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KEVIN SPROUL: Cookout planned to bring unity to the community

SHERIFF'S REPORT: A sense of community is incredibly important

Our 6th annual “Building Unity in the Community” cookout will be held on Saturday, Oct. 31, at Robert Cross Park from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. This event is our way of saying thanks to the citizens of our community.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Sheriff's Office keeps track of sex offender registry

THE SHERIFF'S REPORT: Two sheriff's deputies maintain the registry in Dougherty County

Sex offenders are a serious threat to public safety, and I am serious about addressing that threat.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Managing the Dougherty County Jail after hours

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Watch commanders and their assistants shoulder a great deal of responsibility

With 15 housing units and a capacity to hold more than 1,200 inmates, managing the Dougherty County Jail is a big resposnibility.

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KEVIN SPROUL: July brings new laws to Georgia

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Move-over law for motorist has new requirement

In addition to fireworks and medical cannibis, new Georgia laws involve soliciting student athletes, child porn, protecting police dogs, gun carry rights, harassing communications and moving vehicles into adjacent lanes.

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KEVIN SPROUL: The challenges of mental illness

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Law enforcement deals on a daily basis with people with mental illnesses

Law enforcement officers often are unable to discern the difference between behavior which is criminal and that which is the result of mental illness. The behavior may be similar, but the cause is different. To differentiate, officers require special training.

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KEVIN SPROUL: May is a Community Month

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: This month will be packed with community activities

May is a busy month. It is a month in which we recognize achievements and sacrifices, and support those in need. These are the things a strong community does.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Administrative assistant keeps Dougherty Sheriff's office running smoothly

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Administrative Professionals' Day is April 22

While I will recognize my administrative assistant, Marie Ostrander, in the traditional way, I’ve decided that she should be recognized corporately as well because she helps keep the wheels of our organization running smoothly.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Two sheriff's deputies who are making a difference

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Work of Lt. Terron Hayes and Col. Sabrina Lewis highlighted

I am very fortunate to have many individuals at the Sheriff’s Office who work beyond their normal duties to make a difference in our community.

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KEVIN SPROUL: A big thank you for your support

SHERIFF'S VIEW: Law enforcement has been shown great support in the Albany community

Many communities are only now beginning to recognize the need to show support to their law enforcement officers, with displays of blue lights, wearing blue clothing, and other outward signs. Our community, on the other hand, has shown great support for local law enforcement all along.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Reviewing 2014 with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: About 8,000 criminal warrants and 21,000 civil papers were served by deputies in 2014

The year was a busy one for the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office, ranging from initiatives that included national television exposure to day-to-day work serving warrants and papers and overseeing the courthouse and jail.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Count your many blessings

THE SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Reflect on things we should be thankful for

Sometimes I need a reminder of how fortunate or blessed I am, and more times than not, I take things for granted. With the Christmas season upon us, I want to take time and reflect on 2014.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Safety rules for firearms in the home

THE SHERIFF'S COLUMN: There are three important rules to remember regarding guns in the home

The gun owner should keep the weapon secured until needed, keep fingers off the trigger until intending to shoot, and should only shoot when absoutely certain of the target and what is beyond it.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Building Unity in the Community set for Oct. 18

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: The community cookout is set for Baldwin Park

The Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office began an initiative to build a stronger sense of community in Albany/Dougherty County several of years ago by adopting the slogan “Building Unity in the Community” and launching initiatives to live up to our slogan.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Take caution in dealings with the Internet

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Information about you, from medical records to banking, are on the Internet

Even if you haven’t provided the information, it is stored with the companies you do business with, on their computer servers, which are probably backed up to “the cloud,” which means that the information is being transmitted over the Internet.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Controlling your digital footprint

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Nearly nine out of 10 Americans are active online

There are many nefarious characters out there that spend their time trying to hack on-line accounts to obtain personal information that they can then misuse or sell.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Thoughts for the Fourth of July

THE SHERIFF SPEAKS: In this country, we have an almost infinite number of ways to subdivide ourselves.

Our freedom to disagree is just one of the many rights secured for us by the blood of those who came before us.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Take proper steps to secure your home this summer

THE SHERIFF SPEAKS: How to secure your home against intruders

Families that go away on vacation leave behind a vulnerable home.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Eighteen important facets of the new gun law

The new changes to the gun laws have been widely publicized and hotly debated.

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KEVIN SPROUL: New legislation makes more changes to Georgia law

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Governor's signature will make the bills law

The following are a few of the bills that were passed and adopted by the Senate and House of Representatives and await the Governor’s signature before being enacted into law or vetoed.

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KEVIN SPROUL: Springtime offers opportunity to support CPIU

SHERIFF’S COLUMN: Springtime is in the air!

Spring or springtime is the season for renewal, rejuvenation, and resurrection. It is also the time of year for many people to get out and begin enjoying several months of outdoor recreation.

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KEVIN SPROUL: A Review of 2013

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: The Dougherty County Sheriff Office has been busy on a number of fronts

2013 was a great year for the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office.

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KEVIN SPROUL: A hero's legacy deserves to be celebrated

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: Rights that exist only on paper are not rights

Heroes such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. persevered through great hardships in their pursuit of equality for all men. Each left a legacy.

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KEVIN SPROUL: It's all about the youth

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: The showcasing of the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office youth intervention program has attracted nationwide attention

The thing that sets the Dougherty County youth intervention program apart from others is maintaining contact with and mentoring at-risk youth.

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KEVIN SPROUL: November brings reminders of why we give thanks

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: The Thanksgiving season is a time to count blessings

Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to America because it is celebrated with an attitude of giving thanks to God.

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SPROUL: Building Unity barbecue coming up Oct. 26

Public safety column

As autumn sets in, the weather cools, and we begin looking forward to the holiday season, the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office wants to thank you for your support by hosting our 4th annual “Building Unity in the Community” cookout. The cookout will be held on Saturday, Oct. 26, at C.W. Heath Park from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. C.W. Heath Park is located on Jordan Street, just off Maple Street This event is our way of saying thanks to the citizens of our community.

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SPROUL: Home protection falls under Castle Doctrine

Public safety column

In my last article, I spoke about Georgia’s “Stand Your Ground” law which allows the victim of an unlawful use of force to fight back rather than retreat. In that article, I stated that deadly force may not be used to protect property. The Castle Doctrine is an exception to that.

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Georgia’s ‘stand your ground’ law explained

It seems as though everyone has been following the case against George Zimmerman and the shooting death of young Trayvon Martin.

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Laws on golf cart usage on roadways clarified

The Sheriff Speaks column

I have had several citizens ask me about the laws regarding golf carts, especially the newer laws that have taken effect in the past few years. I must admit that these laws are confusing. The confusion centers on the fact that a golf cart may be classified as either a “personal transportation vehicle” or a “motorized cart.” Although the definitions are similar, the regulations are different.

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If you see something, say something

Features Columnist

May is an incredibly busy time of year. One out of 10 weddings occurs in May, with an average guest list of 178 people.

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Spring’s time for bikes — and safety

Sheriff's column

As sheriff, I am deeply concerned with the safety of all citizens. One area of specific concern is the safety of those citizens who ride bicycles on the public roadways in Dougherty County.

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Raffles more than buying a dollar ticket

The Sheriff Speaks column

Under Georgia law O.C.G.A.15-16-1, the sheriff is assigned four specific duties. They are to (1) maintain peace, (2) protect life, (3) protect property, and (4) provide services to the community.

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Remember to give thanks each day

With another Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and the Christmas season upon us, I want to take time to give thanks and reflect on this past year.

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Practice precaution during the holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Unfortunately, many holiday shoppers may fall prey to unscrupulous criminals who hang out in mall and shopping center parking lots, doing their “shopping” from the packages placed in parked vehicles.

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Seniors can take steps to avoid victimization

Criminals never seem to sleep or take time off, especially those who target our senior citizens.

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Education keeps lives on positive track

This month marks the beginning of another school year. For educators, it is the opportunity to set the tone for the entire year. For parents, it is the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their child’s education. For students, it is the chance for a fresh start. August is a foundational month.

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New Georgia laws take effect this week

Sunday was the beginning of the first full month of summer. For old music fans, it is the date that the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” went No. 1 (1967).

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College years are what the student makes them

Last year around this time, I wrote an article entitled “Advice for Freshmen,” in which I tried to give those students going off to their first year of college some practical advice.

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Traffic stops aid in removing criminals from our streets

As the Sheriff of Dougherty County, and as a 30-year veteran of law enforcement, I feel a certain anxiety every time I see a law enforcement officer conducting a traffic stop.

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March against violence set for April 21

Stop the Violence, T.A.K.I.N.G. A.U.T.H.O.R.I.T.Y. will conduct a crime awareness march in downtown Albany at 10 a.m. April 21.

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Highlights of the new immigration law

Of all the new laws that went into effect last year, none have received more attention and scrutiny than House Bill (HB) 87, the new “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act.”

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TASERs, stun guns are self defense options

As the Sheriff of Dougherty County I have the opportunity to speak to many civic groups and organizations throughout our community.

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What are you thankful for?

As I took time to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and relatives, we discussed what we were most grateful for. I do not know about you, but sometimes I forget just how fortunate or blessed that I am, and more times than not, I take things for granted. As sheriff of Dougherty County, I have the opportunity to speak and spend time with many individuals from all walks of life.

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A buddy is more than just a friend to hang out with

I am concerned about those young men and women who are beginning their college career. According to a UCLA student survey, 30% of new freshmen feel overwhelmed. It's no wonder, since the transition from high school to college is probably the single most significant change in their young lives. Here is some advice that can make the transition easier:

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Sheriffs' association a valuable asset

As sheriff of Dougherty County, I would like to discuss an issue very close to each of us -- crime prevention. My office is committed to making our neighborhoods safer places to live. By doing so, we will improve the quality of life for individuals and families; both young and old. It is imperative that we seek progress to reduce the negative influences that crime has on our children and to help safeguard the elderly.

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Sheriff's Office had a busy 2010

I wanted to take this opportunity to share the accomplishments and productivity of the Sheriff's Office during 2010. It was a difficult year economically, but the employees of the Sheriff's Office have really stepped up and showed a level of determination and dedication that has made me very proud.

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Sheriff's deputies get a new look for 2011

The Sheriff's Office has changed uniform color, from brown and tan to black and gray. It was my desire to make a change in 2009 when I first took office, much like Sheriff Saba did 26 years ago when he first became sheriff.

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Criminals are out Christmas 'shopping,' too

During the holiday season, busy people intent on trying to complete their Christmas shopping may fall prey to unscrupulous criminals who skulk in mall and shopping center parking lots, doing their "shopping" from the packages placed in parked vehicles.

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There's no 'trick' to Halloween safety

Halloween can be a dangerous time, not from witches, ghosts and goblins, but from falls, choking, and vehicle accidents. There is no real "trick" to staying safe this Halloween. Just remember some basic safety tips and your holiday can be a real "treat."

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New laws have hit the books

July 1 often brings a host of new laws that become effective in Georgia. As your sheriff, I am asked about these new laws daily.I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information about the laws that I am asked about most often. Those are the laws about texting and driving, about seatbelts in pickup trucks, and the new gun laws.

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Be proactive in securing your home

In last month's article, I spoke on the various ways that the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is involved in assisting you in protecting your property. Today I want to share some important tips for you to implement which in turn will make your home safer and less of a target for criminals.