Has the execution of Troy Davis affected your opinion of the death penalty?

No, I supported it before and still do


No, I opposed it before and still do


I have no position


Yes, I supported it before but now don't


Yes, I opposed it before but now support it



kimkrchr50 3 years, 7 months ago

I'm all for the death penalty as long as the person sentenced to death did a hideous crime. If you can not do the time do not do the crime, and do not blame it on a bad childhood because that is just an excuse. There are laws and rules to follow in life and everyone needs to remember that, they are not met to be broken. If you rape a child or murder anyone except for protecting yourself or your family then you should get the death penalty. Why should we pay for the up keep of prisoners that have commited crimes that they know are wrong. I do not care how bad your life is at the moment that does not give you the right to kill or rob people. GET A JOB! I do not care who you are or how old you are if you are capable and not disabled, get out there and get a job so you do not commit a crime in desperation. I'm sorry but I'm personally tired of paying such high taxs and insurance just to support people who are to lazy to work or who think they have the right to commit a crime and have the people of the city support them.


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