Shirley Brady

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Folks should take pride in appearance

I am glad Mr. Bryant feels the same. Very few men notice or care nowadays who wears what. I never wore blue jeans in Hungary. Only farmers did.

Iowans shortsighted on Gingrich campaign

Forgive my handwriting. I stumbled and fell on the carpet, injuring my right hand slightly. However, my pain is nothing compared to my disgust for the Iowa caucus.

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Nation forgets reason for Christmas season

Let’s bring Christmas back for what it was intended, to give God the gratitude and praises he deserves. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

St. Stephen's Day celebrated at Magnolia Manor

The only small dent were those who I invited who had "other engagements." In other words, "not interested." It was their loss.

America needs better class of politicians

Shirley Brady, Americus

Car tag a chance to profess faith

Shirley Brady, Americus

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