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JAMES BALCH: Obamacare is creating a mess of things

Letter to the Editor: Under Obamacare, $750 billion is being moved from Medicare to Medicaid

The cost of the poorly working Affordable Care Act signup website has jumped from $94 million to an estimated $600 million.

LETTER: Obamacare doesn’t have equal access

Letter to the editor

If the system Obama care is equal, why do we pay more than they do in Atlanta or other metro areas? Are we being penalized because we stayed in south Georgia?

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LETTER: Families need solid foundation

Why are houses in the Albany ares not selling? On Yahoo and on TV I see and read that there is a shortage of housing nationwide. Yet, in our area we cannot give them away. Why?

President is fanning flames of controversy

Why has Obama not addressed the bounty funded by the Black Panthers for Mr. Zimmerman? Why would Holder or Obama permit this type of bullying, or, as in the past, do the Black Panthers get another free ride? Why did Obama ridicule the accused, the police department and anyone else who sided with Mr. Zimmerman's right to defend himself?

Dougherty Commission inept in police funding

According to County Commissioner Mr. (Jack) Stone (March 6, The Albany Herald), the county commissioners have been totally negligent in keeping the county police department funded properly.

Obama energy policies nothing to brag about

Another company touted by Obama has filed for bankruptcy. Another $118.5 million grant down the drain; another delay in the timing of the announcement until after the State of the Union address.

Obama’s missteps leave America in red

A recent editorial gave high praises and support to President Obama, and we were told how good of a job he has done.

America heading the way of Italy and Greece

Why do the Democrats continually want to spend money we do not have? Re-election comes to mind, with big benefits going to the labor Unions (exempted from Obama care) and welfare growing at an alarming rate.

Honda should look to Southwest Georgia

In a letter to the editor, James Balch says Honda should build in Southwest Georgia.

Spending, not the tea party, nation's problem

James Balch, Albany

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