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Commitments to retirees must be honored

The average reader may not have gotten the memo, and perhaps could care less anyway, but deer, dove, turkey and other wild animals aren’t the only species that are squarely in the sights of hunters this autumn. It is open season on retired government employees and their pensions — the fixed incomes that enable millions of Americans, who gave their working lives to public service, to make their contributions to the nation’s struggling economy.

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Civil rights reaching milestone anniversary

This country has been in the grips of a 10-year remembrance of the attacks that rocked our nation on Sept. 11, 2001. We have undergone a heartfelt, gut-wrenching recollection of those events, all fully warranted.

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Region should be ‘timber proud’

Perhaps “Timber Proud” would be an appropriate theme for an event to honor Southwest Georgia’s timber industry and the people who make it go — the growers, those who gather it and haul it to the mill and the paper makers who turn it into a fine commercial product sold across the world.

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Jobs plan now responsibility of Congress

Okay, Congress, then do nothing. That is Congress’s option to President Obama’s jobs recommendations in his speech to the nation Thursday night.

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The Cable 'News' networks really should just 'fess up

The more I watch the CNN and FOX news programs, the longer I wonder why both networks don't just go ahead and admit what they are.

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Motoring through ’Bama no Sunday drive

When you are from where I’m from, it is perhaps hypocritical to be commenting on other states’ highway systems. But, that has never stopped me. But I did not set out to write about the roads in Mississippi or Georgia. My current lament is Alabama’s.

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Gov. Perry the 'smarty pants candidate'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is being characterized in various ways by myriad pundits as his presidential campaign begins, but to me he's the "smarty pants candidate."- Mac Gordon, syndicated columnist

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Early County sheriff in battle for life

According to a recent report in the Early County News, Sheriff Murkerson is battling stem cell therapy for myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disorder. He is a patient at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

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The day of budget reckoning coming

Georgia sportsmen will be able to creep closer to their targets while deer hunting over bait. That is one of the thousands of laws that went into effect in the 50 states on July 1, the date on which most of states, including Georgia, begin their new fiscal year.

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Public TV, radio worth keeping

With all of this quality programming available and so little fuss about its cost, I take heart in knowing that Georgia conservatives aren't leaning quite as far to the right as those back in my home state -- at least on this subject.

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Verdict is the final word in tot murder case

Lacking the ability to peer into human minds, I am at a loss to explain why so many of us tuned into the Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida like it was a Super Bowl game in overtime.- Mac Gordon, guest columnist