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Lewis-Polite wins DCSS Teacher of the Year April 17, 2014

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MARCIA JOHNSON: Emergency medical team a blessing to patient, family

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Quick medical work makaes survival of widow maker possible

Chest pain center medical staff and EMS team enable patient to survive critical heart attack.

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WALT SPECHT: Vermont visits always enlighten

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School district votes on school budgets not a bad idea for south Georgia

Issues over school spending, reckless behavior and crooked politicians are crop up in North as much as they do in the South.

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JOHN BRYANT: Moving ahead is only backing up

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Column recasts thoughts on political landscape

The U.S. is losing its Constitution a little bit at a time.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Divert money from parks and the Civic Center to pay law enforcement better salaries

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Money spent on recreational, educational and entertainment facilities could be better spent

Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office personnel should have salaries raised with spending that now goes to the Civic Center, Flint RiverQuarium, Chehaw and Paul Eames Sports Park.

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JOHN BRYANT: Bill Clinton had strong economic record

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Despite personal shortcomings, President Clinton left a budget surplus

While Bill Clinton showed his human failings, he also had low unemployment, a booming economy and federal budget surpluses during his presidency.

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BETTY MCDONALD: Death of Leola Williams a loss to family and co-workers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leola Williams brought passion to her work at the Phoebe Putney Cancer Center desk

The family and co-workers of Leola Williams have lost a dear friend.

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SHARISSE KELLY: Law enforcement officers deserve higher pay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dougherty law enforcement officers have not had a raise in six years

Losing law enforcement officers because of low pay will make it tough to keep the “good life” in the Good Life City.

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WALT SPECHT: America should be worlds top manufacturer

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The rules favor foreign producers who do not have to abide by the restrictions imposed on U.S. manufacturers

America needs to return to the days when it produced the highest quality products in the world.

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BOB LOGAN: Confederate memorial service set for Dougherty and Lee counties April 5

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry will speak at this year’s Confederate memorial service for Dougherty and Lee counties.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist T. Gamble wrong on Ten Commandments

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Writers should know biblical facts before they type

Teaching anything that God’s word doesn’t support is taking his name in vain.

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JOHN BRYANT: Federal spending numbers can be confusing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dollar for dollar, President Obama has outspent President Bush

President George W. Bush realized that a terrorist’s most dangerous weapon was his mind.

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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Republicans run up bills for future generations

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President George W. Bush started the current streak of budget deficits

Republicans worry about political gain instead of doing what’s best for America.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Delays in Savannah port project are costing Georgia jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dredging has been approved, so why the hold up?

The unnecessary delay in the work deepening the Savannah port is a prime example of the federal government doing its finest bungling.

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WALT SPECHT: We cannot afford bargain-rate law enforcement

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law enforcement officers are critical personnel who deserve a livable wage

Budgets are always tight, but paying law enforcement officers is not the place the scrimp.

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JOHN BRYANT: Games are still playing in the United States

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Olympics have been completed, but Americans still try for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum

Most like the idea affordable health care offerings, but they dislike fraud and mandatory compliance.

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ARLEEN SCHULTZ: Employees derserve better consideation

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Eliminating positions with no warning is poor business

Abrupt eliminations of positions can adversely impact employees who remain with the company, too.

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WALT SPECHT: Violent confrontations can be avoided

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many do not like concealed gun carry because it infringes on their ability to bully

Those who carry concealed weapons illegally are the biggest concern.

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JOHN MCRAE: Resolution of Westiver grade change scandal set poor example

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mass changing of grades should not have been allowed

The Dougherty County School System leveled much stiffer punishment for the whistleblower than for those who were involved in the changing of the grades.

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LEE LOWERY: Proposed law that allows discrimination is not religious freedom

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The law under consideration could have adverse impact on gay individuals

A proposal that could adversely impact gay people should not be cloaked as an act ensuring freedom of religion.

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CHRIS CLARK: The 26th Georgia Quail Hunt was again a success

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The annual event gives a good impression of Southwest Georgia to movers and shakers in business

The work by organizers of the Georgia Quail Hunt has given business leaders a positive view in regard to doing business in Georgia.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Grade changing creates questions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The disclosure of student information to the public was not as bad as the actions that were disclosed

In the case of the Westover High School freshmen grade changes, the respective punishments don’t fit the actions.

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WALT SPECHT: Parents are abandoning their basic responsibilities to their children

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government programs step in to provide care that should be up to parents

Government programs should not just throw money at the problem, but also hold parents accountable.

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DIANE BENFORD: Dog laws should apply to all breeds

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Owners who are negligent are the real issue

Albany dog ordinances should apply across-the-board and more resources should be devoted to dealing with people who abuse their pets.

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JULIE SELLERS: The success of the Night of Hope Gala was due to work of many

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While fundraising is challenging, the Albany community came through

The Cancer Coalition was able to exceed its fundraising goal with the event as it worked to fight cancer in Southwest Georgia.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Our America is running into big trouble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should be more willing to help those in need and in trouble

Live life as an example to those who have problems and do what you can to help out.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Politicians of all stripes are pushing America into the abyss

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look at any president and you will find evidence of your preconceived notion

Placing 47 million non-working Americans in the backs of those who are working doesn’t “elevate” them; it drags everyone else down.

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JERRY HEATH: Crictics of farm bill have not done their research

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nearly four out of every five farm bill dollars go to food nutrition programs

Those who want the farm bill cut in half need to realize that near;y 80 percent of it goes to nutrition programs such as food stamps.

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RONALD BARBER: Lee-Jackson birthday celebration and enjoyable event

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Celebration of birthdays of Confederate generals a reminder of Southern heritage

The annual event at American Legion Post 30 honored the memories of Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

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STEVEN T. TRAMBONI: Government is picking to pockets of distracted Americans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government has gotten out of control

Americans need to make an effort to rein in the overreaching government that is spending too much and interjecting itself too much into everyday lives.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany airport contract air tower funded through end of fiscal year

With the support of Albany’s congressional delegation, the recently passed federal budget includes funding to keep Southwest Georgia Regional Airport’s contract control tower open through Sept. 30.

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WALT SPECHT: Gang members are more dangerous than pit bull

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is the outcry against gang members?

Gangs will not only injure people, they will steal from their livelihoods.

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Pit bulls maligned by ignorant public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bulls the victims of irrational stereotyping based on fear

Every dog should stand on its own merits, regardless of breed.

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MARY Y. HERNDON: Best choice for Dougherty County school chief already on the job

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Dougherty School Board should offer superintendent job to Butch Mosely

Interim Superintendent Butch Mosely already is improving the Dougherty County School System and deserves to be named the permanent school chief.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Changes needed to proposed Albany dangerous dog ordinance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The proposed ordiance can be improved by modifying it

The Albany City Commisison will hear comments on its proposed dangerous dog ordinance on Feb. 18 before a second reading on the proposal on Feb. 25.

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CHARLES F. RUFFIN: Best lawyer advertsing educates the public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While senasational lawyer ads are frowned upon, they are protected speech

A Savannah-area lawyer’s Super Bowl ad has created a stir, but the State Bar has little control over the content of its members’ ads.

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PAUL A. JONES: TAD debt may fall on backs of taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tax allocation districts (TADs) must create more tax revenue to work

The fear is that the Central Business District will not generate greater tax revenues, leaving the payment of TAD debt to be picked up by taxpayers throughout Dougherty County.

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JEANETTE WEATHERSBY: Albany pit bull ordinance needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bull owners have a choice that the defenseless do not have

An attack on a niece and her small dogs by pit bulls resulted in the small dog dying, the niece suffering permanent injuries and her daughter being traumatized.

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JOHN H. O’BRIEN: The choice in U.S. is between capitalism and communism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One path leads to rewards, the other to pitiless death

The battle in America is between capitalism and communism, not liberalism and conservatism.

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WALT SPECHT: The taxpayers are the losers with the Affordable Care Act

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for insurance company losses

From the start, Obamacare has not functioned as envisioned. Now, taxpayers are on the hook for costs.

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STEVE TAMBRONI: Federal government ignores the real problems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welfare recipients who can work and illegal immigrants get free passes

Americans who work have fewer rights than those who scam the system.

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DUANE DAVIS: Hard work leads to increases in paychecks

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hikes in the minimum wage means corresponding hikes in the cost of living

President Obama should have addressed importance of parental responsibilities in his State of the Union address.

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JIMMY WEASE: Police make a traumatic holiday experience uplifting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christmas gifts stolen during a residential break-in are recovered

What started out as a traumatic experience was mitigated by the recovery of the property and the service and consideration provided by Albany and Dougherty County police officers.

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NANCY ASKEY: Mended Hearts promotes heart health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Albany chapter of Mended Hearts marks its 30th anniversary

Members of Mended Hearts visit heart patients and their families to offer support and encouragement.

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WARREN D. GRANT: America becoming a land of blind sheep

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many are following the noise from Washington, D.C.

The loss of freedom doesn’t come all at once. It is eroded slowly over time.

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RUBY B. BRITT: Whats right doesn’t change with times

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government cannot legislate a wrong into a right

The Constitution guarantees to the right to express one’s opinions.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans need to relearn kindness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: American youth are watching a self-absorbed generation

Humbleness, kindness and concern for others are in short supply these days.

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WALT SPECHT: Government ignores wasteful spending

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpyers foot bill for free wine and cheese on Amtrak

While some legitimately need help from the government to survive, others are gaming the system and the so-called government watchdogs do nothing to stop it.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist off mark on scriptures

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scripture should be quoted in context

The Bible’s teachings on homosexuality are in agreement with the statements made by Phil Robertson, though some do not like to hear the truth.

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DAN W. HAMMACK: Arctic Bear column was inappropriate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A segregated society was simply the way things were

The unpleasant memories of a woman who worked at the original Arctic Bear bring back events and conditions that people are trying to put behind them.

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JAMES KING: Confederate flag symbol of freedom fight

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Civil War was a fight for independence

The Confederate flag represents principles upon which the United States was founded.

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TERRY F. LONG: Arctic Bear memories column fans flames of racism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reminding people of the past an attempt to keep racism raging

Woman with unpleasant memories of the Arctic Bear should be thankful she lives in a country that can change for the better.

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JAMES COX: Send the cronies in Washington home

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government is acting like a dictatorship

Americans need to take a stand and run all the cronies out of Washington, D.C.

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TENICA L. WILLIAMS: Technology part of teens' social life

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Social media will not replace family bonds

Social networks let teen strengthen friendships, with even casual acquaintances having the potential for a positive impact.

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LORIE FARKAS: Thanks go out for Christmas parade

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It took the combined effort of hundreds of people to make the Albany Christmas parade successful

The Celebration of Lights parade requires hundreds of volunteers who channel the spirit of the season.

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DAVID SHIVERS: Cynthia Tucker's column is no diatribe

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist Cynthia Tucker didnt read minds in writing her column

Columnist relied on words and accounts of Sarah Palin and Thomas Jefferson in her opinion column.

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DUANE DAVIS: America has taken the wrong direction

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democratic lawmakers change positions with political winds

Democratic senators who decried idea of the so-called nuclear option when Republicans were in control had no problem hitting the button now.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Time will tell on deal with Iran

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberal pundits are too quick to applaud U.S./Iranian deal

Conflict has been common in the Middle East for thousands of years, and the pact negotiated by the Obama administration likely won’t end it.

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WALT SPECHT: Public housing should be for the poor who are deserving

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meant to be temporary help, public housing has become permanent for some families

Allowing those who don’t qualify financially into public housing denies those who truly need it.

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SAM HARRIS: Gourmet meals await at Albany Tech

The biweekly lunches served at Albany Technical College rival fine meals

Gourmet meals are affordable from the young chefs at Albany Tech’s Culinary Arts School.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Columnist Cynthia Tucker continues divisive writings

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cynthia Tucker is decieved by her political crystal ball

The columnist is the one who is paranoid and overwrought, not Sarah Palin.

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JOHN BRYANT: Weather Channel skips listing Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany is obscured on the Weather Channel radar map

Montgomery stretches from central Alabama to the Atlantic Ocean on the Weather Channel map.

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MIKE SABOT: Obamacare supporters sold a bad bill of goods

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Affordable Care Act provides neither affordable insurance nor quality

The Affordable Care Act for Southwest Georgia has only one hospital and no doctors accepting it.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Articles of Confederation forgotten by many

Letter to the Editor: The Articles of Confederation was a first attempt to decentralize the national government

Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was dependent upon states for its funding.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: U.S. cannot afford another shutdown

Letter to the Editor: Greed and power led to U.S. federal government shutdown

If another government shutdown occurs, America may not regain its sanity.

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WARREN GRANT: U.S. debt nearing bottom of the barrel

Letter to the Editor: In 70 percent of the states, an individual makes more while on welfare than by working for minimum wage.

As the federal debt continues to rise, the U.S. money barrel is getting more barren.

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WALT SPECHT: Churches spend, but are they helping?

Letter to the Editor: Money spent on buildings and salaries could help poor

Look at Albany area churches and you see where temples and idols are built.

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JAMES BALCH: Obamacare is creating a mess of things

Letter to the Editor: Under Obamacare, $750 billion is being moved from Medicare to Medicaid

The cost of the poorly working Affordable Care Act signup website has jumped from $94 million to an estimated $600 million.

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LETTER: Cemetery ponds a poor reflection

Letter to the editor

Too often if we live with something that needs repair, we gradually become accustomed to it.

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LETTER: Voters need to be informed on issues

A government shutdown comes as no surprise, given our dysfunctional system where the people we elect to represent us instead represent themselves.

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LETTER: Health care needs two-party solution

We need some sort of health care program in this country, but it need not be a partisan effort. Both sides in Congress must get together and develop a system that relies mostly on common sense and logic.

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LETTER: 'Pure' capitalism isn't wanted

Letter to the Editor

People do not want “pure” capitalism. Caveat emptor are the words you do not want to hear.

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LETTER: Albany has a lot going for it

Letter to the editor

While we will all agree that there are many problems in our society, they are not limited to Albany. Looking at the positive things that we have in Albany, we see many.

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LETTER: District 5 voters deserve better

Letter to the editor

I have been out of town for a while and while reviewing past issues of The Albany Herald, I saw an article by Terry Lewis entitled “Griffin supports school chief, but not new contract.” This article prompted a number of memories after spending 12 years on the School Board. I feel compelled to respond.

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LETTER: Families need solid foundation

Why are houses in the Albany ares not selling? On Yahoo and on TV I see and read that there is a shortage of housing nationwide. Yet, in our area we cannot give them away. Why?

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LETTER: Government aid is being abused

The obvious evidence of the failure of governmental support programs. I am addressing aid to the able-bodied, not the truely disabled.

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LETTER: Obama proved serious on Syria

Letter to the Editor

Charles Krauthammer wrote an article in The Herald Sept. 8 titled, “Unless he’s serious, vote no on Syria.” I disagree; the president is very serious about limited military intervention.

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LETTER: Government wants control of your auto

Letter to the Editor

So, the federal government plans to convert all vehicles from mechanical to electronic. Your steering, brakes, fuel system, and ignition system will operate on electronics.

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BRYANT: Governments must live within means

All government officials, no matter the capacity, are supposed to be responsible adults. If some of our citizens that pay taxes can budget for their households, why can’t our elected officials?


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