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Mark Richt out as Georgia football coach November 29, 2015

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A word to the wise

OPINION: We are all fluent in the language foretold by George Orwell

Effective leadership requires that one not only speak the truth but speak it with conviction and authentic passions natural to events. President Obama’s remarkable dispassion, punctuated occasionally by a brilliant smile that seems attached to a timer, has the effect of no affect whatsoever.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Whose war on women?

OPINION: The war on women is based on just one thing - - abortion rights.

Virginia voters who oppose Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock’s legislative record have a clear alternative. But if they cast their ballots for Democrat John Foust, they’ll be electing a man whose disrespect toward women and the single job only women can do — mothering — is at least as offensive as Rush Limbaugh’s name-calling of Sarah Fluke.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Eric Cantor's swan song

OPINION: One thing Eric Cantor did not have was a ground game

Two victories, assuming the second, hardly bestow bragging rights on the tea party. Nor, consequently, would they bolster the Democratic narrative that the tea party has conquered the GOP.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A farewell to friends

Everyone faces the ultimate deadline, soon or later

Though we mostly lost touch, there are no friends like those from the time when life seemed infinite and death was a poem.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Prisoner exchange was a tough choice for President Obama

OPINION: President Obama has defended his decision on precedent and principle

It is possible that some of the current criticism is tied to partisan pride as well as the opening of old wounds.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Eating Michelle Obama's lunch

OPINION: Stricter school meal rules are impacting educational programs

The so-called federal Dumpster Derby program gets its name from students’ dislike for the new food choices, leading to much of the food being tossed rather thasn eaten.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: All the news fit for a president

OPINION: America expects its president to know what is going on, not learn it when they rest of us do

It may be that the programs the president should be on top of are too big and complex, but to admit that would be an admission by President Obama that his ideology is failing.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Warning -- Literature just ahead

OPINION: Some now want provacative works of literature to come with warning labels

We might expect that professors, guided by their own educations, common sense and goodwill, might mention the potential to find some words or expressions disturbing. But requiring labels on books is the busywork of smallish minds, yet another numbing example of political correctness run amok and the infantilizing of education in the service of overreaching sensitivity.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Curtain rises on new act in old play

OPINION: Fairness doesn’t always mean absolute equality

The targeting of Jill Abramson and Hillary Clinton — two powerful, accomplished women — may prove more predictive of the presidential election (assuming Clinton runs) than any other single factor.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Ennui and self-loathing in Washington, D.C.

OPINION: White House Correspondents event shines spotlight on Hollywood for Ugly People

The media create the problem, then examine the problem, then suggest ways to solve the problem (that we don’t really believe is a problem) and then go on to repeat the problem of the annual schmoozing of celebrities and journalists.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Words, once spoken, can take life of their own

OPINION: The words of one person are too often generalized to condemn a larger group

We should all be nervous about the instantaneous formation of social media mobs that attack a single individual whose comments, while contemptible, result in a virtual execution. Once the mob descends, no punishment short of absolute destruction seems sufficient. People may want justice but the mob wants blood.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Russian agreement just what the KGB ordered

OPINION: By not invading the rest of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gets a pass — and keeps Crimea

To Putin’s mind, he has emerged from these “diplomatic negotiations” — translated in Russian to mean “I did it my way” — as a tough statesman, generous in his restraint yet just scary enough to hold the world’s attention.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Erase the race card

OPINION: During what many had hoped would be a post-racial America, racial division has been amplifie

The race cards have been flying so fast and furious lately, one can hardly tell the kings from the queens.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Stephen Colbert no threat to the heartland

OPINION: Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show from David Letterman in 2015

By selecting Stephen Colbert as its marquee late-night talk host, CBS is not taking a swipe at the heartland of America, but bringing to the interview desk a comedian with a sharp wit who won’t be playing his “The Colbert Report” character.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Democrats demonize Koch brothers

OPINION: The Kochs may be tarred and feathered by liberals before the November elections

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the Kochs un-American, a powerful government official fired a shot across the bow of two private citizens who have acted within the law while contributing wealth to the economy through employment.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Democrats are acting desperately

OPINION: Minimum wage efforts are designed to motivate the Democratic Party base

An increase in minimum wage is a decent idea, but only in times of economic stability.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Lighten up on the first lady

OPINION: criticism of Michelle Obama has gotten downright ugly

Every first lady faces trials, and Hillary Clinton’s years in the White House were certainly no picnic. Even Laura Bush felt the sting now and then. But the harsh barrage against Mrs. Obama, often in the most personal terms, is in a class of its own.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A matter of principle

OPINION: Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz form odd couple partnership on religion issue

Witnessing Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Baylor University President Kenneth Starr discuss and largely agree on religious liberty issues raised by the popularly known Hobby Lobby case was pleasantly jarring.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Salvation doesnt have political leaning

OPINION: The meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama holds great promise

Though Pope Francis may bless President Obama and beam that knowing smile, his prayer for humanity’s salvation has no political party affiliation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Noah's arc of triumph

OPINION: A new movie about Noah gets backlash from Muslims and Christians alike

“Noah” isn’t ,meant to be a sermon, call to prayer, encouragement for religious conversion or a disrespect of a prophet. It’s a big-budget movie made to entertain, inspire and be profitable.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: New SAT don’t care for no fancy words

OPINION: When going gets tough, make the test easier

The “tweaks” to the SAT are a shame because they rob educators of meausres that provide critical information on prospective college students.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Once upon a moonbeam

OPINION: California starts to focus on fiscal responsibility

Gov. Jerry Brown has traded his earlier dreams for the Golden State to pragmatic policies that has turned deficit spending in Calfornia into a surplus.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: The best hope for President Obama for change

OPINION: A new outreach initiative by the president to help at-risk boys of color is cause for cheer

Sometimes things can change only when the right messenger comes along.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Bubba Bobby Jindal waves political war flag

OPINION: The Louisiana governor appears to be flexing his political muscles

Gov. Bobby Jindal is poised for a run at the White House as himself, not the coached, awkward politician who delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union address five years ago.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Make love, not war

OPINION: The old-fashioned idea of men being chivalrous toward women is not in vogue today

Although we can argue that women shouldn’t get drunk and convey mixed signals, they are functionally less able to resist the advances of a determined male.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: The Party of No now the Party of Yes We Can

OPINION: After years of self-destruction, GOP lawmakers have stopped helping Democrats beat them

Republicans are staying away from divisive issues and concetrating on the narrative that President Obama and the Affordable Care Act are failures.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Once upon a dreary time …

OPIONION: Objective truth has gone the way of trolls, goblins and gremlins

Freeing people from work, until now, has never been a national goal.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Breaking News — Woman charged as being ruthless

OPINION: In a word, Hillary Clinton officially has been memed

In the 1992 poll on which the headline labeling Hillary Clinton was based, what voters found as “slick” with Bill Clinton they found as “ruthless” with Hillary Clinton.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Practice what you preach, Mr. President

OPINION: The call for religious freedom in the world by President Obama apparently does not include the United States

Many who heard the president’s remarks said they would have been encouraged by them, if only his actions reflected what he said.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Keep calm and gossip on

OPINION: Evidence is skimpy on the latest accusations against Gov. Chris Christie

Conservative wagons are circling the governor because they dislike the media more than a moderate Republican.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: The hard knocks of pro football

OPINION: The health risks of professional football are serious concerns

Anyone who has had a concussion knows it’s serious business. Successive concussions can have long-lasting effects leading to various mental disorders.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Are college students getting what they pay for?

OPINION: The cost of college has skyrocketed at an even higher percentage than medical costs

One study indicates that many colleges and universities are depending on their reputation than their current perfomance.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Uncle Sugar goes to town

OPINION: Republicans cannot seem to learn that it is how you say the message

In trying to dispel the notion of a Republican war on women, Mike Hukcabee’s choice of words clouds his message.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Hoboken mayor stokes scandal fire under Gov. Chris Christie

OPINION: The timing of Mayor Dawn Zimmers accusation is suspect

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer waits until the bridge closing scandal before finding the “courage” to accuse Gov. Chris Christie of playing politics with Hurricane Sandy relief funds.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Another marijuana confessional

OPINION: Everybody these days is confessing to the pot-smoking days of their youth

The so-called War on Drugs hasn’t made a dent in the popularity of marijuana, which should be decriminalized, regulated and taxed.

KATHLEEN PARKER: In luck we trust

OPINION: War on Poverty should rebuild culture of marriage

Marriage, besides being the best arrangement for children, has the added benefit of being good for grown-ups. One of the risk factors for poverty is single parenting.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Maybe Gov. Chris Christie needs a hug from President Obama

OPINION: If Gov. Christie had no knowledge of the bridge closing, he can survive

Gov. Christie can now be viewed as a victim of malicious staffers and a two-faced, pro-Democratic Party media.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: It's all in how you say it, politically speaking

OPINION: As the midterm elections near, be skeptical of what you hear

“Income inequality” may be the most brilliant turn of a phrase to hit the political discourse.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: With courage, Americans keep hope alive

America must regain our national imperative to do and be better

To preserve the American Dream, two resolutions come to mind: Denounce envy and resurrect the community standard.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Thanks for the memories

OPINION: A look back at the mailbag and a few clarifications

Certitude is a mask one dons only for deadlines, after which, feet on desk, one ruminates on the source of such certitude. This, of course, leads to crippling self-doubt, which in turn may lead to drinking or, worse, yoga.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Reality isnt so ducky after all

OPINION: Phil Robertson is the unlikely center of a societal vortex

A healthy if dwindling percentage of the country feels helplessly opposed to redefining marriage reveals an existential divide that won’t easily be bridged. Phil Robertson didn’t create it; he exposed it.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Dreaming of a penguin Christmas

OPINION: The color of Santa is aired out, thanks to the cable TV news time that has to be filled

It should be no surprise that, as demographics shift, so do cultural icons. It is also understandable that such challenges would be unsettling to many, but there are more sophisticated ways of discussing them without resorting to “The War on (fill in the blank).”

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Paul Ryan steps forward with budget deal

OPINION: Paul Ryan is being groomed to be the missing leader GOP has been seeking

By pushing through an admittedly imperfect budget plan, Republicans placed the nation ahead of party unity.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Get her laughing with you, not at you

OPINION: The incompetence of Republicans communicating their case to women is ridiculous

The GOP would do better if it recruited some of its smartest women to public service.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Pope Francis hits hot buttons

OPINION: Pope Francis has conservatives reeling with his comments on unfettered capitalism

Pope Francis is an activist, a street worker, a foot washer and evangelizer. There’s nothing passive or pandering about him. And it would appear that Francis is quite willing to offend sensibilities.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Republicans should focus on solutions

OPINION: Republicans are missing a chance to resolve problems, opting instead to merely criticize

Without offering alternatives, the GOP is failing to take advantage of missteps by Democrats.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Food stamps and turkey tales

OPINION: Republicans would be wise to meet Democrats in the middle on food assistance programs

With the tough economy, keeping nutrition aid and education in place is the right thing to do.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Whats not to love about Thanksgiving?

OPINION: Business leaders should let Thanksgiving remain a family holiday

Black Friday and pushed its way into Thanksgiving Day.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: President John F. Kennedy an eternal flame for U.S.

OPINION: Even after 50 years, it is difficult to shed memories of the day JFK was killed

For many Americans, the death of President John F. Kennedy was like the death of a member of their family.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: We need to preserve one of a kind-ness

OPINION: Some people and events should be retired from impulse to similize

By invoking horrific tragedy, atrocity and evil acts in political criticism, those events become trivialized.