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MICHAEL REAGAN: The popes problem

OPINION: Pope Francis has capitalism and socialism backwards

When it comes to politics and economics, the pope is about as far from infallible as anyone can get

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Scoring the Great Debate

OPINION: Fiorina, Christie and Rubio did well in the CNN debate

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina made herself a national household name overnight. She was smart, tough, passionate and quick on her feet, proving why she deserves to be on the main stage. She had several big “moments” and demonstrated a phenomenal grasp of the issues.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: San Francisco School Board gets it right

OPINION: The local action was in response to the state canceling the high school exit exam

When I first read that the San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to give 107 students high school diplomas, even though the students has not met the requirements for graduation, I naturally assumed it was a case of educrats bending the rules to boost graduation statistics.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Trump, Trumpies and RINOs

OPINION: Trump is not a serious candidate, nor a real conservative

Because he appeals mostly to people who listen to conservative talk radio 24/7, Trump has won over a large number of Republicans and conservatives who mistakenly think he is one of them.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: No sale, Mr. President

OPINION: Obama contends nixing the Iran deal would lead to war, nukes and loss of credibility

Deal or no deal, in the long run everyone knows Iran is as untrustworthy as any nation on the planet.

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OPINION: Huckabee and Perry make outrageous statements

Mike Huckebee and Rick Perry are supposed to be serious candidates for the Republican nomination for president. Yet last week, they each said something dumb as Trump.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Environmentalists ignoring outlaw pot growers

OPINION: Illegal marijuana farms are uprooting ancient trees, draining streams

When California legalized the sale and production of marijuana, there were no major agribusiness firms that had ever been part of the tokin’ culture. Instead, pot outlaws that had been illegal for years were now legal, but with that old outlaw mentality.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Trump towers in 'first debate'

OPINION: Donald Trump, without trying, brought attention to a major issue

While the other GOP candidates talked about him, Donald Trump was talking about a major issue of the 2016 campaign.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: The Confederate flag flap

OPINION: Politicians and the media focus on minor issues that rile up conservative-liberal divide

Like it or not, in 2015 the Confederate flag we all saw on the roof of those 1969 Dodge Chargers on the “Dukes of Hazard” is no longer so innocent. Now it symbolizes two totally different and incompatible things to whites and blacks.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Jeb Bush gets 'Trumped'

OPINION: Bush is victim No. 1 as Donald Trump puts up his circus tent

The Donald wasted no time proving to everyone why he should not be president. He also proved why he’s going to spell trouble for the GOP primary process.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Conservative Christians miscount

OPINION: GOP presidential candidates ignore scandal involving Josh Duggars of '19 Kids & Counting'

Child molesting is not a “mistake” you make when you’re young. It’s a crime against the innocent that should be prosecuted — and one I believe that should have no statute of limitations. In fact, the statute of limitations is only there to protect the guilty, not protect the innocent.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: How to escape poverty in Baltimore and Kenya

OPINION: An education, not a handout, is what is needed

Books and pencils, not money. That’s how you truly escape poverty. American liberals still don’t understand that simple concept, but millions of poor people living in the sprawling slums of Nairobi do.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Hillary Clinton for America?

OPINION: Basically handed a Senate seat, she has accomplished nothing

She’s the Democrats’ default presidential nominee, the Entitled One, but she’s a lightweight on every scale.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Deomcrats grab a win in Indiana

OPINION: The hoopla in Indiana was over one thing - the 2016 presidental race

Democrats never made a peep about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act for 20-plus years — and never saw the need to fix the law until Republicans got in power.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Republicans vs. Republicans

OPINION: Ted Cruz already is subject of negative chatter from within the GOP

Talk radio is already taking sides and trying to tell conservatives which potential nominee is most worthy to wear the mantle of Ronald Reagan.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Think about the children

OPINION: Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 has been delayed because of politics

Invoking “the children” is pure BS. But it’s BS that’s been used for a long time by Democrats and Republicans. When it comes to passing a piece of legislation that will actually do something to help hundreds of thousands of real children, it’s another story.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: The GOP's stupid letter

OPINION: Republicans once again shoot themselves in the feet

Those 47 Republican senators didn’t need to send a public letter to Teheran to remind the Iranians how America’s separation of powers works.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Do citizens have a lobby?

OPINION: It looks more and mor elike the deck is stacked against the average working person

You can imagine how the average unemployed Californian feels when he reads that the state Employment Development Department in Sacramento has hired citizens of India to process Golden State unemployment claims.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Dumb, dumber and dumbest

OPINION: Obama administration official Marie Harf is the latest proof of incompetent hirings by White House

After watching barbaric ISIS armies sweeping across the deserts of the Middle East and slaughtering innocents by the thousands for purely religious reasons, the Obama administration apparently thinks one of the root causes that lead people to join terrorist groups is a lack of good job opportunities.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Obama living in his own dream world

OPINION: Pay no attention to grim reality

To hear him tell it, thanks to six glorious years of his leadership, America is in great shape again at home and overseas.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: The State of the Bubble address

OPINION: You did not have to watch the State of the Union speech to know what was coming

To pander to his liberal Democrat base, President Obama promised his usual wish list of unrealistic ideas that not three Republicans in the House and Senate will support.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: A time for torture

OPINION: A poll shows more than half of Americans approve of harsh interrogation tactics used after 9/11

About half of those polled called the CIA’s use of water boarding, sleep deprivation and other tough interview methods “torture,” but a majority still approved of it.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: It's not about race

OPINION: Nothing was protested when three policemen got off the hook for killing Kelly Thomas

We have a serious law enforcement problem in America, but it’s not about race. It’s about bad cops and how we’ve built our policing system.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Ferguson won't go away

OPINION: The facts don't matter much in the Michael Brown case

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” doesn’t accurately describe what really happened when Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Brown to death last summer.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: A 'do-nothing' plan for Republicans

OPINION: Republicans should not threaten a lawsuit or a government shutdown

I hope it’s not too late. But I’ve got a perfect plan for the GOP’s bosses to follow for the next two years — do nothing to directly challenge Obama’s executive action.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Senate plugs up pipeline for last time

OPINION: Senate Democrats give voters a last snub

The Keystone XL will get the green light as soon as the Republicans who were elected in the midterm elections start running things in Congress next year.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Voters gives Republican lawmakers a second chance

OPINION: Ignoring their own recent history would be fatal error for Republicans

The first thing the party has to do is remember what happened the last time it was in control of Congress, during the G.W. Bush years. Republicans blew it. And many of them were quickly booted out of office by voters, mainly for betraying their conservative faith and impersonating a bunch of Big Government Democrats.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Broad U.S. prosperity more out of reach

OPINION: The underlying dissatisfaction centers on the U.S. economy

According to a Wall Street Journal exit poll, 45 percent of voters said the economy was their top concern; only 33 percent of those polled said it is getting better. A Fox News exit poll found that 70 percent of voters rate the economy as either “not good” or “poor.”

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Quarantining those exposed to Ebola shouldn't be a constitutional question

OPINION: A mandatory quarantine should not be necessary

If they’re willing to do good works in Africa, and God bless them for that, they should be willing to do it the right way. And that means paying the full cost of doing good overseas by ensuring the safety of their families, friends and neighbors back home.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Profile or die

OPINION: We all know what an act of Islamic terrorism is, except for our lame duck-in-chief, that is

President Obama won’t use the word “terror” to describe acts of Islamic terrorism for two reasons. He doesn’t want to admit that his global anti-terrorism efforts have failed and he thinks it’s politically incorrect to call Islamic terrorism exactly what it is — “terrorism.”

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Government malpractice continues

OPINION: The CDC chief admits his agency was not aggressive enough regarding Ebola

This latest failure of the federal government, Ebola, is really incredible. Just how incompetent can it get?

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MICHAEL REAGAN: The un-American term the homeland is taking over America

OPINION: The homeland is a bipartisan insult to the United States

Several spoke up early on that referring to America as “The Homeland” was traveling down a wrong road.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Make a decision, Mr. President

OPINION: President Obama should act in some way on ISIS

Consider the intel on ISIS. Weigh the options. Measure the risks. Then do what you think is smart and right and in our country’s interests.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Rev. Al gets it right

OPINION: Al Sharpton gets grief for his tough sermon at the funeral of Michael Brown

The Rev. Al Sharpton has been rapped by “progressive” blacks for using Michael Brown’s funeral and the notoriety of a tragic police shooting to scold the black community for its own sins.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: National media keep Ferguson roiling

OPINION: Ratings-hungry media sensationalize and stir the already volatile situation

Instead of standing around on sidewalks in the dark waiting for something exciting to happen, the TV news guys should do everyone a favor and back off for a while.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Hollywood liberals stand down for Israel

OPINION: God forbid anyone in Hollywood utter the words Save Israel!

Hollywood holds a fund-raiser every night for some needy group or moral crusade, but they are conspicuously silent when it comes to supporting Israel. By being so silent, Hollywood’s power people end up looking like they’re pro-Hamas.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Homes are hurting without fathers

OPINION: No one wants to address the real cause of violence in U.S. inner cities

The underlying cause of the violence in our inner cities is not the presence of guns. It’s the absence of fathers in the homes of the gang-bangers who are using guns to shoot each other.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Stinking border politics

Once again we can thank Washington for creating problems

Here’s a modest proposal for solving the “Children’s Invasion” on our southwestern borders.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Getting Hobby Lobby right

OPINION: Liberal hysteria followed the Supreme Court ruling

Hobby Lobby’s owners, and the owners of other businesses that supported them, weren’t seeking to deprive their 13,000 employees of all contraception coverage in their health plans, just certain kinds that they had religious and moral objections to.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Hard lessons learned in Iraq

OPINION: The results in Iraq mirror what happened in Vietnam

If the whole idea of going to Iraq simply was to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his invisible weapons of mass destruction, we should have just sent some Special Forces guys in to do the job in the middle of the night.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Angry conservative birds must flock together

OPINION: Internal GOP arguments over who should run for president becoming too bitter

The problem is too many conservatives are spending their days looking for the bad in each other instead of looking for the good. No wonder we have so many angry people in our party.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Saving the children – for real

President Obama — three weeks late — has done something to help rescue those Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by extremist Islamist terrorists.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: A day when we all stood America Proud

OPINION: American spirit was celebrated on the day of the Boston Marathon

Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, independent, atheist — none of those labels mattered on Marathon Monday. Everyone was an American — and proud to show it.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Pennsylvania cannot afford to lose Gov. Tom Corbett

OPINION: Gov. Corbett has erased deficit without raising taxes, but is vulnerable politically

Gov. Tom Corbett’s biggest challenge won’t come from Democrats, but from his own party where many Republicans contend he isn’t conservative enough.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Tea Partiers listening to too much talk radio

OPINION: Talk radio tries to build audience, not political majority

For Republicans to win general elections, they need conservative candidates who do not sound like bombastic talk radio hosts.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Folks, can we focus on the real issues?

OPINION: Complaining about the travel expense of the president and first lady is a waste of time

Critics of President Obama should shift to what’s really important — Obamacare, Ukraine and the GOP recapturing the U.S. Senate.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Many U.S. Children swallowed by the streets

OPINION: The innocence of U.S. children is in danger

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children the average age of a sex trafficked child is 13-14 years old Each pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child a year, and the average pimp has four to six girls.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Uh, John, you know California is mostly desert, right?

OPINION: Secretary of State John Kerry is oblivious to the history and climate of California

The current drought in California is not the first, not the worst and regardless of what people do, it won’t be the last. Some have lasted more than two centuries, and they were long before the industrial age.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Bill and Hillary blame game is one for losers

OPINION: The 1990s Clinton sexcapades should be on TCM, not Fox News

Sen. Rand Paul and Kathleen Willey take Republicans on a trip back through time, one that won’t help them win the White House in 2016.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Obama and the new work ethic

OPINION: The easiest path is not the one that makes you a better person

Cutting back on work hours so that the federal government can subsidized your existence isn’t the type of work ethic that made America great.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Monsters are hiding in plain sight

OPINION: America allows child sex abuse to drift to the back burner of concern

Only one in 20 cases of child abuse is reported, and every victim of child abuse has to tell an average of seven adults before they are believed.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Super Bowl a powerful magnet for sex trafficking

OPINION: Sex trafficking has become a stealth parasite that attaches itself to major sporting events

In 2010, 10,000 prostitutes were taken to Miami for the Super Bowl and a year later in Dallas, 133 minors were arrested for prostitution at the 2011 championship game.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: U.S. immigration policy is a mess

OPINION: Immigrants who play by the rules suffer years and years from a broken system

America’s immigration system is so broken, so complex, so expensive, so slow, so legalistic, so bureaucratic, and so counter-productive it’s a wonder anyone ever successfully becomes a citizen.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: GOP infighting wastes gift from Obama

OPINION: GOP should pounce on disaster of Obamacare

Instead of taking advantage of the Obamacare fiasco, members of the GOP are fighting among themselves.

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REAGAN: Cynical budget game continues

Opinion column

Its hard to believe, but America hasn’t had a budget since Obama took over the White House and Harry Reid took over the Senate. Why arent Republicans using this ongoing travesty as a weapon in their seemingly hopeless congressional fight to defund Obamacare?

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REAGAN: Gun opponents ignore the facts

Opinion column

Idiots Against Guns rail against an assault rifle that wasn’t used in Navy Yard shooting.

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REAGAN: Putin tosses Obama a lifeline

Did you see the hopeful breaking news about Syria? “Russia takes control of Syrian chemical weapons.” The Russians essentially are promising to do what they are already doing.

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REAGAN: Hollywood creates ‘Butler’ from another planet

Opinion column

There you go again, Hollywood. You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies.


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