing 'guns for God'

American humorist Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” Ol’ Will would have loved the Georgia Legislature. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

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YARBROUGH: Who wants to live longer without banana pudding?

Scientists also believe there is a correlation between being happy and living a long life. I’ve got a chance here. I am never happier than when I am tweaking the humor-impaired among us and reading their blustery emails.

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YARBROUGH: Loss of old friend reminder of misplaced priorities

I think it’s important to take a moment of personal privilege and remind you how transitory life is and to never lose track of old friends because you are too self-absorbed in your own little world. Sad to say, but I did exactly that to an old friend who deserved better from me.

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YARBROUGH: How to monitor who is spending what on our legislators

Don’t forget: You are the ultimate judge of what constitutes ethical behavior under the Gold Dome. That is the way it should be.

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YARBROUGH: A look forward to the new year

Good grief. I just took a peek at next week’s calendar. It says 2014. That can’t be correct. I’m still waiting for Y2K and for all our computers to crash. I must have overslept.

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YARBROUGH: A chance to make yourself at home on Mars

I have no interest in looking for Martians or spending the rest of my days with a bunch of wackos. There are enough space cadets right here on earth, thank you, and I don’t have to pay $38 to tell you about them.

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YARBROUGH: A satirical look back at the shutdown

Opinion Column

I asked Junior how the reputation of members of Congress fared in the shutdown. He said the good news was that Americans didn’t rate them any lower after the shutdown than before. The bad news is that they weren’t rated all that highly to begin with.

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YARBROUGH: Balfour indictment feeds negative perception of politicians

Whether Sen. Don Balfour is innocent of the charges being leveled against him or not is for others to determine but there is no question that he has made political life more difficult for his colleagues in the General Assembly.

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YARBROUGH: Ticket ban doesn't stop need for more ethics reform

As for ethics reform, giving up football tickets is no big deal. There are still plenty of ways to influence politicians. All it takes is money. If our legislators think the clock has run out on our interest in stronger ethical behavior, they are badly mistaken. They had better strap on their helmets because We the Unwashed are still in this game.

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YARBROUGH: When it comes to politics and broccoli, I'll pass

While I appreciate the encouragement I have received to enter into politics, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you I must pass on the opportunity. I just don’t think I could make those critical decisions that impact the daily lives of my fellow citizens with broccoli stuffed up my nose.

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YARBROUGH: State school superintendent weighing run for governor

If the superintendent runs — and I believe he will — “uphill” doesn’t begin to describe the challenge Barge has ahead of him. He is going to have to develop a grassroots organization of the first magnitude because big-money contributors always bet on the incumbent. Deal already has a war chest estimated at $1.1 million.

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YARBROUGH: A soggy reminder to be careful what you pray for

I’m not sure how the Supreme Court will rule on the matter, but I do hope that Gov. Nathan Deal doesn’t find himself ankle-deep in water at the Governor’s Mansion one day and order Dr. Gil Watson to come to the Capitol and ask God to make it quit raining so much.


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