6120steph 3 years, 5 months ago on New growth for Albany

Albany's problem is NOT education, just as it's not the problem nationally. It is LACK OF DISCIPLINE (and yes I mean a spanking when appropriate!), FAMILY STABILITY (too many one parent families), AND UPBRINGING (lack of manners here). My parents had no college education, but we had a stable family, with plenty of spankings, and were taught manners and respect. We respected other people, their property, and were never told that we DESERVED anything without working for it. I think another factor in businesses coming to Albany is lack of a decent workforce. 25% of Albany men live in poverty and 28% of Albany women. Over 40% of Albany is on some sort of welfare assistance. We live in a city that isn't productive. Businesses do not want to open in a city like ours. We would have to see a drastic change in Albany in order to see this change. It's a shame. It could have been such a great town- Radium Springs, the Flint River, Chehaw Park, the River Front, Civic Center, etc. all ruined by poor upbringing.....