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BYRON YORK: Obamacare hardships not hard to find

OPINION: ACA opponents do not have to overreach to make their points

Many individuals are finding higher costs and fewer choices under Obamacare.

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BYRON YORK: An evangelical acknowledges cultural shift

OPINION: A evangelical leader says focus must shift toward protecting religious liberty and freedom of conscience

As the U.S. culture shifts toward accepting same-sex marriage, evangelicals should move from fighting the issue to ensuring respect for those who oppose homosexual marriage.

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BYRON YORK: Katrina victims live out Hollywood eco-agenda

OPINION: New homes make the landscape resemble, in the words of one critic, a field of pastel-colored UFOs.

The problem is, the daringly designed, environmentally sophisticated houses don’t seem to appeal to the people they were intended to help.

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BYRON YORK: Will GOP hold to immigration principles?

OPINION: The future of immigration reform depends on GOP standing firm on specific enforcement triggers

There already are signs that Republican leaders will wiggle of immigration principles.

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BYRON YORK: Coverage cuts portend more Obamacare problems

OPINION: Target is the latest to drop coverage for part-time workers, sending them to the ACA

Americans who purchased health coverage on the individual market did have something to worry about. And now, it’s becoming clear that some who have health coverage through their job should be worried, too.

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BYRON YORK: Six years in, does Obama finally own the economy?

OPINION: So far, the president has been able to point his finger at Bush

Americans may have finally decided that a president in his second term is responsible for what’s going on with the economy, not his predecessor.

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BYRON YORK: The No. 1 issue in the nation is still jobs

OPINION: Having means to earn an income is the main concern of Americans

Republicans who want to keep control of the House and gain control of the Senate have to stay focused on jobs creation during an election year.

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BYRON YORK: Obamacare will cost Democrats politically this year

OPINION: Momentum Democrats enjoyed a year ago has swung toward Republicans

Support for Obamacare, already low, could fall further as more middle-income Americans — voters — figure out that they are the ones who will be paying for the Democrats’ national health care scheme.

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BYRON YORK: Can Republicans avoid getting snared in Obamacare trap?

OPINION: The brazen Democratic strategy to force GOP lawmakers to help fix Obamacare might work

Some Republicans appear to be wavering on the insistence that repeal must be the first step in minimizing the damage done by Obamacare.

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BYRON YORK: Republicans quietly work on Obamacare alternative

OPINION: GOP lawmakers prefer targeted fixes for specific health care system problems

The millions who have lost their medical insurance because of Obamacare have changed the landscape of the debate.

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BYRON YORK: GOP governors new targets are Washington Republicans

OPINION: Republican governors lump Washington Republicans in with Democrats for criticism

Just about the only governors who demur on the question of whether a governor should be the Republican nominee are the governors who actually want to be the Republican nominee.

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BYRON YORK: IRS tax-credit scandal an omen for Obamacare

OPINION: A scandal over improper Earned Income Tax Credit payouts will impact Obamacare

An IRS Inspector General report finds that 21-30 percent of the $60-$70 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits paid by the IRS each year are improper.

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YORK: Written off for dead, immigration reform could still live

The Senate and House had not even settled the final details of ending the government shutdown before President Obama was on to his next priority.

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YORK: Lindsey Graham facing tough challenges

Opinion column

On a Monday night in late August, Sen. Lindsey Graham was traveling with a congressional delegation in Africa when the three Republicans who are challenging him in the 2014 GOP primary joined a large and strongly conservative crowd at Rep. Jeff Duncan’s annual Faith and Freedom Barbecue. To listen to Graham’s opponents tell it, that situation — a lawmaker who is far away and out-of-touch — is emblematic of the senator’s relationship with his constituents.

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No easy path on Obamacare battle

The move to defund Obamacare has been slow to gather support in the Senate. Really slow.


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