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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Late UGA lineman David Rholetter deserves appreciation

Rholetter was a key OL for the Bulldogs from 1966-68

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about former Georgia offensive lineman David Rholetter, who died recently and left behind a legacy that many haven’t heard of.

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LORAN SMITH: Farm life leads to adventure

Nelson has survived over the years with hard work, due diligence and cogent management.

LORAN SMITH: Sarah Anne was one of UGA’s biggest fans

FEATURES COLUMN: Sarah Anne could have written the Golden Rule

When Sarah Anne Floyd, 95, passed away, the entire community of Thomasville mourned.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Stricklin era begins for Georgia baseball

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about first-year Georgia baseball coach Scott Stricklin, who calls coaching the Bulldogs his “dream job.”

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: UGA's Brown took long journey to NFL

When Marlon Brown — the oft injured Georgia receiver, whose career in Athens ended with an ACL surgery — got scant attention at the NFL combine last spring, he didn’t let it affect his attitude.

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LORAN SMITH: A good bird dog is a prized possession

FEATURE COLUMN: Before there was widespread use of firearms in hunting, there were bird dogs

There’s nothing like a quail hunt for realizing the outdoors opportunities that are in Georgia.

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LORAN SMITH: Getting caught up on being stricken

FEATURES COLUMN: As with measles, mumps have made something of a comeback lately

One of the reasons for the resurgence of measles is that there are an increasing number of Americans who fail to get vaccinations.

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LORAN SMITH: Bob Argo exemplifies the citizen lawmaker

FEATURES COLUMN: Bob Argos heart is for his alma mater, the University of Georgia

In the General Assembly, his primary objective was to see what he could do for Athens, Clarke County and UGA.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Indiana is basketball country

A visit to Assembly Hall was one to remember

Basketball is big time in the Big Ten, and one night in Bloomington makes you pine for more.

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LORAN SMITH: Good conversation can teach a lot about life

FEATURES COLUMN: Good conversation can be good for the soul

Good conversation can be good for the soul.

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LORAN SMITH: Former govenor Carl Sanders has life of no regrets

FEATURES COLUMN: Carl Sanders and his wife, Betty, offer downhome hospitality

The University of Georgia had a great deal of influence on the former governor.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Bulldogs honored for graduation rate

The American Football Coaches Association annually honors schools that are distinguished for academic achievement, and Georgia is recognized for its 100 percent graduation rate.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Where has the defense gone?

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about the lack of defense in football.

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LORAN SMITH: For John Parker, the circle is almost complete

OPINION: Despite his wide travels, John Parker has an affinity still for Athens

Even with great career success with Coca-Cola, John Parker has never lost perspective.

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LORAN SMITH: There is no such thing as too much Boston

FEATURES COLUMN: Even when temperatures plummet, Boston is an electric city

There’s something special about dining in the same establishment that served the likes of John F. Kennedy and Daniel Webster.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Assistant A.D. Dick Bestwick passionate about UGA basketball

For a man whose career was defined for the most part by football, Georgia assistant athletic director Dick Bestwick is a passionate basketball fan.

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LORAN SMITH: French journalist has clear perspective on JFK assassination

FEATURES COLUMN: Francios Pelou, who was at the scene, believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

Francios Pelou says an ABC newsman objected to initial plans to transport Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, causing police to change plans and making it easier for Jack Ruby to kill him.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Observations on the road

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about observations and conversations he has had while on the road at sports events.

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LORAN SMITH: Long live the queen

FEATURES COLUMN: University of Georgia homecoming queen modest and selfless

Anne Noland, a student immersed in University of Georgia and its athletics, skipped a football season to help the disadvantaged in Uganda.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Aaron Murray well-deserving of national honor

Few athletes anywhere have been more well-rounded than Aaron Murray, the Bulldogs’ gallant, gutsy and accomplished quarterback.

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LORAN SMITH: Still dreaming of a white Christmas

FEATURES COLUMN: The Christmas pre-season is like a tailgate party before the big game

Experiencing a white Christmas like the one Bing Crosby sang about is worthy of anyone’s bucket list.

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LORAN SMITH: Immigrants saga an inspiring story

FEATURES COLUMN: Pandel Savic grew up to be a successful businessman

Pandel’s story is a classic, learning a new language, settles in an ethnic neighborhood, and parlays education, hard work, and college football into a golden opportunity.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Georgia’s comeback a special moment

The Bulldogs not only overcame a 20-0 deficit, but they did so with an injury-depleted roster.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry makes for memorable games

Bulldogs, Yellow Jackets renew rivalry today

In the old days when freshmen were not allowed to compete in varsity competition, the annual Thanksgiving Day battle between the Bullpups and Baby Jackets often were classic thrillers.

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LORAN SMITH: Finally, a guide to all things Southern … almost, anyway

FEATURES COLUMN: Garden and Gun magazine has hit the target by growing a guide to living the Southern good life

“The Southerner’s Handbook” is a comprehasive read on the good things about living in the South.

LORAN SMITH: Raise a glass to being late for work

FEATURES COLUMN: A dry Tennessee county makes world-class Jack Daniels whiskey

Lynchburg has no liquor stores or sales outlets for its most famous export — Jack Daniels whiskey.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Former Falcons coach recovering from broken neck

Marion Campbell is enjoying life after a near-fatal fall

Known as the “Swamp Fox,” former Georgia player and Falcons coach Marion Campbell is on the road to recovery after breaking his neck from a fall at his home.

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LORAN SMITH: Bartram Gardens a Philly secret treasure

The Bartram Gardens, located at 54th Street and Lindberg Boulevard, have been called Philadelphia’s best-kept secret.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Victory vs. Florida breathed new life into UGA’s season

With Todd Gurley’s return and the defensive improvement, Georgia’s season has an opportunity to end on an upbeat note.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Ohio State a reminder of Big Ten’s glory days

With Georgia off last weekend, Herald guest columnist Loran Smith took in the Ohio State-Penn State game, which reminded him of the days when the Big Ten dominated the college football scene.

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LORAN SMITH: Heartbreak impossible to capture on canvas

Features column: Sam Mitchell left coaching for business, sparking a love for art in his wife, Lana.

Lana Mitchell took up painting 17 years ago, working to succeed by getting better each day.

SMITH: Pace of life slows down in Cashiers

Features column

The facts about Cashiers, N.C., include that this rustic mountain settlement is a census-designated place, an unincorporated village with a population of 157. Folks here aim to keep it that way.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: There’s something extraordinary about Lee Roy Jordan

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about Lee Roy Jordan, the Alabama All-American who became a Dallas Cowboy hero in the Tom Landry era.

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SMITH: Georgia breaking out fall colors

Features column

October is here and so is the anticipation of the turning of the leaves. It is the fall which is perhaps the most comforting time of the year. Although the blooms of spring are spectacular, the side effects of pollen season are often too much to manage.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: UGA’s Lynch making the most of his time in Athens

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about Georgia tight end Arthur Lynch, who is making quite an impact on the Bulldogs this season.

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SMITH: College towns have style -- and cuisine -- all their own

Features column

One of the great features of most college campuses is that they are located in small towns. All across America, you can find a gem of a place of matriculation nestled into a scenic location. Sometimes rustic. Always charming and invigorating.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Bulldogs’ latest victory too costly

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about a Georgia win on Saturday, when two starters — including Camilla native Justin Scott-Wesley — suffered season-ending injuries.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Larry, you missed a great one

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes a letter to long-time Georgia play-by-play announcer, who died in 2011 but would have been proud of the Bulldogs’ win against LSU on Saturday.

SMITH: Douglas man has important link with U.S. history

Features column

Although cemeteries are often a vital resource for history, there probably are not many people who come this way to visit the gravesite of John S. Gibson, a onetime member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Not even residents of Coffee County.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: UGA’s Drew talented in more than just football

Thomasville native and starting UGA linebacker Ray Drew might one day play in the NFL, but if not he has several other interests he can fall back on.

SMITH: Great stories just waiting to be written

Features column

It was an autumnal social (the leaves on the small hardwood in my backyard are emerging from green to rust, so fall is here) of old friends where food and drink were just right and stories were being told without restraint. Unbridled. Everybody had one or two, which led to four or six or eight or more.

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SMITH: Storing for winter a lost thought

Features column

We see the squirrels scampering about all spring and summer. We know what they are dong, but we look askance without a thought of what they are up to. Who in these times thinks about the importance of putting up for winter?

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Careful with that ‘run the table’ talk

Herald Guest Columnist Loran Smith dissects what Georgia’s win against South Carolina last Saturday means for the rest of the season.

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SMITH: Random tidbits can be very interesting

Features column

Cleaning out old files sometimes can be serendipitous.

SMITH: Prague has stimulating environment

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – A number of options are available to find your way here once arriving in Europe. Air travel—there are multiple connections from anywhere. You can also get here by car, of course. However, the best way, based on a recent experience, is to fly to Berlin and take the train. In late afternoon.

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SMITH: Memorials stand as grim reminder of history

The emotionally crushing and depressing story of the history of the village of Lidice in the Czech Republic remains a reminder of Nazi brutality and inhumanity. However, it is also a testimony to the fact that, no matter the atrocities of one man or one regime, their heinous and cruel crimes cannot snuff out the resiliency and will of the people forever.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Mike Bobo — the most underappreciated Bulldog coach ever?

Former UGA sidelines reporter and current Herald Guest Columnist Loran Smith takes a closer look at UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, who might just be the most underappreciated Georgia coach ever.

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SMITH: Glimpse into the past is fascinating

Features column

In the days of the Berlin Wall — that unforgettable symbol of Communist absolutism — the dateline for anything coming out of this city of 159,456, which rests in the middle 20 lakes and rivers, would have required that you link Potsdam with East Germany.

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UGA’s Grantham student of the game

Herald Guest Columnist Loran Smith takes a closer look at the bang-up job Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is doing to prepare for the Bulldogs for the 2013 season, especially their opener against Clemson.

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Oxford students expect to learn

The University of Georgia has an enviable presence in this ancient and exclusive seat of learning and has for over 25 years. You can easily find the UGA compound on Banbury Road by looking for the stone cottage with the bright red door.