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Aguilera shines in roll of the diva-laden musical

Burlesque" is a glitzy, diva-laden musical that opens with Ali (played by songstress Christina Aguilera), an Iowa waitress with ambitions (not to mention an other-worldly voice) that far exceed her small town confines.

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Film shows contentent comes from within

Based on the best selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert, the inspiring film "Eat, Pray, Love" follows the author's gratifying, and often challenging, journey toward true, non-cliched enlightenment.

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'Salt' walks fine line as spy thriller

"Salt" is an action- packed thriller that follows a strong-willed and determined CIA agent, Evelyn Salt, portrayed by Angelina Jolie, and the many obstacles that her demanding career poses.
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Star-studded film no romantic fairy tale

Valentine's Day," directed by Gary Marshall, follows the lives of 20 Los Angeles residents as they navigate their way through the overly commercialized "most romantic day of the year"

'Nine' gives insight into the entertainment industry

The movie/musical, "Nine," directed by Rob Marshall ("Chicago"), follows the life of the promiscuous, yet troubled, Italian film director, Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis), and the many women who play integral roles in both his personal and professional lives.