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MARTY HELDENBERG: Vietnam veterans series journalism at its best

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Series revisits memories of those who fought in Vietnam

Bot the articles on the Vietnam veterans and Andersonville Prison were intriguing.

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Pit bulls maligned by ignorant public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bulls the victims of irrational stereotyping based on fear

Every dog should stand on its own merits, regardless of breed.

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HELDENBERG: Thank you very much, America

Guest commentary

Thank you so very much, America, for tightening up those gun laws, getting rid of those existing loopholes at gun shows and making it illegal for a normal citizen to own semi-automatic weapons. I am so happy that you put your self-serving, self-centered, selfish and ridiculous theories before that of safety in our nation.

Real issue in politics is all about the money

Apparently my anonymous critics, responding via The Squawkbox, fail to see the real issue addressed in my recent letter to the editor. If you will reread it, you will see that it is really all about the money!

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Movie bashing Obama a propaganda piece

In a letter to the editor, Marty Heldenberg of Parrott says that the movie bashing Obama is a propaganda piece.

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Internet lies muddy up the election process

In a letter to the editor, Marty Heldenberg of Parrot says that Internet lies muddy up the election process.

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Mental illness should be addressed, not ignored

Upon watching an interview with a renowned psychiatrist last week on "The View," and the ensuing questions and answers, I am once again amazed by our reluctance in admitting the real issues associated with the carnage occuring in our society.

Organization enlightens about mental illness

Through the combined efforts of N.A.M.I. Albany, The Bradley Center of Columbus and the N.A.M.I. Columbus affiliate, an enlightening educational program was presented on Feb. 14 at Phoebe Northwest.

School cheating scandal long time coming

After reading in today's Herald the "expose" of the local school system, I must say I am not at all surprised.

Health scare emails ignore the truth

Having just received another of those blatantly outlandish emails intended to spread lies, misinformation and instill fear, I feel obliged to share our personal experience regarding the country’s health care bill or, as some folks prefer, “Obamacare.”

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