What should happen next to the Heritage House?

The owners should be forced to either demolish it or repair it within a certain number of days.


The city should be allowed to step in and demolish it.





sowegaslim 4 years ago

This place has been an eye sore for way to long and for the owners to be appealing the decision for renovations is completely a waste of time. With the amount of years they have owned this building, why has it taken them so long to renovate it. Wasting time is there top priority!


richie 4 years ago

The City has been round and round on this trying every option and the "owners" are just penniless deadbeats. The City should just march forward through the courts and then demolish the structure ASAP!


Justice4Moma 4 years ago

StrongYou have to be a member of the Good Ole Boy System to know why they are not doing anything about this.And We just pay them to do there jobs.We mean nothing to them.They just want our money anyway they can get it.Yes i am down on our Leaders.As should alot of us.If we all get together,and get the goof offs out of Leadership,and we all can.Then Albany will make it.If not this is going to turn into a ghost town.And that my friends is a shame when we have so many trying to help Albany.The may not be Mayors,or commissioners,or City Att.But they are people who are making jobs here,instead of trying to tear them down.We have good people here that would love to see this town make it.And it is not our Leaders.Tear that building down now.People are getting sick around that place.Do you all care? Never mind i know the answer to that one.Only about your selfs or your Family.No one else matters.


mike 4 years ago

this place is on west side not east side get a road map


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