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HOW THEY'RE BITIN': Southwest Georgia Fishing - April 19, 2014 weekend

FISHING REPORT: A weekly summary of how fish are biting in Southwest Georgia lakes and the Flint River

Fishing prospects at Lake Seminole and the Flint River are upgraded to good this week; still fair at lakes George and Blackshear.

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BOB KORNEGAY: I hear the guns

OUTDOORS: Ghosts of battles haunt areas of natures beauty

Nature and history are often intertwined.

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HOW THEY'RE BITIN': Southwest Georgia fishing - Weekend April 12, 2014

FISHING REPORT: Heavy rain and murky water cloud the forecast

Weekly fihsing reports for Southwest Georgia lakes and the Flint River.

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BOB KORNEGAY: A treatise on crickets

OUTDOORS: Cricket tube sighting strips mythology from trout fishing

I never fish for trout without crickets, at least in a back-up role. I’ll put a live bug on a hand-tied dry fly in a heartbeat. Heck, when I’m really fish hungry I’ll shun flies altogether and fish crickets “nekkid.” I have no shame.

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OUTDOORS: Bradford pear not as pretty as it seems

One of the most popular ornamentals in the Southeast is the Bradford pear tree.

Although various traits make it a favorite for many who want to beautify their properties, the Bradford pear brings with it some dark secrets.

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HOW THEY'RE BITIN': Southwest Georgia lakes and river fishing rated fair this week

FISHING REPORT: Lakes Seminole, George and Blackshear and the Flint River

Bass fishing is good in some waterways, while catfish are slow to fair this week.

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BOB KORNEGAY: Camp cooking leaves much to be desired

OUTDOORS: How can you beat a meal seasoned with ashes and a variety of flying bugs?

Mother Nature has a way of making outdoor cooking particularly adventurous.

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Flathead Catfish: Big, bad, ugly and fun

The flathead continues to thrive in the region’s river systems

The big cats are plentiful, even to the point of being introduced as pests in some waterways.

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BOB KORNEGAY: Why didn't I ask why first?

OUTDOORS COLUMN: For three decades, questions about the great outdoors have gone unanswered

There are some things an outdoors guy just ought to have the right to ask questions about.

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Southwest Georgia Fishing Reports - March 22, 2014

The best fishing this weekend should be on Lake Seminole

Reports on how they’re biting at Lakes Seminole, George and Blackshear and the Flint River.

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