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JIM HENDRICKS: Some Cracked Mugs on a dreary day

OPINION: An the envelope please …

There’s nothing like a dreary day to bring to mind people and events that are disappointing.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift

OPINION: Advice to the lovelorn on the most romantic holiday of the year

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift isn’t the hard part. Getting it to the right person, however, can be a challenge.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Wrong turn leads to a good turn

OPINION: A 82-year-old Thomasville woman helped by stranger in Albany

Calena Bennett, 82, was lost as she drove through Albany until a woman whose name she doesn’t know helped her find her way.

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JIM HENDRICKS: For one couple, a chance to celebrate holiday together a reason to be thankful

OPINION: A medical crisis strikes husband hundreds of miles away in Albany

Hundreds of miles from home, the aid from stangers in Albany give a North Carolina man facing a medical crisis and his wife a new reason to be thankful.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Here's more mud in your eye

OPINION: For choice, how about None of These Candidates? | POLL

With all the mud that’s been slung — particularly in the U.S. Senate race for the seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss — it’s a wonder bordering on a bona fide miracle that the state of Georgia, in its entirety, has not summarily slid into the Atlantic Ocean in a California-grade mudslide.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Popping the top on the good ol' days

OPINION: There is little downside when it comes to nostalgia

Get-rich schemes require self control and avoiding thirsty weekends.

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JIM HENDRICKS: The tragedy is for those left behind

OPINION: Many struggle with the same internal demons that claimed Robin Williams

Every life has real value, if only we would take a objective look at ourselves.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Sometimes marriage beats the odds

OPINION: Old habits can be hard to break

After more than a quarter century of marriage, those who know me agree that there remains one great mystery to be solved.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Commuter finds himself in a real jam

OPINION: A Florida man who shut down cell phones on his commute is looking at a big fine

Some of us who’ve shared the road with drivers who text would have given the cell jammer a medal. Unfortunately, the FCC doesn’t see it quite that way.

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JIM HENDRICKS: A Christmas gift worth keeping

OPINION: There is a piece of Christmas that, once received, you'll always want to keep

While a great many folks would like to forget about the holiday season, at least one part of it is worth holding onto the year around.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Wait! Is it Christmas already?

OPINION: Despite its bold presence on the calendar, Christmas has a way of sneaking up on us

In striving to create a perfect Christmas, we too often overlook what makes it special.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Now that's a negotiator

FEATURES COLUMN: Never underestimate the determination of a 3-year-old grandson

Bedtime stories for kids can be far-fetched, but they can’t touch the conversations you have with them.

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HENDRICKS: The hard questions are easy to avoid -- for now

More energy needs to be expended on what’s really important.


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