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Home becomes a trail of words

In this house of wood and stones that I call home, there are books scattered and stacked hither and yon.

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Calf now part of family circus

It was a sweet sight, no doubt. My heart is always drawn to God’s animal creatures, especially those who have found themselves abandoned young.

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Rotten parents raise ‘em right

One day I asked a friend how her son was doing in college. She smiled then began a discourse on how he was enjoying his field of study and what he could do with his degree when he graduated.

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Miss Loretta gives new meaning to the word optimist

Several years ago, I befriended a woman in Cincinnati, Ohio, but then you know that, don’t you? I’ve told you all about Miss Loretta.

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Our childhood should be filled with happiness

A picture — even one old that has faded from black and white to soft gray — can tell a story, long and true. That one certainly did.

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Californian imparts wisdom from Deep South

There is a friend of mine — one of the heroes I have known and loved — who is fascinating in the life lessons he shares and the accumulation of wisdom that seems to come so easily to him.

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Star-making’s a quiet role

It was all my idea. As immodest as that might sound, it’s true. Now that my friend, Karen, has made it to the big time, she should be reminded that it all started with one of my hair-brained schemes.

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Helping others is the best legacy to give

Daddy and Mama both spent a lot of time seeing after the needs of others. They comforted, called and cooked for those who were, in some way, suffering.

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Yankee transplant a-musing

When the column appeared where I lamented that my longstanding muse, Claudette, had lost a significant amount of humor due to medication so I needed a new muse who could inspire my writing, several stepped up to volunteer for the newly vacated position.

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Good cookware is never ‘purdy’

Whenever I take out my biscuit pan — and every Southern cook worth her salt and grease has one — I can’t help but shake my head.


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