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LORAN SMITH: Martin Kaymer in rare company with U.S. Open rout

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about U.S. Open champion Martin Kaymer’s dominating performance at Pinehurst over the weekend.

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LORAN SMITH: Visit to fallen heroes’ graves helps remember the past

WWII cemetaries hold many memories

Seventy years ago this week, we had survived the Normandy invasion, principally Omaha Beach.

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LORAN SMITH: U.S. Open returns to Pinehurst

The U.S. open is back at Pinehurst for the third time, and Herald guest columnist Loran Smith previews a course that is expected to be very difficult this weekend.

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Lester making a name in Boston

A few more years in Fenway and a couple of more World Series opportunities, chances are that Jon Lester will become the best lefty ever to wear a Red Sox uniform.

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LORAN SMITH: A&E Grill offers good food, atmosphere, and memories

LORAN SMITH: A great hamburger can put fried chicken in its place

A&E Grill offers great food, atmosphere, and memories.

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LORAN SMITH: Clisby Clarke gave us a lot to cheer about

We are sad today, but happily recall the countless days when Clisby made our day.

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LORAN SMITH: Mack Brown in unfamiliar territory without coaching job

Longtime coach Mack Brown resigned from Texas in December

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about longtime college football coach Mack Brown, who is without a head coaching job for the first time in his career after resigning from Texas in December.

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Magill made UGA tennis major sport

No coach ever supported and stood up more for his team than Dan Magill.

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LORAN SMITH: Costa was Georgia’s first elite place kicker

Leo Costa scored in every game he played for the Bulldogs

Leo Costa, who died this week at the age of 92, was Georgia’s first elite place kicker, one who scored a point in the Rose Bowl which enabled him to be remembered for scoring in every game he played in for three years.

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LORAN SMITH: Russia quite different than most might think

My guess is that she would be a good neighbor, mainly because she would leave you alone.

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LORAN SMITH: Trip to Zimbabwe full of memories

The majesty and mystique of Victoria Falls, which are known as the “Smoke that Thunders,” are unparalleled.

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LORAN SMITH: UGA hopes to use series win vs. S. Carolina as turning point

Lee County grad Daniel Nichols helped the Bulldogs beat South Carolina

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about the Georgia baseball team, which defeated South Carolina over the weekend thanks to a Daniel Nichols grand slam.

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LORAN SMITH: Sunday drive an intoxicating leisure

FEATURES COLUMN: Nothing is as relaxing as a no-hurry drive on a Sunday morning

In the space of a couple of hours, a motorist can pass through quite a bit of Georgia’s history.

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LORAN SMITH: Racehorse Davis an icon of Georgia football

Racehorse Davis was one of the most brilliant athletic performers in the history of the University of Georgia

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about Racehorse Davis, a former Georgia football player from the 1940s who was one of the Bulldogs’ finest athletes in history.

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LORAN SMITH: Paul Herring, a real Greatest Generation hero

At 94, Paul Herring, has very few memory lapses.

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LORAN SMITH: The good life comes at a cost

We are losing farms in this country, which essentially means that the small farmer will soon be extinct.

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LORAN SMITH: Bubba worthy of second green jacket

Bubba Watson’s Masters victory was sentimental

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about Bubba Watson’s second Masters championship.

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LORAN SMITH: Zoeller reflects on ‘79 Masters victory

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about Fuzzy Zoeller’s 1979 championship at the Masters.

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LORAN SMITH: Palmer, Nicklaus and Player always have a home at Augusta National

Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player usher in the 2014 Masters

Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player started the 2014 Masters on Thursday with their annual morning drives from the No. 1 tee, and Herald guest columnist Loran Smith was there to soak in the atmosphere at Augusta National.

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LORAN SMITH: Augusta National is a place to reconnect with old friends

Loran Smith writes about his conversation with Verne Lundquist and Bill Griffin

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith meets up with old friends at Augusta National, including CBS announcer Verne Lundquist.

LORAN SMITH: A spring ball game is the perfect tonic

FEATURES COLUMN: For a Southern boy, Saturday baseball games on the radio was the highlight of the week

For a country boy in the South, Major League Baseball parks were magical places that could only be dreamed about.

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LORAN SMITH: The days of Nicklaus were Augusta National’s finest

Jack Nicklaus still plays Augusta National as a member

Golf fans could count on Jack Nicklaus making a run for the title at the Masters and bringing about stimulating drama with superior shot making. Now all we have are the memories.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Georgia native Wainwright eager for another World Series ring

Adam Wainwright has two World Series rings and two Gold Glove awards

Pitcher Adam Wainwright, a native of Brunswick, is looking to lead the Cardinals to another World Series this season after Boston beat St. Louis in last year’s series.

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LORAN SMITH: Louis Jordan, a classic work of art

FEATURES COLUMN: Louise Jordan is the only Bulldog fan who can claim to have attended the dedication of Sanford Stadium

At 101, the sparking, charming Louis Jordan can talk about any subject, from the day’s headlines to the prospects of the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Braves.

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LORAN SMITH: Maybe Lewis has forgiven me by now

FEATURES COLUMN: Getting legendary columnist Lewis Grizzard his first newspaper job became a funny story later

We often make heaven out to be what we want it to be. I’m no different. I can see my old teammate Charlie Harris and Lewis Grizzard, who died 20 years ago, in conversation on a cloud about the forthcoming football season.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Wood's rise from Georgia to the Atlanta Braves has been impressive

Alex Wood was drafted by the Braves out of Georgia in 2012

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about young Braves pitcher and former Georgia star Alex Wood, who has had an impressive spring.

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LORAN SMITH: Good times were had out on the Chattahoochee

The Chattahoochee and its environs will always be alluring.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: It’s been good for former UGA standout Westbrook

Former Georgia pitcher won 105 games with three Major League clubs

After busy professional career, Jake Westbrook is enjoying the quiet life.

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LORAN SMITH: Saltine crackers go with everything

Saltine crackers go with everything, no matter where you are.

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LORAN SMITH: Some heroes never get recognized

FEATURES COLUMN: Felix is now a hero of major status among Billy’s friends.

Billy Bryant is not likely to experience nine lives, but he will be forever grateful to Felix for extending the one he enjoys today.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Late UGA lineman David Rholetter deserves appreciation

Rholetter was a key OL for the Bulldogs from 1966-68

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about former Georgia offensive lineman David Rholetter, who died recently and left behind a legacy that many haven’t heard of.

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LORAN SMITH: Farm life leads to adventure

Nelson has survived over the years with hard work, due diligence and cogent management.

LORAN SMITH: Sarah Anne was one of UGA’s biggest fans

FEATURES COLUMN: Sarah Anne could have written the Golden Rule

When Sarah Anne Floyd, 95, passed away, the entire community of Thomasville mourned.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Stricklin era begins for Georgia baseball

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about first-year Georgia baseball coach Scott Stricklin, who calls coaching the Bulldogs his “dream job.”

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: UGA's Brown took long journey to NFL

When Marlon Brown — the oft injured Georgia receiver, whose career in Athens ended with an ACL surgery — got scant attention at the NFL combine last spring, he didn’t let it affect his attitude.

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LORAN SMITH: A good bird dog is a prized possession

FEATURE COLUMN: Before there was widespread use of firearms in hunting, there were bird dogs

There’s nothing like a quail hunt for realizing the outdoors opportunities that are in Georgia.

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LORAN SMITH: Getting caught up on being stricken

FEATURES COLUMN: As with measles, mumps have made something of a comeback lately

One of the reasons for the resurgence of measles is that there are an increasing number of Americans who fail to get vaccinations.

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LORAN SMITH: Bob Argo exemplifies the citizen lawmaker

FEATURES COLUMN: Bob Argos heart is for his alma mater, the University of Georgia

In the General Assembly, his primary objective was to see what he could do for Athens, Clarke County and UGA.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Indiana is basketball country

A visit to Assembly Hall was one to remember

Basketball is big time in the Big Ten, and one night in Bloomington makes you pine for more.

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LORAN SMITH: Good conversation can teach a lot about life

FEATURES COLUMN: Good conversation can be good for the soul

Good conversation can be good for the soul.

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LORAN SMITH: Former govenor Carl Sanders has life of no regrets

FEATURES COLUMN: Carl Sanders and his wife, Betty, offer downhome hospitality

The University of Georgia had a great deal of influence on the former governor.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Bulldogs honored for graduation rate

The American Football Coaches Association annually honors schools that are distinguished for academic achievement, and Georgia is recognized for its 100 percent graduation rate.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Where has the defense gone?

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about the lack of defense in football.

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LORAN SMITH: For John Parker, the circle is almost complete

OPINION: Despite his wide travels, John Parker has an affinity still for Athens

Even with great career success with Coca-Cola, John Parker has never lost perspective.

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LORAN SMITH: There is no such thing as too much Boston

FEATURES COLUMN: Even when temperatures plummet, Boston is an electric city

There’s something special about dining in the same establishment that served the likes of John F. Kennedy and Daniel Webster.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Assistant A.D. Dick Bestwick passionate about UGA basketball

For a man whose career was defined for the most part by football, Georgia assistant athletic director Dick Bestwick is a passionate basketball fan.

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LORAN SMITH: French journalist has clear perspective on JFK assassination

FEATURES COLUMN: Francios Pelou, who was at the scene, believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

Francios Pelou says an ABC newsman objected to initial plans to transport Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, causing police to change plans and making it easier for Jack Ruby to kill him.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Observations on the road

Herald guest columnist Loran Smith writes about observations and conversations he has had while on the road at sports events.

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LORAN SMITH: Long live the queen

FEATURES COLUMN: University of Georgia homecoming queen modest and selfless

Anne Noland, a student immersed in University of Georgia and its athletics, skipped a football season to help the disadvantaged in Uganda.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: Aaron Murray well-deserving of national honor

Few athletes anywhere have been more well-rounded than Aaron Murray, the Bulldogs’ gallant, gutsy and accomplished quarterback.