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DOUG PORTER: Chehaw lectures are naturally enlightening

GUEST COLUMN: Series has begun its second year

Usually held on the first Monday of the month at Chehaw’s Creekside center, the lecture series is designed to acquaint those in attendance with what’s going on in nature.

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DOUG PORTER: Preserve our natural treasures

GUEST COLUMN: Earth Day marks its 45th year

The issues we face are enormous and controversial. Global climate change is threatening to melt the polar ice caps, raise sea levels, and create dangerously unpredictable weather patterns.

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DOUG PORTER: Greenspace master plan depends on leadership

GUEST COLUMN: Consistent, positive citizen leadership needed to make headway

I am truly excited at the prospect of connecting the miles of trails at Chehaw with downtown Albany and beyond. I have long envisioned bicycle rental stands at the park and at Flint RiverQuarium that would allow people to share our attractions. When our new RV Campground opens next year, what a great asset for our out-of town guests to have a direct access to the restaurants and attractions of downtown.

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DOUG PORTER: Chehaw Park in Albany more than just nature's playground

GUEST COLUMNIST: Chehaw helps three ways with science education

Chehaw Park is an outdoor science lab that facilitates formal, non-formal and informal learning.

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DOUG PORTER: 'Santa Sam the rhino' at Chehaw symbolizes Christmas season

GUEST COMMENTARY: Christmas is a study in contrasts

A rhino in a Santa hat may be one of the most appropriate symbols of the season that I have seen – one of God’s creatures, wearing a symbol of the joy of giving, in an image of peace and contentment.

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DOUG PORTER: FBI turning animal abuse into top-tier felony

GUEST COMMENTARY: Animals do not have human rights, but deserve protection under the law

This change will help the FBI track crimes nationally and should boost efforts at the state level as well. In Georgia, cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor.

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DOUG PORTER: Bogart the camel a hit in Macon

GUEST COMMENTARY: Albany has amenities that are worth bragging about

Cities larger than Albany don’t have as much to offer as the Good Life City does.

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DOUG PORTER: What’s the next step with killer whales?

GUEST COMMENTARY: One problem with arguments is no room for compromise

Zoos and aquariums have have positive influences on creating awareness about animals such as killer whales, apes and elephants.

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DOUG PORTER: Chehaw Park helping the survival of black rhinos

GUEST COMMENTARY: Rhino populations are slowly recovering from decimation from deadly smugglers

From a low of 2,300, there are now 5,000 black rhinos surviving in the wild. Chehaw is participating in a national breeding program to help preserve the genetic diversity of all rhino species.

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Future of planet is in our hands

Guest commentary

Over 40 years ago, an iconic photograph of the earth was taken from 28,000 miles in space by the crew of Apollo 17. The photo, known as “the Blue Marble,” depicts the Earth as a blue and white sphere set against the inky blackness of space — and it is a haunting image of our fragile existence. As we approach Earth Day 2013, perhaps this is a good time to reflect on this photograph and consider how we are doing.

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Chehaw competing for favorite U.S. park

According to a recent study by the National Parks Service, there is growing awareness that parks "provide an array of social benefits in addition to recreation, inspiration and research."

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Internet can't take place of newspaper

I would miss my newspaper if it were to be replaced by electronic news. For me, a newspaper is to a computer as a road map is to the electronic voice giving directions out of a car's navigation system.