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JOHN WEISE: Pamphlets spread lies about church

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Material placed on vehicles attack the Catholic church

On Sunday, Sept. 27, the members of St. Teresa Parish were attacked while at worship. A pamphlet titled “Are Roman Catholics Christian?” was placed on their vehicles.

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JUSTIN FISHER: Law enforcement officers deserve respect

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Family of law officers held to higher standard

In a time where there is so much negativity towards our brave first responders, it saddens me to think there are still those who feel the need to belittle the honor and respect inherent with the job.

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RUBY BRITT: Legislation would curtail abortion activity

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking life of unborn child is not the answer

Leaving infants that somehow survive the abortion process alone to die or to deliberately kill those newborns because they inconvenience someone is unconscionable.

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SCOTT ALLISON: Dentist visit quells anxieties

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Have you been to the dentist lately?

Many people have a degree of anxiety over going to the dentist, but they may be surprised at how good the experience can be.

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WALT SPECHT: Enforce laws equally with everyone

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No one should get preferential treatment

Law enforcement officials should enforce the law equally regardless of a person’s occupation or family connections.

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JEROME LAWRENCE: Believe and make a difference

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NAMI supports those facing mental health challenges

We must support NAMI, especially today; when the weight of stigma and injustice loom heavy, we need every physical body we can muster, standing together on our side of the scale.

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VAN A. HOWELL: NAMIWalks raises needed awareness about mental illness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stigma of mental illness must be changed

Through NAMIWalks, we are able to display support for people affected by mental illness and are changing how Americans view persons with a mental illness.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Businesses are working both sides in Asia

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Japan is gearing up for a stronger military

South Korea is finding itself in a difficult position as Japan gears up its military to get it on par with China and Russia.

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S. GORDON ROGERS: Sabal Trail pipeline is not a done deal

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State agencies are still in a position to intervene

The Department of Natural Resouces, with board member Jeff Sinyard, and Environmental Protection Division could help block the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline and protect the environment.

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PAM BARFIELD: NAMI Walk funds mental health educational programs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mental illnesses are treated differently that visible ones

An annual fundraising walk for NAMI, an organization that offers help to those with mental illness and their families, is slated for Saturday in Moultrie.

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WALT SPECHT: Refugee crisis is not of U.S. making

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Individuals should fight for their homeland, not flee from it

I have a hard time accepting the death of a single American fighting Islamic states as long as able-bodied individuals flee as refugees, expecting others to fight what in essence is their fight

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PAM BARFIELD: NAMI support is a lifesaver

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Funds raised with NAMI Walks makes support possible

I have seen firsthand what NAMI can do to help a family in crisis. I want to help make it possible for NAMI Albany and NAMI Moultrie to continue offering this support in our local communities.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Iran nuclear deal support a mistake

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Agreement with Iran places Israel in jeopardy

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop shows faulty memory in thinking Iranians will live up to the agreement, one that is heavily in that nation’s favor.

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THOMAS GIERYIC: America should 'Back the Blue'

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police have become targets

It is time that we as citizens of this great Country denounce these acts of violence and come together as one to support our law enforcement officers.

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JAMES R. WAY: Someone needs to take control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: East Albany is being overlooked

It’s time for someone or some people to step up and take leadership to move East Albany forward.

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WARREN D. GRANT: It's hard to get public involved

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany commissioners paid too much for bank building

I wish I had a better answer for getting the public involved, but, embarrassingly, I don’t.

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FRANCES P. MESSER: Community pride missing in Randolph County

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop pointing fingers and start cleaning up

The solution to unsightly litter is for each and every individual in Randolph County to develop a sense of community pride and strive to rid the community of this major problem.

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JOHN BRYANT: Trying to be politically correct

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Terms can be confusing these days

The dictionary is little help these days for those who want to use politically correct terminology.

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WALT SPECHT: Progress being made on communist goals

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Americs is being destroyed from within

Soviet goals stated in the 1950s are being realized in 2015 America.

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WALT SPECHT: Speeding laws should be fully enforced

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: You can't be 'trapped' if you aren't speeding

Too many allowances have been made, especially for lawmakers, regarding traffic laws, Speed limits are rules, not suggestions.

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WALT SPECHT: The real issues are being ignored

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elitist pressure is not true concern

Why are leaders focusing on political correctness instead of correcting real problems?

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RUBY BRITT: Christian values are under fire

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disagreeing with liberals leads to harsh labels

When conservatives or Christians (usually the same) disagree with culture changes, it must be because we are ignorant, racist, and “using religious liberty as a weapon,” according to columnist Catherine Rampell.

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JOHN CANNADY: What scripture supports same-sex marriage?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Churches endorsing same-sex marriage is a puzzling thing

Can someone in a church that supports same-sex marriage please publish the scripture reference from the Bible that would permit them to allow and perform same-sex marriage?

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LACEY SHORTER: Focus is on the wrong concerns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ethnocentrism has had a strangulating effect on the public sphere

Perhaps if we practiced standing in our truths rather than projecting them, we could finally distinguish the real from the ideal.

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BILL BATES: Don't sink Deal-Closing Fund into downtown purchases

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There are better uses for the Albany Deal-Closing Fund

The Albany Deal-Closing Fund money should be spent on projects that have a benefit, not on speculation about what downtown property might be worth sometime in the future.

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JOHN BRYANT: Gun ownership not an infection

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law-abiding citizens targeted by gun-control advocates

Criminal activity by a serial sniper in Colorado does not make all gun owners bad people.

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JOHN CANNADY: Christian values withstand test of time

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christian values are God's standard, not man's

I find it so odd that when Christians hold beliefs that are based on God’s Word and have stood the test of time for over a thousand years, we are ridiculed and belittled.

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WALT SPECHT: The truth about social engineers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Spread the wealth while you are still alive

I remain intrigued by the rich, well-to-do individuals advocating for the government providing for its citizens they perceive to be disadvantaged.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Albany needs catalyst for change

Finding people who say Albany has problems isn’t difficult. The difficulty is mapping out a strategy and pulling together to achieve solutions.

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SHARLENE CANNON: Time to move forward in downtown Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mistakes of the past should not hold back progress for the future

Albany is a city with untold and as yet, undiscovered potential. It is time to stop focusing on past misdeeds and begin to look toward a brighter future for this downtown.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Let's move Albany forward

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany can be a place we're proud to call home

I say now let’s set ourselves up for success. Let’s build on what we have learned and move forward. I’m asking for all of us to please leave the negative attitude and words behind!

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BILL BATES: For downtown Albany, build on what is here

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meeting on future is set for June 2 downtown

Downtown Albany can be improved while making the most of what’s already there and also saving major taxpayer expense.

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JOHN BRYANT: Albany 311 call center provides helpful information

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Non-emergency call center responsive to inquiries

I would like to give a shout-out to the people who work for non-emergency calling. Yes, the 311 number has been really helpful for some of the questions I have asked.

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PETE KUNTZ: Data supports climate change concerns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist relies on debunked myths in denying climate change

Climate denial pseudoscience comes from Fox News, a number of right-wing “think tanks” and websites clandestinely funded by the fossil fuel industry.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Female Albany police leaders commended

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City commissioners complaint of assignment is shocking

Last Tuesday, a city commissioner complained about the assignment of female officers to lead the Albany Police Department Gang Task Force. I can assure you that his comments are his own only and do not reflect the rest of the City Commission.

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JUDY WEISS: T. Gamble rambles into climate bramble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate change is real and effects may be devastating

The question is not whether climate change is happening. The question is how badly it will impact people’s lives.

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WALT SPECHT: Keeping voters in the dark

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What special deals and benefits are officials and their relatives getting?

I often wonder what politicians don’t want the voters to know. With enough research, it probably could be found out, but which voters put in that kind of research?

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JARI HAGOOD: Albany's oak canopies are majestic

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany residents should appreciate this unique asset

I was thrilled this past weekend upon taking a tour of “Old Beautiful Albany” (2nd-7th avenues west of Jefferson, basically) to see the beautiful oak tree canopies on many streets in the area and for many blocks.

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TOM HOLODAK: Albany thanked for care, prayers after wife's injury

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany proved to be town of great care and caring

After woman is hit by motorist while running, individuals in Albany did things to ease the situation and gave reason for the community to take pride.

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Southwest Georgia making progress on mental health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mental health and addiction issues are finally out of the closet

Moultrie symposium on mental health issues provided answers for those who attended.

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DAVID SHERMAN JR.: Intersection needs aesthetic improvements

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany city leaders have allowed an eyesore to happen

There arew options for improving the appearance of the intersection at Slappey Boulevard and Third Avenue.

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WARREN D. GRANT: For liberals, it's always someone else's fault

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Somebody else is always to blame

Freddie “Pepper” Gray story in Baltimore is another example of the liberal viewpoint that bad decisions that lead to bad results are not the fault of the person who made them.

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WALT SPECHT: Americans' values have changed for the worse

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Working hard and working through problems are in the past for many

People today see work as an inconvenience and too many see public assistance as an entitlement.

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KIM BURKE: Kudos to Lee County Commissioner Billy mathis for supporting EMS

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

While we can predict when people will eat, there is no way to predict when an emergency will arise. If Lee County EMS were to be cut back and an emergency call comes in, what is the dispatcher to say?

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WALT SPECHT: Estate tax only benefits politicians

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tax forces heirs to sell off land or business

Why should the government coffers profit from the hard work of individuals, only to make politicians richer in wealth?

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Is government killing FM radio?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: U.S. may be Norway to pulling the plug on FM

One must remember that FM signal represents the old analog signal and governments do not trust laymen. With a digital signal, a government can listen and track your behavioral pattern and every word you speak. Governments become angry when they eavesdrop on each other, but the common man, they can tolerate.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Flag desecration an intolerable act

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Valdosta State has taken path of least resistance

I am appalled that the hierarchy at Valdosta State University has taken the path of least resistance in an attempt to solve the recent situation of disrespect to the flag of the United States of America on that university campus.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Computers downfall of free enterprise

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hacking will lead to the downfall of free enterprise/capitalism

Now, we have Internet sites that provide personal data with nothing but a promise to never use the data in a “negative way,” like bad people care.

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PATRISE M. PERKINS-HOOKER: Albany attorney congratulated for commission appointment

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Appointment of Charles E. Peeler a benefit to Georgians

On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to offer congratulations to attorney Charles E. Peeler of Flynn, Peeler & Phillips LLC in Albany on his appointment by Gov. Nathan Deal to serve on the Georgia Judicial Nomination Commission.

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PAM AND LARRY BARFIELD: Moultrie Transforming2Wellness symposium to focus on recovery

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: K9s for Warriors will exhibit at Transforming2Wellness

The free, all-day symposium on the recovery journey from mental health and substance abuse conditions will be April 29 at Moultrie. Deadline for registration is today.

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BETTY MCDONALD: Albany streets need attention

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Problems with roadways are ignored

Money is spent on other things, but not enough is spent to repair and repave streets.

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WALT SPECHT: System perpetuates single parenting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is no constitutional right to burden other Americans

In my travels toward Vermont twice a year I stumble across pearls of wisdom.

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LYNN CHAVARRIA: Pharmacy employee goes extra miles

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missed medicine gets special delivery

Ms. Amanda Black went way above and beyond her job description and showed something scarce this day and time — caring.

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GLENDELL COLEMAN: Young adults shut out on jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Who is going to work when baby boomers retire?

I would like for someone to tell me how does one go about getting work experience if no one will give them a job?

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DUANE DAVIS: Congress squawker has faulty memory

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President Obama has shut out Congress plenty of times

The squawker who opines Obama has too much class to invite a controversial foreign politician to speak to Congress without telling the speaker must have been taking too many memory-loss medications.

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CHRIS CLARK: Georgia Quail Hunt showcases South Georgia

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Visiting business leaders exposed to natural beauty, quality of life, economic benefits

Guests of the Georgia Quail Hunt have invested over $2.5 billion and created over 8,500 jobs as a result of corporate relocations or expansions since 1994.

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BILL BATES: Prisoners live free on backs of taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Prison is no deterrant for many criminals

The article in the Albany Herald (Feb. 17) about the life sentence of F.W. (name withheld so as to not give additional publicity to a convicted murderer) got me to thinking about the state of our criminal justice system.

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WALT SPECHT: Smart phones, Internet dummy down Americans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Knowledge and memories casualties of technology

There was a time when people didn’t need computers to do simple math.

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RUBY BRITT: Marriage is defined by the Bible

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How could anyone with common sense believe Christian family values to be hurtful?

God created and designed marriage to be only the union of one genetic man and one genetic woman as husband and wife, and it cannot be redefined.

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WALT SPECHT: Wild hogs seem to be taking to deer bait

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wild hog populations are growing since new baiting laws have taken effect

In trying to enhance deer hunting, people may have had the unintended consequence of bolstering the populations of nusiance wild hogs.

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PHILIP COLSON: Measles epidemic started at same time of flood of illegal children and adults

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Authorities should connect dots on illness outbreak, illegal immigration

Illegal children and adults should be inoculated against diseases that has been eradicated in the United States before they are allowed into the country.

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STEVE MCCOY: Grand Island is an big asset to Lee County

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The positives outweigh the negatives for Lee County facility

Lee County residents can show support for the county-owned Grand Island Club at tonight’s County Commission meeting.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: American farmers most productive in the world

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Farmers grow food, not economic conflict

The American farmer is the most productive in the world, and because of that abundance, products are sold at low prices, and that is an economic function known simply as supply and demand.

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WARREN D. GRANT: The numbers do not support prosperity claims

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Both parties are to blame for the sorry state of affairs in the U.S.

So by the statisticsI got from various government websites, Obama has done nothing exceptional other than print money like a mad man and double our debt by the time he leaves office.

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DENNIS ROLAND: Grand Island Club/Golf Course a drain on Lee County taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Lee County-owned recreational facility is not self-sustaining

Rather than cut back on emergency services and other areas, Lee County should stop subsidizing Grand Island Club/Golf Course with property and sales tax funds.

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GUY CRAFT: John White deserves praise from Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: John White was incon for civil rights

After nearly a half-century of working for civil rights, human rights and improvement of Albany, John White is returning to his home state of Alabama.

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WARREN GRANT: Torture report was a big lie

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Everything, even torture, is debatable

Torture is a terrible thing, but when you’re dealing with terrible thugs you have to fight fire with fire.

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WALT SPECHT: Shootings need to be dealt with

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens should speak up about shooting crimes

Someone saw more than they are telling. You can be unknown, and yet let the facts be known. It is all up to you what you do to deal with this threat to your community, and ours.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Give God a chance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nothing in the Constitution separates church from state

It would be helpful if the Ten Commandments were to be displayed in prominent places, it just might be that some young boy see these and would ask his daddy, “What does it mean to honor your father and mother?” or “Why is it wrong to steal, Daddy?”

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RUBY BRITT: Morals have no color

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Adults who should know better are inciting riots

In the aftermath of the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision to not convict a white policeman for shooting a black man who reached into his police car and struggled with him for his gun, 18 people were injured, and 12 buildings and two police cars burned.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Fourth Commandment does not address Sunday

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Sabbath is Saturday

The first day of the week is mentioned nine times in God’s word and not one time is it called a holy day or anything but the first day of the week.

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WARREN D. GRANT: What colleges are really teaching may surprise you

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Univesity of North Carolina is the latest to face a scandal

What are we teaching kids? Cheating is fair game if the results produce the expected outcome (national titles and big revenue).

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ALLAN RUSSELL: Efforts continue to take God and Christmas out of Christmastime

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christians should work to keep Christmas in the holidays

We are entering not a holiday season, but rather a season in which we celebrate the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most significant being to ever walk this Earth.

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SUZI BONIFAY: Criticism is easy; solutions are hard

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Criticizing from the sidelines does nothing to solve education issues

Improving schools in a community takes more than booing from the sidelines. It takes collaboration and teamwork to help find creative solutions to difficult problems — poverty, homelessness, abuse, drugs, etc.

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WALT SPECHT: Automation erases too many jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: technology is killing more jobs than it creates

Next time you self-checkout at the store, remember, this was sold to the stores as a way to save money by doing away with cashier’s positions. Where will these people that are working, and want to work, going to find employment?

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PAUL J. PENA: Upgraded missile defense is U.S.'s best security

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A bad deal with Iran is worse than none at all

Congress must step up and fully fund the GMD missile defense program; it’s our only real defense against a missile launched at the U.S. homeland by Iran.

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JOHN MCRAE: Second District missing voice on Georgia School Board

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: District 2 seat has been vacant for more than eight months

The Second District of Georgia is not being represented when the Georgia Board of Education meets to discuss budgets, policies and educational issues.

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ROBERT BROWN: Obamacare proponents banked on stupidity of voters

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Large media outlets ignored admissions of lack of tranparency

If you depend upon the mainstream media for the information needed to understand those who would run our country, you may not recognize this name — Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and a major player in structuring and selling “Obamacare.”

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ERNEST R. SMITH: GOP, do it right this time

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A repeat of the previous performance by Republicans is unacceptable

Now that Republicans have a chance to lead the country, they should adhere to conservative ideals and values.

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WARREN D. GRANT: here comes the next election

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians are jockeying for position in 2016

Promises made during the campaigns will be forgotten like yesterday’s lunch.

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RONALD W. HARRIS: Albany loses one of its best

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Holli Anne Reksten was killed in a traffic wreck Thursday

The city lost one of its long-term dependable anchors of stability for the disenfranchised, the abused and the children left behind. In an instant, I lost the best part of my life and my best friend.

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JOHN MCRAE: Interesting week for Dougherty schools

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dougherty School System needs cultural change

Poor graduation rates, insensitive picture, a loaded gun and a student facing sodomy charges show a school culture that needs to be addressed.

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JOHN BRYANT: After-school kids need supervision

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Big age differences can be a concern

The gist is that the “powers-that-be” should monitor this after-school service.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans are facing the last days

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We want to help, but cannot find the answers

Be ready. Be prepared. Be vigilant. It’s the ending of times, so the Bible tells me.

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PEGGY CHERRY: Ezekiel Holley best choice in House District 151

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Early County Democratic Party: Midterm election critical

Ezekiel Holley will prioritize education, the middle class, and ensure fair access to affordable health care for all Georgians.

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ERIC HOGAN: David Perdue makes business sense for U.S. Senate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgians have a chance to send a job-creator to Washington

David Perdue understands the conditions that need to be present in the tax, legal, regulatory and economic areas to encourage strong job creation. His extensive business dealings with government policies inform him that a too-big, intrusive, wasteful, corrupt federal government must be tamed.

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U.S. SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Electing David Perdue would foil Obamas immigration plans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Michell Nunn has pledged to support a harmful immigration bill

The Obama-Nunn plan would double the number of new lower-wage foreign workers provided to corporations to fill jobs at lower wages. David Perdue told the corporate immigration lobby to go take a hike.

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RUBY BRITT: Polls can be deceptive

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The culture of today does not promote traditional marriage

I harbor no hostility toward anyone. However, I am a Christian and, if asked, I will readily quote scripture to explain why I believe the gay lifestyle to be wrong.

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JOHN MCRAE: Dougherty County School System response to bullying too weak

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More aggressive steps should have been taken in Westover bullying incident

The bullying culture of Westover did not begin on the trip to a Tallahassee basketball camp last June. Bullying of that magnitude has to be built up, nurtured and ignored by the school’s leaders. If the leadership of the system and school had taken a stronger stand, this problem could probably have been resolved.

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LEIGH ANNE BJERREGAARD: America must return to godly values

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pro-life, traditional-marriage candidates deserve voter support

Elected leaders should act on what is right, not what is popular in surveys and polls.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community support of Albany Area Crime Stoppers appreciated

Funds raised at the orgainzation’s September golf tournament will help pay rewards to tipsters who alert law enforcement to crimes and the locations of criminals.

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WALT SPECHT: Be reasonable when dealing with police

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should take the logical, least obstructed path

If someone acts reasonably in dealing with a law enforcement officer, problems would not get out of hand.

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DAVID SHIVERS: Michelle Nunn has 'real work' experience

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Running an organization is a real job

Working long hours with your brain can be just as exhausting as hard physical labor. What counts in the end is results.

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WALT SPECHT: Michael Bloomberg campaign donation a concern

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former New York mayor will want support for his anti-gun stance

Georgia needs a senator who believes in gun rights and who knows how to operate a business.

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DUANE DAVIS: Leaders are responsible for what happens on their watch

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Success or failure reflects on the person in charge

An effective leader takes full responsibility for his or her actions. The leader must be technically and tactically proficient, which means that he must know what his job entails, and how to how to do what his job requires. He does not blame others for his shortcomings.

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JOHN MCRAE: Georgia school superintendent race running below radar of voters

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The state school chief impact the lives of every child in the Georgia public schools

Georgia voters are not paying enough attention as to who will be guiding Georgia’s secondary education system for the next four years starting in January.

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WALT SPECHT: Political cleanup needs a starting point

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers have to go to polls to effect change

Special interest groups work to get folks to register and vote who will support their positions. Taxpayers need to vote en masse to protect their interests, too.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Is Savannah the next Ferguson?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Did Savannah police shoot an unarmed suspect?

Family members say a man fatally shot by law enforcement in Savannah was patted down before being placed in a patrol car.

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BILL BATES: Businesses should upgrade video camera systems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Poor quality images do not help police catch crooks who break in stores

Better images would give police investigators a better chance of nabbing someone who breaks into a store.

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GAIL G. BELL: God is speaking but few are listening

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hearts are still heavy with memories of Sept. 11, 2001

The grief of a nation so blessed and yet violated by an act of evil men cannot be suppressed nor forgotten.

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JOHN MCRAE: Georgia Second District is still without representative on state school board

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No permanent appointment has been made for a representative from the Second District

Georgia’s largest and poorest district deserves a permanent appointment to the Georgia Board of Education, not a “fill-in” representative.

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JAMES RODGERS: Taking name, number of witness too much trouble for police

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany police uninterested in attempted contact by witness to an arrest

Taking my name and number wouldn’t seem too much trouble if someone makes an allegation aganist the officer and he could use validation.

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B.J. GOODRUM: Insurance commissioner no help with complaint

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are doctors colluding with insurance companies on coding procedures?

Routine colonoscopies turn into out-of-pocket financial hardships and the consumer has no good recourse.

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WALT SPECHT: Punish gun violators more severely

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If someone breaks a firearms law, throw the book at him

Crack down on those who violate firearms laws and the number of incidents will decrease.

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BETTY NEW: Proclamation honoring Alice Coachman Davis applauded

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens have a responsibility to inform city leaders about concerns

We can only hold our elected officials accountable if and when we express our desires. Upon voicing our opinions, we, as citizens of this community, expect our elected officials to act upon our request.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Businesses that forbid guns should assure safety

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An armed person has a chance to defend himself

If all organizations are going to ban weapons for lawful law-abiding citizens, then they should bear the brunt of any and all consequences from any harm caused by those who don’t bother to obey the law.

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WALT SPECHT: Traffic laws were written to be enforced

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If a motorist has violated a law, he or she should be ticketed

If you are going to operate a motor vehicle on Georgia roads, obey the rules and you won’t be inconvenienced.

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AARON LOVETT: Congress ignores obligation to notch babies

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While taking care of other groups, the federal government unfairly penalizes notch babies

Congress owes it to those who were born in the notch baby period to ensure they are fairly treated.

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TODD HANNON: GICAA serving private school needs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sherwood Christian Academy joins GICAA league

While the GICAA offers a high level of competition in sports and academics, we will not lose focus on our main purpose; providing an atmosphere that allows young students to grow into responsible adults.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: America should not spare the rod

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jail alone will not correct the problems with young criminals

Corporal punishment is a deterrent to crime.

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BABS HALL: Group helps people cope with loss of loved one to suicide

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An Albany group meets monthly to support those suffering from loss

Survivors of Suicide meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month.

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BETTY NEW: Albany missed chance to honor Alice Coachman Davis

LETTER TO THE EDITOR; The Olympic great received more recognition elsewhere than in her hometown

The death of Alice Coachman Davis should have been a time for the Albany community to collectively reflect on the positive image that she projected around the world.

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WARREN D. GRANT: God is not the one who is arrogrant

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Those who question God are the ones who are arrogant

if God doesn’t exist, there is no heaven, so if someone doesn’t believe in God, they shouldn’t be upset with any perceived unfairness in rules for getting there.

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ELEANOR DAVIS: Residents the losers in bankruptcy case

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Life savings are wrapped up in Seasons Christian residence

A decision is expected Tuesday on whether the bid for Seasons Christian Retirement Center will be accepted.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Parents abdicate their responsibilities

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpyers should not foot the bill for lunches for everyone

better home life is needed to turn things around in America. K

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JUDY GLASS: Dougherty School System should address technology initiative

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Better technology could help students improve performance

With the exposure kids today have to technology, the Dougherty County School System’s technology initiative could be a step in the right direction.

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PATRISE M. PERKINS-HOOKER: Georgia Leagal Services earns national award

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Legal Services Program provides service to those outside Atlanta who canot afford a lawyer

GLSP earned national recognition for implementing innovative strategies to meet recession-driven legal needs in the face of a 20 percent cut in its budget.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Traffic light needed at Oakland on U.S. Highway 82

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will it take an injury to a well-known person to spark action?

It may take a wreck involving a high-profile individual before needed action is taken at a dangerous interection north of Albany on U.S. Highway 82.

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WALT SPECHT: Senate candidates in it for themselves

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GOP Senate ticket a choices between lesser of two evils

The Democratic Senate nominee also has little to offer except her family’s political name.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Nude beach unlikely on Tybee Island

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tybee Island takes conservative approach to beach wear

Tybee Island won’t give up its jurisdiction over its beaches.

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JOHN LAKE ADAMS: Copy of presidential biking award sought

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Certificate from 1976 is lost by local sports group

A 1,600-mile ride from Pelham to Texas got presidential recognition in 1976, but the certificate has been lost.

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WYMAN AND ELLEN TREADAWAY: Elk Lodge provides great memories

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elk Lodge a good place for all times and places

We are so glad to learn Jon DuMond is putting new blood and life into the Elk Lodge #713.

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NADINE MATHIS: Taxpayers pay for court’s decisions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers paying for people who kill

Those responsible for others’ death get jail time, and taxpayers foot the bill.

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R HOCUTT: Albany could see tough times ahead

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany worse off without Taylor

Albany is a better place because of James Taylor’s vision for its future.

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JOHN BRYANT: U.S. economy is leaning toward the lean

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama administration has done too much trimming

The economy is lean, the jobs are lean and the military is getting leaner.

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MAX SELLERS: Columnists avoid the politically correct trap


Some journalists still express themselves without worrying about being politically correct.

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WALT SPECHT: David Perdue not needed in U.S. Senate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jack Kingston has made mistakes, but he puts Georgia first

I know which of the two I will pick, and why I chose the way I did.

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BILL CASH: New Georgia gun carry law does not change anything

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local governments should not circumvent the state law

Law-abiding citizens should not be impeded in their efforts to protect themselves.

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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Keep Republicans from taking control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America does not need more of the folly of the Bush administration

Two hundred fifteen Republicans voted for the Iraq war, while 81 Democrats voted for it. Ten years later, the Republicans have been working assiduously to forget.

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JAMES W. KING: Zap mosquitoes before they bite

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bug zaapers are effective at controlling mosquitoes at residences

An electrocution light and a heavy-duty extension cord are a safe and low-cost way of preventing mosquito-related health problems and the annoying itching.

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JOHN BRYANT: Political correctness police take aim at Washington Redskins

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Forcing a team to change its mascot can have a cascading effect

The political pressure is mounting on the Washington Redskins to change their mascot and nickname.

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BILL BATES: Columnist Bob Kornegay connects readers with nature

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Outdoors writer seals the deal with The Swamp

Bob Kornegay’s work reminds nature lovers of what is special about the outdoors and shows those not in awe of nature what they’re missing.

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DUANE DAVIS: Send Benghazi terror suspect straight to Guantanamo

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An enemy of the U.S. will enjoy protections from the government he despises

A military court at Guantanamo Bay prison is the proper venue for dealing with Ahmed Abu Khattala, the Libyan militant accused of being a mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

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RANDY COOPER: U.S. Rep. Austin Scott takes wrong stance on immigration

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There should be no amnesty for those who illegally enter the United States

By co-sponoring the Enlist Act, U.S. Rep. Austin Scott, R-Tifton, is giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and allowing them to enter the U.S. military.

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PENNY PACE: Get U.S. water to where it is needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pipe water from flooded areas of the U.S. to drought areas

Pipes like those used to distribute oil and natural gas could move water from areas where it is in surplus to areas where it is needed.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Traffic snarls at Oakland Parkway intersection

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Frustrated drivers are taking dangerous chances

The intersection of Hickory Grove, Oakland Parkway and U.S. Highway 82 is frustrating for motorists.

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HAROLD D. BARRONTON: Store encroaching in residential area

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Locating a discount store in a residential neighborhood is unacceptable

An Albany neighborhood is not welcoming the Dougherty County Commission’s decision to let a discount store locate in it.

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BILL CASH: U.S. southern border is being crashed by women and children from Central America

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: With 400,000 in and more coming, U.S. assistance programs will not have enough money

Women, pregnant women and children are assembling in Central America and illegally entering the United States, where they will be supported by the U.S. government and taxpayers.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Labels hinder unique creativity

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Being classified with a mental issue often results in lost contributions to society

Some can exhibit intelligence, but if they lie outside mainstream, they are shunned, outcast or isolated by society.

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DONNIE CORBIN: Old bike that showed up no replacement for stolen one

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The number of items stolen has piled up in five years

I would have preferred the bike as an in-kind replacement for the one lost, but the officer wanted to back-pack it back to precinct in trunk of his patrol car.

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WALT SPECHT: Mandated backup cameras in autos just another con

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vehicle backup cameras have benefits for profit, not safety

Americans are allowing their fears and concerns to dictate where their money goes.

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GENE SUTTON: Prisoner exchange a slap in the face to family of slain hero

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Swapping five terrorists for soldier who walked off post was wrong

President Barack Obama is clearly the worst president ever elected.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Human intervention the cause of deaths

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People cause deaths, not the guns, knives or cars

Regardless of what is used to kill someone, the common thread is that an individual committed the act.

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ALLAN RUSSELL: U.S. serviceman held in Mexican jail is being ignored

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The servicemans plight has been overshadowed by the prisoner swap in Afghanistan

American citizens should demand that the White House and Congress act to free a U.S. serviceman who is being held in a prison in Mexico.

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GORE CLASS: Preventing child abuse everyone's duty

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This letter is part of a fifth-grade project at International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany, on child and elderly abuse

Activities such as parental involvement classes, mentoring programs, and after school activities can help prevent or support children who are being abused. Most of all, if you believe a friend or classmate is being abused please tell the counselor or an adult.

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TALAA CLASS: Elderly, child abuse victims numbers high

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This letter is part of a fifth-grade project at International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany, on child and elderly abuse

There are websites, organizations and hotline phone numbers that victims of abuse — and those who suspect it — can contact for help.

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WILLIAMS CLASS: You have a choice and a voice

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This letter is part of a fifth-grade project at International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany, on child and elderly abuse

Regardless of the type of abuse, effects may linger for years after the harm is done.

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BOB LANGSTAFF JR.: Superintendent Butch Mosely is worth the salary

OPINION: Butch Mosely has renewed a level of trust and respect in the community for Dougherty County public schools

After educating yourself about the dollars being spent on quality leadership statewide, please consider the dollars that Butch Mosely’s leadership has already helped us save locally.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Warming up to real climate change

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The world has cooled and heated routinely with no help from people

Ice ages that have come and gone did so by themselves, so why are humans being blamed for the one that is supposedly to be ending now but may take a few more thousand years to complete its cycle?

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Vietnam veterans series journalism at its best

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Series revisits memories of those who fought in Vietnam

Bot the articles on the Vietnam veterans and Andersonville Prison were intriguing.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Georgia driver’s license requirements are too onerous

LETTER TO THE EDITOR; Demands for I.D. are remeniscent of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

The required documentation that a Georgia resident must present when renewing a driver’s license is ridiculous and more in line with what is required in a police state.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Exercise your right to vote

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The right to vote deserves the endorsement of everyone

Look over the list of candidates and vote with a focus on the future of the community.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Much is at stake in Tuesday's elections

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Early voting ends today at elections office

Both Republicans and Democrats have a great dela at stake in the primary elections Tuesday.

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HENRY M. BROWN: Why voters need to go to the polls

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If you do not vote, you have no right to complain

Republicans are not concerned about the needs of the poor and minorities, which means it is critical to get out the vote.

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WALT SPECHT: Hospital staff made for a pleasant stay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Care was excellent during nine-day hospital stay

I met not one individual I could find anything to complain about.

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CHUCK PERSALL: Outpatient treatment surprisingly quick

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Radiology staff efficient and courteous

Expecting hours of waiting with an aching back, an unscheduled radiology visit for an x-ray takes 45 minutes.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Parents should raise children, not schoolteachers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proper training and love at home will have a child ready to learn at school

Paying a child for performing chores at home helps them develop skills they’ll need later in life.

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JOHN BRYANT: Sen. Harry Reid oddly selective in who he labels terrorist

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While calling out a rancher at odds with the government, Sen. Reid has been quiet on marathon bombers

Rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada hasn’t killed or hurt anybody, and the American citizens helping him haven’t either. Harry Reid has labeled all of them as domestic terrorists.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Not everyone in Georgia should have a gun

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Widespread ownership of guns adds to problems

If Georgia people would promote peace in these critical times, things could be better.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Ax slices both ways on columnists

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Less opinion and more facts are needed

When it comes to expounding on gun rights and racism, columnists need to first do their homework.

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JOHN CULBREATH: Aaron Johnson best choice in Dougherty School Board District 4

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The primary election is set for May 20

Aaron Johnson stays informed about education and the community, and sees the need for parental and community involvement in the Dougherty County School System.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Government officials are short on common sense

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why government officials do what they do can be befuddling

Recent decisions on what’s allowable and what’s not have you wondering if there is intelligent life in Washington, D.C., and some local governments.

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WARREN D. GRANT: American train is heading toward a derailment

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The U.S. will have a hard time recovering from damage it suffered in last six years

We are going into mid-term elections with politicians jockeying for position who haven’t a clue as to what is best for this country, but only for themselves.

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SAM HARRIS: Mike Sabot a leader that Lee County needs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mike Sabot is a candidate for the Lee County Commission

In getting to know Mike Sabot, he has exhibited good character, kowledge and composure.

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SUSIE BROWN: Brown family bids Albany farewell

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The family is taking 25 1/2 years of memories with it

Moving from Maryland to the Albany in the Deep South, the Brown family made many fast and long-lasting friendships.

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WALT SPECHT: Vermont visits always enlighten

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School district votes on school budgets not a bad idea for south Georgia

Issues over school spending, reckless behavior and crooked politicians are crop up in North as much as they do in the South.

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JOHN BRYANT: Moving ahead is only backing up

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Column recasts thoughts on political landscape

The U.S. is losing its Constitution a little bit at a time.

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MARCIA JOHNSON: Emergency medical team a blessing to patient, family

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Quick medical work makaes survival of widow maker possible

Chest pain center medical staff and EMS team enable patient to survive critical heart attack.

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SHARISSE KELLY: Law enforcement officers deserve higher pay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dougherty law enforcement officers have not had a raise in six years

Losing law enforcement officers because of low pay will make it tough to keep the “good life” in the Good Life City.

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JOHN BRYANT: Bill Clinton had strong economic record

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Despite personal shortcomings, President Clinton left a budget surplus

While Bill Clinton showed his human failings, he also had low unemployment, a booming economy and federal budget surpluses during his presidency.

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BETTY MCDONALD: Death of Leola Williams a loss to family and co-workers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leola Williams brought passion to her work at the Phoebe Putney Cancer Center desk

The family and co-workers of Leola Williams have lost a dear friend.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Divert money from parks and the Civic Center to pay law enforcement better salaries

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Money spent on recreational, educational and entertainment facilities could be better spent

Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office personnel should have salaries raised with spending that now goes to the Civic Center, Flint RiverQuarium, Chehaw and Paul Eames Sports Park.

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WALT SPECHT: America should be worlds top manufacturer

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The rules favor foreign producers who do not have to abide by the restrictions imposed on U.S. manufacturers

America needs to return to the days when it produced the highest quality products in the world.

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BOB LOGAN: Confederate memorial service set for Dougherty and Lee counties April 5

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry will speak at this year’s Confederate memorial service for Dougherty and Lee counties.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist T. Gamble wrong on Ten Commandments

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Writers should know biblical facts before they type

Teaching anything that God’s word doesn’t support is taking his name in vain.

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JOHN BRYANT: Federal spending numbers can be confusing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dollar for dollar, President Obama has outspent President Bush

President George W. Bush realized that a terrorist’s most dangerous weapon was his mind.

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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Republicans run up bills for future generations

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President George W. Bush started the current streak of budget deficits

Republicans worry about political gain instead of doing what’s best for America.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Delays in Savannah port project are costing Georgia jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dredging has been approved, so why the hold up?

The unnecessary delay in the work deepening the Savannah port is a prime example of the federal government doing its finest bungling.

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WALT SPECHT: We cannot afford bargain-rate law enforcement

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law enforcement officers are critical personnel who deserve a livable wage

Budgets are always tight, but paying law enforcement officers is not the place the scrimp.

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JOHN BRYANT: Games are still playing in the United States

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Olympics have been completed, but Americans still try for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum

Most like the idea affordable health care offerings, but they dislike fraud and mandatory compliance.

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ARLEEN SCHULTZ: Employees derserve better consideation

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Eliminating positions with no warning is poor business

Abrupt eliminations of positions can adversely impact employees who remain with the company, too.

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WALT SPECHT: Violent confrontations can be avoided

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many do not like concealed gun carry because it infringes on their ability to bully

Those who carry concealed weapons illegally are the biggest concern.

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JOHN MCRAE: Resolution of Westiver grade change scandal set poor example

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mass changing of grades should not have been allowed

The Dougherty County School System leveled much stiffer punishment for the whistleblower than for those who were involved in the changing of the grades.

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LEE LOWERY: Proposed law that allows discrimination is not religious freedom

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The law under consideration could have adverse impact on gay individuals

A proposal that could adversely impact gay people should not be cloaked as an act ensuring freedom of religion.

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CHRIS CLARK: The 26th Georgia Quail Hunt was again a success

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The annual event gives a good impression of Southwest Georgia to movers and shakers in business

The work by organizers of the Georgia Quail Hunt has given business leaders a positive view in regard to doing business in Georgia.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Grade changing creates questions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The disclosure of student information to the public was not as bad as the actions that were disclosed

In the case of the Westover High School freshmen grade changes, the respective punishments don’t fit the actions.

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WALT SPECHT: Parents are abandoning their basic responsibilities to their children

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government programs step in to provide care that should be up to parents

Government programs should not just throw money at the problem, but also hold parents accountable.

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DIANE BENFORD: Dog laws should apply to all breeds

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Owners who are negligent are the real issue

Albany dog ordinances should apply across-the-board and more resources should be devoted to dealing with people who abuse their pets.

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JULIE SELLERS: The success of the Night of Hope Gala was due to work of many

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While fundraising is challenging, the Albany community came through

The Cancer Coalition was able to exceed its fundraising goal with the event as it worked to fight cancer in Southwest Georgia.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Our America is running into big trouble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should be more willing to help those in need and in trouble

Live life as an example to those who have problems and do what you can to help out.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Politicians of all stripes are pushing America into the abyss

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look at any president and you will find evidence of your preconceived notion

Placing 47 million non-working Americans in the backs of those who are working doesn’t “elevate” them; it drags everyone else down.

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JERRY HEATH: Crictics of farm bill have not done their research

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nearly four out of every five farm bill dollars go to food nutrition programs

Those who want the farm bill cut in half need to realize that near;y 80 percent of it goes to nutrition programs such as food stamps.

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RONALD BARBER: Lee-Jackson birthday celebration and enjoyable event

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Celebration of birthdays of Confederate generals a reminder of Southern heritage

The annual event at American Legion Post 30 honored the memories of Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

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STEVEN T. TRAMBONI: Government is picking to pockets of distracted Americans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government has gotten out of control

Americans need to make an effort to rein in the overreaching government that is spending too much and interjecting itself too much into everyday lives.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany airport contract air tower funded through end of fiscal year

With the support of Albany’s congressional delegation, the recently passed federal budget includes funding to keep Southwest Georgia Regional Airport’s contract control tower open through Sept. 30.

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WALT SPECHT: Gang members are more dangerous than pit bull

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is the outcry against gang members?

Gangs will not only injure people, they will steal from their livelihoods.

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Pit bulls maligned by ignorant public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bulls the victims of irrational stereotyping based on fear

Every dog should stand on its own merits, regardless of breed.

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MARY Y. HERNDON: Best choice for Dougherty County school chief already on the job

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Dougherty School Board should offer superintendent job to Butch Mosely

Interim Superintendent Butch Mosely already is improving the Dougherty County School System and deserves to be named the permanent school chief.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Changes needed to proposed Albany dangerous dog ordinance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The proposed ordiance can be improved by modifying it

The Albany City Commisison will hear comments on its proposed dangerous dog ordinance on Feb. 18 before a second reading on the proposal on Feb. 25.

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CHARLES F. RUFFIN: Best lawyer advertsing educates the public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While senasational lawyer ads are frowned upon, they are protected speech

A Savannah-area lawyer’s Super Bowl ad has created a stir, but the State Bar has little control over the content of its members’ ads.

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PAUL A. JONES: TAD debt may fall on backs of taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tax allocation districts (TADs) must create more tax revenue to work

The fear is that the Central Business District will not generate greater tax revenues, leaving the payment of TAD debt to be picked up by taxpayers throughout Dougherty County.

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JEANETTE WEATHERSBY: Albany pit bull ordinance needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bull owners have a choice that the defenseless do not have

An attack on a niece and her small dogs by pit bulls resulted in the small dog dying, the niece suffering permanent injuries and her daughter being traumatized.

Tease photo

WALT SPECHT: The taxpayers are the losers with the Affordable Care Act

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for insurance company losses

From the start, Obamacare has not functioned as envisioned. Now, taxpayers are on the hook for costs.

Tease photo

DUANE DAVIS: Hard work leads to increases in paychecks

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hikes in the minimum wage means corresponding hikes in the cost of living

President Obama should have addressed importance of parental responsibilities in his State of the Union address.

Tease photo

JOHN H. O’BRIEN: The choice in U.S. is between capitalism and communism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One path leads to rewards, the other to pitiless death

The battle in America is between capitalism and communism, not liberalism and conservatism.

Tease photo

STEVE TAMBRONI: Federal government ignores the real problems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welfare recipients who can work and illegal immigrants get free passes

Americans who work have fewer rights than those who scam the system.

Tease photo

JIMMY WEASE: Police make a traumatic holiday experience uplifting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christmas gifts stolen during a residential break-in are recovered

What started out as a traumatic experience was mitigated by the recovery of the property and the service and consideration provided by Albany and Dougherty County police officers.

Tease photo

RUBY B. BRITT: Whats right doesn’t change with times

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government cannot legislate a wrong into a right

The Constitution guarantees to the right to express one’s opinions.

Tease photo

NANCY ASKEY: Mended Hearts promotes heart health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Albany chapter of Mended Hearts marks its 30th anniversary

Members of Mended Hearts visit heart patients and their families to offer support and encouragement.

Tease photo

WARREN D. GRANT: America becoming a land of blind sheep

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many are following the noise from Washington, D.C.

The loss of freedom doesn’t come all at once. It is eroded slowly over time.

Tease photo

NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans need to relearn kindness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: American youth are watching a self-absorbed generation

Humbleness, kindness and concern for others are in short supply these days.

Tease photo

NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist off mark on scriptures

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scripture should be quoted in context

The Bible’s teachings on homosexuality are in agreement with the statements made by Phil Robertson, though some do not like to hear the truth.

Tease photo

WALT SPECHT: Government ignores wasteful spending

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpyers foot bill for free wine and cheese on Amtrak

While some legitimately need help from the government to survive, others are gaming the system and the so-called government watchdogs do nothing to stop it.

Tease photo

DAN W. HAMMACK: Arctic Bear column was inappropriate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A segregated society was simply the way things were

The unpleasant memories of a woman who worked at the original Arctic Bear bring back events and conditions that people are trying to put behind them.

Tease photo

JAMES KING: Confederate flag symbol of freedom fight

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Civil War was a fight for independence

The Confederate flag represents principles upon which the United States was founded.

Tease photo

TERRY F. LONG: Arctic Bear memories column fans flames of racism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reminding people of the past an attempt to keep racism raging

Woman with unpleasant memories of the Arctic Bear should be thankful she lives in a country that can change for the better.

Tease photo

JAMES COX: Send the cronies in Washington home

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government is acting like a dictatorship

Americans need to take a stand and run all the cronies out of Washington, D.C.

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LORIE FARKAS: Thanks go out for Christmas parade

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It took the combined effort of hundreds of people to make the Albany Christmas parade successful

The Celebration of Lights parade requires hundreds of volunteers who channel the spirit of the season.

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TENICA L. WILLIAMS: Technology part of teens' social life

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Social media will not replace family bonds

Social networks let teen strengthen friendships, with even casual acquaintances having the potential for a positive impact.

Tease photo

DAVID SHIVERS: Cynthia Tucker's column is no diatribe

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist Cynthia Tucker didnt read minds in writing her column

Columnist relied on words and accounts of Sarah Palin and Thomas Jefferson in her opinion column.

Tease photo

DUANE DAVIS: America has taken the wrong direction

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democratic lawmakers change positions with political winds

Democratic senators who decried idea of the so-called nuclear option when Republicans were in control had no problem hitting the button now.

Tease photo

WARREN D. GRANT: Time will tell on deal with Iran

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberal pundits are too quick to applaud U.S./Iranian deal

Conflict has been common in the Middle East for thousands of years, and the pact negotiated by the Obama administration likely won’t end it.

Tease photo

WALT SPECHT: Public housing should be for the poor who are deserving

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meant to be temporary help, public housing has become permanent for some families

Allowing those who don’t qualify financially into public housing denies those who truly need it.

Tease photo

SAM HARRIS: Gourmet meals await at Albany Tech

The biweekly lunches served at Albany Technical College rival fine meals

Gourmet meals are affordable from the young chefs at Albany Tech’s Culinary Arts School.

Tease photo

WARREN D. GRANT: Columnist Cynthia Tucker continues divisive writings

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cynthia Tucker is decieved by her political crystal ball

The columnist is the one who is paranoid and overwrought, not Sarah Palin.

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JOHN BRYANT: Weather Channel skips listing Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany is obscured on the Weather Channel radar map

Montgomery stretches from central Alabama to the Atlantic Ocean on the Weather Channel map.

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MIKE SABOT: Obamacare supporters sold a bad bill of goods

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Affordable Care Act provides neither affordable insurance nor quality

The Affordable Care Act for Southwest Georgia has only one hospital and no doctors accepting it.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Articles of Confederation forgotten by many

Letter to the Editor: The Articles of Confederation was a first attempt to decentralize the national government

Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was dependent upon states for its funding.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: U.S. cannot afford another shutdown

Letter to the Editor: Greed and power led to U.S. federal government shutdown

If another government shutdown occurs, America may not regain its sanity.

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WARREN GRANT: U.S. debt nearing bottom of the barrel

Letter to the Editor: In 70 percent of the states, an individual makes more while on welfare than by working for minimum wage.

As the federal debt continues to rise, the U.S. money barrel is getting more barren.

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WALT SPECHT: Churches spend, but are they helping?

Letter to the Editor: Money spent on buildings and salaries could help poor

Look at Albany area churches and you see where temples and idols are built.

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JAMES BALCH: Obamacare is creating a mess of things

Letter to the Editor: Under Obamacare, $750 billion is being moved from Medicare to Medicaid

The cost of the poorly working Affordable Care Act signup website has jumped from $94 million to an estimated $600 million.

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LETTER: Cemetery ponds a poor reflection

Letter to the editor

Too often if we live with something that needs repair, we gradually become accustomed to it.

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LETTER: Voters need to be informed on issues

A government shutdown comes as no surprise, given our dysfunctional system where the people we elect to represent us instead represent themselves.

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LETTER: Health care needs two-party solution

We need some sort of health care program in this country, but it need not be a partisan effort. Both sides in Congress must get together and develop a system that relies mostly on common sense and logic.

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LETTER: 'Pure' capitalism isn't wanted

Letter to the Editor

People do not want “pure” capitalism. Caveat emptor are the words you do not want to hear.

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LETTER: Albany has a lot going for it

Letter to the editor

While we will all agree that there are many problems in our society, they are not limited to Albany. Looking at the positive things that we have in Albany, we see many.

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LETTER: District 5 voters deserve better

Letter to the editor

I have been out of town for a while and while reviewing past issues of The Albany Herald, I saw an article by Terry Lewis entitled “Griffin supports school chief, but not new contract.” This article prompted a number of memories after spending 12 years on the School Board. I feel compelled to respond.

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LETTER: Families need solid foundation

Why are houses in the Albany ares not selling? On Yahoo and on TV I see and read that there is a shortage of housing nationwide. Yet, in our area we cannot give them away. Why?

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LETTER: Government aid is being abused

The obvious evidence of the failure of governmental support programs. I am addressing aid to the able-bodied, not the truely disabled.

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LETTER: Obama proved serious on Syria

Letter to the Editor

Charles Krauthammer wrote an article in The Herald Sept. 8 titled, “Unless he’s serious, vote no on Syria.” I disagree; the president is very serious about limited military intervention.

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LETTER: Government wants control of your auto

Letter to the Editor

So, the federal government plans to convert all vehicles from mechanical to electronic. Your steering, brakes, fuel system, and ignition system will operate on electronics.

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BRYANT: Governments must live within means

All government officials, no matter the capacity, are supposed to be responsible adults. If some of our citizens that pay taxes can budget for their households, why can’t our elected officials?


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