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PERRY BUCHANAN: 'Starvation mode' doesn't stop weight loss

HEATH AND FITNESS: Cutting calories does not make your body to decide to not lose any more weight

The main reason the body comes to plateaus during dieting or exercise, besides noncompliance with the program, is that when weight is lost and you become more physically fit, your body uses fewer calories to perform the same workload.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: It's important to know your numbers

HEALTH FITNESS: There are important numbers you should be aware of

There are some numbers everyone should know about themselves, including weight, blood pressure, waist size, cholesterol and fasting blood sugar level.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Don't wait for a tomorrow that never gets here

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Today is the best day to start improving fitness

One thing that I’ve found to be extremely beneficial is a gradual mindset shift, treating tomorrow not like a guarantee but more as a bonus. With that perspective, we’re much less likely to treat tomorrow as a closet where we toss the things we choose to put off doing today. Instead, it becomes an opportunity, something we get to do, not just feel obligated to do.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Fitness guidelines change as you age

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Fitness goals adjust as you get older

We need to exercise at any age, but our needs certainly change over time. As much as I try to deny it, my 55-year-old body is not the same as my 20-year-old body was.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Stand up for overcoming 'sitting disease'

HEALTH & FITNESS: For good health, spend less time in the chair

Most of us realize we need to be more active, but there is evidence that we need to spend less time sitting down also. A recent report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined 47 studies showing that “heavy sitters” were in poorer health, regardless of how much exercise they did.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: The skinny on body fat

HEALTH & FITNESS: It is the time of year when we declare war on a favorite enemy - fat

As every good warrior knows, the first step in defeating your enemy is to know your enemy.

PERRY BUCHANAN: Men and women have weight-loss differences

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Once the holidays are over, weight-loss resolutions will set in

From couples, I often hear the complaint, “My husband is doing great on his weight-loss program, but I’m not doing as well. Why is he losing weight faster?” There are three main reasons — metabolism, hormones and body composition.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Thankful for the benefits of fitness

HEALTH & FITNESS: An active life can reduce chances of some chronic health problems

One of the best prescriptions for avoiding chronic diseases as an active, fit lifestyle.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: A diet break can be a good thing

HEALTH & FITNESS: The concept tends to be counterintuitive

Research has shown that people who are more flexible in their eating patterns are actually more successful in the long term, showing less of binge eating habits and weighing less.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Seven deadly sins of fitness

HEALTH & FITNESS: Fortunately, for these sins there also are healthy redemptions

Succumbing to the “7 Deadly Sins” of fitness will stall your progress.

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