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Carlton Fletcher

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CARLTON FLETCHER: True genius combination of genetics, work

OPINION: Ordinary’s about the best most of us can hope for

There’s more to genius than meets the eye.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Maybe we could use a little glass-half-full

OPINION: Initiatives take aim at communitys self-image problems

Citizens of Albany and Dougherty County are too quick to condemn actions, both good and bad.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: When it comes to the news, we’re not taking sides

OPINION: Telling readers what to think is not journalism

Readers on both sides of the homeless issue react to Albany Herald stories about a homeless encampment.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Put It Back' will make Believers of music fans

FRIDAY JAM SESSION: Orlando band's song deserves spot among musical greats

Thomas Wynn & the Believers’ “Put It Back” is one of those rare great songs that has an immediate impact.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Vandalism leaves a darker stain than paint on monuments

OPINION: American freedom allows destructive action with little reprisal

Vandals defaced more than monuments with their spray paint in Veterans Park over the weekend.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Even in her time of weakness, Robin Elmore gives her friends strength

OPINION: Registered Nurse’s lesson is one we all should heed

Even as she’s battled lung cancer, Robin Elmore hasn’t quit living her life..

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany state Rep. Carol Fullerton takes verbal shots at Gov. Nathan Deal

OPINION: Lawmaker takes governor to task for gun bill, economic development, ASU funding

After surviving a horrific auto accident, state Rep. Carol Fullerton says she has a new lease on life.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Political activism involves more than a computer keyboard

OPINION: Primary vote will change the face of local government

Potential voters who want to impact local government have to do more than rant about it.

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FRIDAY JAM: The top-selling albums

FRIDAY JAM: Here's some solid goald from the album era

The top-selling albums of all time as listed by the Recording Industry Association of America

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CARLTON FLETCHER: In sports, I'll take the human element over replay

OPINION: MLB replay system interrupts rhythm of the game

Major League Baseball owners have gone too far in their quest to “always get it right.”

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ill-advised WG&L appointment comes back to bite city

OPINION: Resignation leaves utility board a member short again

The Albany City Commission’s appointment of Rashad Flournoy to its WG&L board was a disservice to Flournoy and the board.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Suicide a common part of rock-and-roll life

FRIDAY JAM SESSION: Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide updated 'day the music died'

Suicide has been the cause of death for a number of talented musicians during the rock and roll era.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Local candidates work across party, office lines

OPINION: There are still politicians who put the voters first

Albany and Dougherty County politicians from different parties and boards are working together for the good of the community.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany officials growing weary of Commissioner Tommie Postell's antics

OPINION: Albany elected officials confrontational manner disrupts commission meetings

Ward VI Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell is growing increasingly confrontational during commission meetings.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Finding favor with Caribbean Flavor

OPINION: Chance stop-off adds to great-local-places-to-eat list

Wendell Joseph draws on the spice of his homeland — Trinidad and Tobago — to create unique cuisine.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Regifting' reaquaints long-lost 'friends'

OPINION: Musical nostalgia strengthens father-son bond

Son’s return of long-lost CDs is like being reacquainted with old friends.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Politics 2014 -- Spell president with a capital 'D'

OPINION: Republics need a new strategy with 2016 on the horizon

The GOP’s strategy of alienating women and minorities doesn’t play well in presidential politics.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cautious optimism surrounds ADICA' pre-development agreement

OPINION: Development master plan encompasses 115.7 acres of land, most along Flint River

Private-sector interest in a downtown Albany development plan has many in the community cautiously optimistic.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Move by Albany fire officials, Dougherty County may have $10 million impact

OPINION: ISO ruling could save homeowners thousands

The Dougherty County Commission approves the purchase of equipment that may save homeowners millions.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Fear, uncertainty face Seasons Christian's senior citizen residents

OPINION: Retirement center files for bankruptcy protection, residents left in limbo

Senior citizens who reside at the Seasons Christian Care retirement center face an uncertain financial future.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Godfather I and II kings of guy movies

OPINION: What self-respecting dude will pay to see The Notebook?

When it comes to Guy Movies and Chick Flicks, the battle of the sexes heats up.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Love can often be found in the simplest gesture

OPINION: We’re never too old to learn … or teach

And elderly couple offers a simple explanation for everlasting love.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Bro pack' claims monopoly on musical wisdom

OPINION: Reader has no use for 'creepy' older people

A Herald reader suggests the art of music is intended for the young.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss one of few leaders left in Washington

OPINION: Moultrie Republican winding down 20-year congressional career

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CARLTON FLETCHER: This younger generation today needs ... better 'toons

OPINION: A closer look at the best and worst animated shows of all-time

I’m worried about today’s kids: They’ve got no good cartoons to numb their little brains.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Retail is for suckers … like men shoppers

OPINION: Bargain shopping is encoded on women’s DNA

When it comes to finding products at the lowest possible prices, men can’t hold a candle to their female counterparts.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Congress has become a Frankenstein's monster we created

OPINION: Give leaders a break; they're representing their constituents

Maybe we should take a look in the mirror before we become too critical of our elected leaders.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Lee County officials plan tribute to fallen heroes

OPINION: Veterans Memorial Highway to be named in honor of war fighters’ ultimate sacrifice

Twenty-two Lee Countians who lost their lives in service to the country are to be memorialized.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ed Lightsey was one of journalism';s true originals

OPINION: TV reporter, writer lived a compelling life to the end

Getting to know journalist Ed Lightsey proves that misguided first impressions aren’t always the best.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Sorry, Granddaddy Bill, but I say, Bring the noise

OPINION: Respect for artists who make joyful, beautiful noise

Music fans know: One person’s noise is others’ slice of heaven.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Educators' plan could change Albany

OPINION: Historic collaborative effort could have far-reaching impact

The presidents of Albany’s institutions of higher education are working with the county school system’s superintendent to improve education.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Tragic encounter leaves permanent scars

OPINION: Albany leaders face tough choice on pit bull ordinance

A mother’s tragic story offers another side to Albany’s proposed pit bull ordinance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Finding the fine line between inspiration and what was I thinking?

OPINION: Albany officials encouraged after annual retreat

Albany city leaders say they recharged their batteries at a two-day-plus reteat in Thomasville.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Proposed Georgia gun bill removes few remaining restrictions

OPINION: State headed back to the days of the Wild West

Proposed gun legislation in the Georgia legislature allows deadly weapons to be legally carried in churches and bars.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Dougherty County voters could bring about big changes

OPINION: Drastic remakes of Dougherty Commission, School Board possible

With a number of seats up for grabs and key officials set to step down, the 2014 local elections will bring significant changes.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Beatles’ ‘Ed Sullivan’ magic just as potent 50 years later

OPINION: World celebrates famous Fab Four anniversary

Beatlemania flourished in America 50 years ago after John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr appeared on a popular TV show.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Medical marijuana bill would benefit Georgia

OPINION: Proposed House bill would strictly limit access to medical cannabis oil

A Republican Georgia representative has introduced a bill that would make medical marijuana legal in the state.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Area officials were well-prepared for weather event

OPINION: ‘Prepare for worst, hope for best’ worked nicely in Albany, Dougherty County

Government leaders often draw our ire, but area officials deserve praise for their preparedness during the recent winter storm event.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: This year, the Grammys got it right

OPINION: Music moves front and center at Grammy Awards

The folks who put on the annual Grammy awards show focused on the music this year, making the show a memorable one.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cold weather warms climate change deniers hearts

OPINION: Who needs evidence when you have got Sarah Palin and the Koch brothers?

A winter cold snap brings out the climate change deniers who have no use for scientific data.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Weekend project dredges up the manly arts

OPINION: Unable to withstand the call of the wall

A weekend construction project offers a reminder of where “word-typer” lands on the manliness scale.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Christie 'scandal' is politics as usual

OPINION: New Jersey governor just doing what politicians do

Color me not very surprised by latest “scandal” involving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany city commissioner tries to take bite out of pit bull ordinance

OPINION: Procedure will delay implementation of specific-breed dangerous dog ordinance

An Albany city commissioner’s call for a second reading of a pit bull ordinance delays implementation of the ordinance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Veteran/Boy Scout master carries his battle forth

OPINION: For some, its always about others

A chance call by an ailing Army veteran offers a memorable wake-up call.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Homeless find no warmth or sympathy on Albany streets

OPINION: Cold weather a reminder of the cruelty of life

Deadly cold temperatures leave Albany’s growing homeless population at risk.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Lets save resolutions for those who need them

OPINION: Cant improve on perfection; you, on the other hand …

New Year’s resolutions are for suckers. They should be reserved for the perfect people who can point out others’ flaws.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany-Dougherty leaders must look forward in 2014

OPINION: A number of crucial issues face Albany-Dougherty leaders in New Year

Cutliff Grove, a long-delayed multimodal transportation site and finding potential successors for two proven leaders should be among area leaders’ priorities in 2014.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: I'm happy Christmas is over ... and this is why

OPINION: Christmas gouging season is over, but don't get too comfortable

As wonderful as the Christmas season is, there are reasons we celebrate its coming and going.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Phil Robertson wrongly held up as Christian ideal

OPINION: TV reality star an odd choice for martyrdom

Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments have made him the latest divisive celebrity cause.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany citizens take care of their own

OPINION: Grassroots 'adoption' program community at its best

Southwest Georgians exhibit a giving spirit in response to local businesswomen’s “adoption” challenge.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 2013 predates entertainments new world order

OPINION: Old-school gems exist in dawning digital age

A rapper with a conscience, literary sequels and emerging pop princesses highlight entertainment in 2013.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: For some, Arctic Bear offers painful memories

OPINION: Talk of re-opening landmark Albany restaurant not welcome by all

A landmark Albany restaurant and its iconic sign unlock humiliating memories for some Southwest Georgians.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: On the road with Jesus of Hazlehurst

OPINION: Kindness of strangers in short supply

Has America’s struggles killed off the true spirit of Christmas?

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CARLTON FLETCHER: State insurance commissioner: Illnesses sick people's fault

OPINION: Ralph Hudgens applauds insurance exclusion for pre-existing illnesses

Georgia’s insurance commissioner suggests sick people are responsible for their own illnesses.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany business owners challenge others to adopt families

OPINION: Grassroots campaign could impact Albany holiday season

Albany small business owners are challenging their peers to help make the holidays brighter for struggling families.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Series resurfaces memories of personal cancer battle

OPINION: Tangibles, intangibles vital to one person's cancer survival

Promoting early detection is the goal that inspires cancer survivors to tell their stories.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cancer series offers stories of hope, triumph

OPINION: 'Cancer Chronicles' features survivors, medical heroes

Cancer survivors tell their individual stories in a special holiday series.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: A lesson or two on the price of righteousness

OPINION: Promise of help from minister comes at a cost

Despite a growing number of religious scandals, there are still righteous men and women who serve God.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Aviation board's actions 'plane' wrong

OPINION: Architect's extra efforts snubbed by Aviation Commission

The Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission didnt see a reason to reward architect for voluntarily going the extra mile when considering a project bid.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Shop Local is do or die for small businesses

OPINION: Taxes collected from local sales impact services in a community

Local merchants are “dreaming green” as the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Republicans use food stamps to scare their base

OPINION: Congress continues to fail those who put its members in office

Republicans in Congress are using the food of poor people as a bargaining chip to exert control.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Hard work earned Ward III seat for B.J. Fletcher

OPINION: Candidates strategy paid off in landslide victory

B.J. Fletcher won her seat on the Albany City Commission the old fashioned way: She earned it.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Media must share blame for leaders' failures

OPINION: An unbiased media is no longer the norm in 21st-century America

Much of the overall failure of our elected leaders lies at the feet of an unprincipled media.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ex-Beatle McCartney's 'New' will draw young fans

Opinion column: Paul McCartney’s latest album is his best in years

Former Beatle Paul McCartney proves he’s no nostalgia act with his stunningly brilliant new album “New.”

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FLETCHER: Being a gushing music fan is not a guy thing

Opinion Column

Sorry guys, it’s a fact: Your musical heroes are in it for the chicks.

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FLETCHER: Free concert springs from community spirit

Opinion Column

Businessman Bo Henry drove by Veterans Park while running some recent errands, and a thought hit him.


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