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LORAN SMITH: Rich Brooks now living the good life

Former NFL, college coach enjoying the outdoors at his home in Oregon

The view has always been good wherever he has coached, meaning that he has enjoyed his stops even if down times were unavoidable.

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LORAN SMITH: Remembering the past

Bear Bryant had a way with his players

Bear Bryant’s advantage over so many of his competitors was his ability to get his players ready to play mentally and to gain the edge psychologically.

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LORAN SMITH: Margraten keeps memory of WWII servicemen alive

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Even if we don't, the Dutch remember

When it comes to the history of World War II, any curious advocate of the war’s enduring history comes away more humbled than when he arrived.

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LORAN SMITH: Georgian comes to play, chooses to stay in Vail

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Wanderlust brought Bob Walsh from Valdosta to Colorado

While Georgia is home and Bulldog reunions are special, Bob Walsh finds life in the West intoxicating. He remains an aficionado of Coors beer, tall mountains and the outdoors which cause him to speak of the environment with not only affection, but reverence. For sure, it beats cropping tobacco in Lowndes County.

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LORAN SMITH: Judi's House helps those grieving a death

OPINION: Former NFL star and wife helping others cope with loss

Brian and Brook Griese founded Judi’s House to to help children and adults who have lost a loved one find a connection and healing.

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LORAN SMITH: Chubbtown a fascinating place to visit

Georgia running back Nick Chubb earned his reputation from this tiny community

Learning what the Bulldog running back is like and what makes him what he is was countered by the urge to step back in history to the original Chubbs, who, in the beginning spelled their last name with one “b.”

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LORAN SMITH: Life lessons from my father still live on

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Thankful for lessons learned from father

On this day each June, I often think about my father and how he could make do. He gloried in putting up for the winter.

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LORAN SMITH: The poetry of dealing with pride

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Properly managed, pride can be a good thing

I have heard people offer the notion that if you want success, you want to see someone with drive who can take charge, then you can expect to deal with a large ego.

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LORAN SMITH: The social side of medicine

FEATURES COLUMNIST: There has been more cussing about Obamacare than anything I can remember

My English and French friends don’t ever complain about their medical experiences. Socialized medicine seems to work for them. While I am not about an advocate of socialized medicine, I often reflect on the fact that it seems to work for them. Or, have I missed something?

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LORAN SMITH: D-Day lessons for a modern world

OPINION: World War II stories are worth retelling today

History reminds us that the Western World should honor the supreme Allied commander with the most generous of toasts. D-Day was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

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