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KATHLEEN PARKER: Eric Cantor's swan song

OPINION: One thing Eric Cantor did not have was a ground game

Two victories, assuming the second, hardly bestow bragging rights on the tea party. Nor, consequently, would they bolster the Democratic narrative that the tea party has conquered the GOP.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A farewell to friends

Everyone faces the ultimate deadline, soon or later

Though we mostly lost touch, there are no friends like those from the time when life seemed infinite and death was a poem.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Prisoner exchange was a tough choice for President Obama

OPINION: President Obama has defended his decision on precedent and principle

It is possible that some of the current criticism is tied to partisan pride as well as the opening of old wounds.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Eating Michelle Obama's lunch

OPINION: Stricter school meal rules are impacting educational programs

The so-called federal Dumpster Derby program gets its name from students’ dislike for the new food choices, leading to much of the food being tossed rather thasn eaten.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: All the news fit for a president

OPINION: America expects its president to know what is going on, not learn it when they rest of us do

It may be that the programs the president should be on top of are too big and complex, but to admit that would be an admission by President Obama that his ideology is failing.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Warning -- Literature just ahead

OPINION: Some now want provacative works of literature to come with warning labels

We might expect that professors, guided by their own educations, common sense and goodwill, might mention the potential to find some words or expressions disturbing. But requiring labels on books is the busywork of smallish minds, yet another numbing example of political correctness run amok and the infantilizing of education in the service of overreaching sensitivity.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Curtain rises on new act in old play

OPINION: Fairness doesn’t always mean absolute equality

The targeting of Jill Abramson and Hillary Clinton — two powerful, accomplished women — may prove more predictive of the presidential election (assuming Clinton runs) than any other single factor.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Ennui and self-loathing in Washington, D.C.

OPINION: White House Correspondents event shines spotlight on Hollywood for Ugly People

The media create the problem, then examine the problem, then suggest ways to solve the problem (that we don’t really believe is a problem) and then go on to repeat the problem of the annual schmoozing of celebrities and journalists.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Words, once spoken, can take life of their own

OPINION: The words of one person are too often generalized to condemn a larger group

We should all be nervous about the instantaneous formation of social media mobs that attack a single individual whose comments, while contemptible, result in a virtual execution. Once the mob descends, no punishment short of absolute destruction seems sufficient. People may want justice but the mob wants blood.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Russian agreement just what the KGB ordered

OPINION: By not invading the rest of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gets a pass — and keeps Crimea

To Putin’s mind, he has emerged from these “diplomatic negotiations” — translated in Russian to mean “I did it my way” — as a tough statesman, generous in his restraint yet just scary enough to hold the world’s attention.

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