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MICHAEL REAGAN: Tea Partiers listening to too much talk radio

OPINION: Talk radio tries to build audience, not political majority

For Republicans to win general elections, they need conservative candidates who do not sound like bombastic talk radio hosts.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Folks, can we focus on the real issues?

OPINION: Complaining about the travel expense of the president and first lady is a waste of time

Critics of President Obama should shift to what’s really important — Obamacare, Ukraine and the GOP recapturing the U.S. Senate.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Many U.S. Children swallowed by the streets

OPINION: The innocence of U.S. children is in danger

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children the average age of a sex trafficked child is 13-14 years old Each pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child a year, and the average pimp has four to six girls.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Uh, John, you know California is mostly desert, right?

OPINION: Secretary of State John Kerry is oblivious to the history and climate of California

The current drought in California is not the first, not the worst and regardless of what people do, it won’t be the last. Some have lasted more than two centuries, and they were long before the industrial age.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Bill and Hillary blame game is one for losers

OPINION: The 1990s Clinton sexcapades should be on TCM, not Fox News

Sen. Rand Paul and Kathleen Willey take Republicans on a trip back through time, one that won’t help them win the White House in 2016.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Obama and the new work ethic

OPINION: The easiest path is not the one that makes you a better person

Cutting back on work hours so that the federal government can subsidized your existence isn’t the type of work ethic that made America great.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Monsters are hiding in plain sight

OPINION: America allows child sex abuse to drift to the back burner of concern

Only one in 20 cases of child abuse is reported, and every victim of child abuse has to tell an average of seven adults before they are believed.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Super Bowl a powerful magnet for sex trafficking

OPINION: Sex trafficking has become a stealth parasite that attaches itself to major sporting events

In 2010, 10,000 prostitutes were taken to Miami for the Super Bowl and a year later in Dallas, 133 minors were arrested for prostitution at the 2011 championship game.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: U.S. immigration policy is a mess

OPINION: Immigrants who play by the rules suffer years and years from a broken system

America’s immigration system is so broken, so complex, so expensive, so slow, so legalistic, so bureaucratic, and so counter-productive it’s a wonder anyone ever successfully becomes a citizen.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: GOP infighting wastes gift from Obama

OPINION: GOP should pounce on disaster of Obamacare

Instead of taking advantage of the Obamacare fiasco, members of the GOP are fighting among themselves.

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REAGAN: Cynical budget game continues

Opinion column

Its hard to believe, but America hasn’t had a budget since Obama took over the White House and Harry Reid took over the Senate. Why arent Republicans using this ongoing travesty as a weapon in their seemingly hopeless congressional fight to defund Obamacare?

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REAGAN: Gun opponents ignore the facts

Opinion column

Idiots Against Guns rail against an assault rifle that wasn’t used in Navy Yard shooting.

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REAGAN: Putin tosses Obama a lifeline

Did you see the hopeful breaking news about Syria? “Russia takes control of Syrian chemical weapons.” The Russians essentially are promising to do what they are already doing.

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REAGAN: Hollywood creates ‘Butler’ from another planet

Opinion column

There you go again, Hollywood. You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies.


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