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KATHLEEN PARKER: Russian agreement just what the KGB ordered

OPINION: By not invading the rest of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gets a pass — and keeps Crimea

To Putin’s mind, he has emerged from these “diplomatic negotiations” — translated in Russian to mean “I did it my way” — as a tough statesman, generous in his restraint yet just scary enough to hold the world’s attention.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Erase the race card

OPINION: During what many had hoped would be a post-racial America, racial division has been amplifie

The race cards have been flying so fast and furious lately, one can hardly tell the kings from the queens.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Stephen Colbert no threat to the heartland

OPINION: Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show from David Letterman in 2015

By selecting Stephen Colbert as its marquee late-night talk host, CBS is not taking a swipe at the heartland of America, but bringing to the interview desk a comedian with a sharp wit who won’t be playing his “The Colbert Report” character.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Democrats demonize Koch brothers

OPINION: The Kochs may be tarred and feathered by liberals before the November elections

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the Kochs un-American, a powerful government official fired a shot across the bow of two private citizens who have acted within the law while contributing wealth to the economy through employment.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Democrats are acting desperately

OPINION: Minimum wage efforts are designed to motivate the Democratic Party base

An increase in minimum wage is a decent idea, but only in times of economic stability.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Lighten up on the first lady

OPINION: criticism of Michelle Obama has gotten downright ugly

Every first lady faces trials, and Hillary Clinton’s years in the White House were certainly no picnic. Even Laura Bush felt the sting now and then. But the harsh barrage against Mrs. Obama, often in the most personal terms, is in a class of its own.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A matter of principle

OPINION: Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz form odd couple partnership on religion issue

Witnessing Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Baylor University President Kenneth Starr discuss and largely agree on religious liberty issues raised by the popularly known Hobby Lobby case was pleasantly jarring.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Salvation doesnt have political leaning

OPINION: The meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama holds great promise

Though Pope Francis may bless President Obama and beam that knowing smile, his prayer for humanity’s salvation has no political party affiliation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Noah's arc of triumph

OPINION: A new movie about Noah gets backlash from Muslims and Christians alike

“Noah” isn’t ,meant to be a sermon, call to prayer, encouragement for religious conversion or a disrespect of a prophet. It’s a big-budget movie made to entertain, inspire and be profitable.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: New SAT don’t care for no fancy words

OPINION: When going gets tough, make the test easier

The “tweaks” to the SAT are a shame because they rob educators of meausres that provide critical information on prospective college students.

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